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    Moira Lacrima

    Moira Lacrima

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    Name: Moira Lacrima
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    Moira Lacrima

    Post by Moira Lacrima on 27th March 2017, 13:54

    Pilot's Name: Moira Lacrima

    Starting stats

    0 AP
    4 Skill Points
    -Mental Ability: 0
    -Reflexes: 1
    Double Attack
    -Proficiency: 3
    Machineguns + 10DP


    Character Description:

    Age: