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    Giant robots fight for our future! Takeshi vs Moira


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    Giant robots fight for our future! Takeshi vs Moira

    Post by Valkyrie on 27th April 2017, 17:08

    So we have a captains showdown (dun dun duuuuun!)
    As requested by Moira, this incredible battlespace clearly influenced by fever dreams and binge watching a certain show about metaphylosophy (or just good for confusing peeps)...

    NGE's Decisive Battle theme (because its appropriate!)
    Designed after a nigh-mythical city that could supposedly retract buildings underground in case of attack, this set was used for quite a few seasons of a fairly popular show before it was replaced with something newer, shinier, and not-plywoodier. nevertheless, it makes for a fairly impressive Zoids battleground, especially since some ‘special modifications’ were made to it.

    The general set up is that of concentric circles - the largest outer edge is mostly grass and dirt, with one or two tiny trees.

    The ‘city’ itself is composed of a few quite tall buildings, and quite a few more painted squares, where supposedly buildings ‘retracted’. They might provide a little cover, at least visually, but they’re certainly far from bulletproof, and a few of them house some ‘surprises’ for a pilot unlucky enough to get too close.

    Four roads break the whole thing into quarters, culminating in a cute (and functional!) water fountain in the centre.

    The aforementioned ‘Special Modifications’:

    Emergency Flare Blaster
    Hidden in some warehouses to the north, a set of small cannons fill a small area with a cloud of thick smoke and flashing lights. Basically glorified fireworks.
    -10% accuracy to those caught in the smoke/firing into the smoke/etc

    Miniature Machine Guns
    Mounted on top of a building in the southmost point of the city, these tiny guns are capable of swivelling in 360 degrees, although they’re kind of pathetic.

    Super Ninja Covert Spikes
    A panel of hidden spikes under the east quarter of the city, they react to pressure and pop up when stepped on. They’re really nothing to do with Ninjas, but hey, a cool name is a cool name!

    Hex-Force Shield Generator
    The bastard lovechild of an Ex-Force cannon and a Hex Shield, this thing doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but the force with which it generates its set of hexagonal panels is enough to launch all but the heaviest Zoids a fair way into the air. Sits under the western quarter of the city.
    Launches a Zoid into the air, damage applied is up to the judge.

    coin of destiny declares...

    Moira goes first!

    Get good ratings or they'll cancel the sequel!


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    Moira Lacrima
    Moira Lacrima

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    Re: Giant robots fight for our future! Takeshi vs Moira

    Post by Moira Lacrima on 7th May 2017, 16:22

    First off, sorry this took so long - deadlines have been kicking my ass >.>


    Pilot Stats
    0 AP
    4 Skill Points

    -Mental Ability: 0
    -Reflexes: 1
    Double Attack
    -Proficiency: 3
    Machineguns + 10DP 

    Zoid Stats

    Type: Spinosaurus

    Speed: 6
    Agility: 12
    Heat Index: 45

    Internal Slots: 9
    CPU Slots: 6

    External Hardpoints: 8 - Body: 4 (each side x2), Limbs: 4 (head x2 (chin, skull), each leg)

    Base Armor - Head: 40 / Body: 140 / Legs (x2): 70 / Arms (x2): 40 / Tail: 40
    Current Armor - Head: 140 / Body: 365 / Legs (x2): 295 / Arms (x2): 140 / Tail: 140


    Dual Omni-Directional Beam Saws 
    Capable of swinging in any direction front or back due to the mounts, these are adept fighting tools of pure energy.

    Pulse Laser Gun 
    Located on the tail, this beam gun is a standard weapon meant to hit a 180 degree rear facing radius (cannot move vertically).
    65DP [55DP + 10DP Prof.]

    Dual Repeater Machine Guns
    Mouth-mounted rapid fire weaponry.
    40DP [30DP + 10DP Prof.]

    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and claws meant to tear through armor in a melee attack.

    Multiple Missile Launcher
    Belly mounted, tri-barreled, forward firing, and locked in place. Can fire three missiles at once.
    20DP per missile

    Dual 50mm Cannons
    Belly mounted, forward firing, locked in place

    Laser Excavator
    Mounted between the 50mm Cannons is a beam meant to dig through rock. While too weak to deal any damage it rapidly heats a foe’s armor up. It also sports a wide field of attack even if only in front.
    7 Heat Damage to any Zoids in front of the Spino Sapper

    Aftermarket Weaponry:


    Aftermarket Armor:

    Fibre Alumi Plating
    A more advanced alloy with an increased effectiveness against solid rounds and blades.
    +100 Armor; reduces damage from solid rounds and blades by 10DP
    Note: Effect doesn't stack, so it's a solid 10DP reduction regardless of how many you have. Only affects the area equipped on.
    Attached to body

    Repulsor Plating
    Repulsor Plating is a hardened plating based off of the Panzer technology. This allows it to absorb more damage and dissipates the energy and force of most weaponry.
    +100 Armor; reduces damage from energy and physical weapons by 10DP
    Attached to leg (x2)

    NanoTech Bonded Plating (NTBP)
    Created to allow pilots advanced defensive ability and updated to provide maximum armor enhancement, the NTBP is optimized for the use of aftermarket armor platings. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications. The NTBP will allow you to pile on the armor and tank with the best of them.
    +100 Armor to All Parts
    Boosts defenses of armor plates, adding +25 armor to every plating attached on top of NTBP.

    NanoTech Bonded Plating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage (Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%.A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.
    NanoTech Bonded Plating is fully compatible with attached armor platings but is incompatible with any and all armor coatings. If armor platings are attached, the NTBP retains its ability to alter itself against varying damage types.

    Moira couldn’t say she wasn’t nervous. This new league wasn’t full of pushovers: her last fight had certainly proved that, but she had learned her lesson, she reckoned - her Zoid’s legs now had had more armour plating on them - surely that’d buy her enough time to cut her opponent down. If not, well, she just had more armour to put on her shopping list.

    In any case, the battlefield was certainly an exciting one - Once again, it was a little bit of a shame to destroy something like that with gunfire and chainsaws, but then again, how cool would the video look? Heck, she had to wonder if she couldn’t just get somebody to hide the Zoids with CGI and then not work for a few weeks. Although given she wouldn’t be able to use that as an excuse to foist the team-related busywork to somebody else, perhaps that wasn’t such a good plan. Of course, if she just ‘borrowed’ one of her teammates’ flying Zoids, perhaps she could go and have a little holiday down by the sea and just ignore everything else… No, no, that probably wasn’t a very good idea. It’d been hard enough to learn to pilot a land-bound Zoid, let alone one that could fly...

    To start things off, a triad of missiles blasted off from the torso of the Spino Sapper. Moira figured that if she couldn’t catch up to her opponent with speed, she’d simply pin him down with weaponry. With that in mind, the Spino Sapper bolted off. Or, at least, it ran in its usual, slightly awkward gait that really wasn’t particularly fast in any way.  Indeed, the pilot had more than enough time to direct the nanomachines present in the armour of her Zoid to defend her against whatever bullets or shrapnel or whatnot that could be flying her way at any moment - she didn’t have much of an idea of what her enemy could do, so the optimal course of action was just to… Guess? Perhaps that wasn’t right, but what else could she do? It wasn’t like she could just look up some battle replays right in the middle of the battle. Or.. Well, she could. She just shouldn’t.

    Moira held down the trigger, and bullets sprayed out of the two guns either side of the Spino's mouth, destroying a good deal of the ground in front of Moira, and with a little luck, they’d do much the same to her opponent. After that, the dinosaur lurched, and changed direction - it was a manouvre that Moira had been practising - swinging the weight of the top half of the bipedal Zoid to pull the lower half with it, and perhaps dodge some incoming fire. 

    Diving past the short buildings, the Spino Sapper swung its tail towards its target, followed by a bright point of light shining from the barrel of the beam gun as it heated up. With a loud crack, a glowing energy-round whizzed across the battlefield towards her opponent's legs. If she wanted to have a chance to have a go with the saws, then she was going to have to slow her opponent down somewhat.

     Moira cast her gaze to her sides - her path had taken her from the east side of the little city, to the west. Her opponent..? Well, he remained staunchly unpredictable to her - possibly because she hadn’t exactly studied up on his battle techniques before showing up to the battle. Ah well, all she had to do was not get hit - simple! The dinosaur Zoid lurched across the battlefield in a wide zig-zag pattern, first to the left, and then to the right. Not great, but better than making a targeting computer's job extremely easy.

    Speaking of which, Moira consulted hers as to where would be best to fire some more missiles from -  Lights flashed on and off inside the Spino Sapper’s cockpit as Moira flipped switches, bathing her in more and more red light until it seemed everything inside had been dyed a deep shade of crimson.  Three missiles came screaming out of the dinosaur’s chest, and for a moment the cockpit shone pink before normalcy resumed and the Spino Sapper charged, apparently after the missiles. If nothing else, Moira intended to make the broadcast exciting. 

    The beam saws unfolded elegantly from their moorings, beginning to generate the rotating energy fields that gave them their name. Moira guided her Zoid across the battlefield as rapidly as she could, gratuitous amounts of energy dissipating into the atmosphere as she went, and making the Zoid look for all the world as if it had wings. Stubby, useless wings. 

     She figured that a target like this would be difficult to resist, and hopefully she could bait her opponent out just long enough to slice off a limb - as she had experienced herself, that was a fine tactic to employ. And indeed, the saws that so defined the Sapper were just the tool to do that job.

    A saw swung down with a glowing arc, and then the Spino Sapper jumped away with all the agility the thing could muster. Plainly running away wasn’t the most glorious of tactics, but if it kept her in the game, Moira couldn’t say it bothered her particularly. Besides, she’d never fought in a sportsmanlike way before, and she sure as hell wasn’t about to start. No, digging in her heels and hanging on by a thread was more the Moira way to go about it.

    1a. Multiple Missile Launcher @ Legs - 20DP x3
    b. NTBP against Physical Rounds

    2a. Dual Repeater Machine Guns @ Body - 40DP
    b. Dodge - Twist again! Everybody do the twist again!

    3a. Pulse Laser Gun @ Back Legs - 65DP
    b. Dodge - Zig-Zags! Zig-Zags everywhere!

    4a. Multiple Missile Launcher @ Legs - 20DP x3
    b. Dodge - Chaaarrrrge!

    5a. Dual Omni-Directional Beam Saws  - @ Back Legs - 90DP
    b. Dodge - Run Awaaayyyy!


    Win: 0 / Loss: 1 / Draw: 0

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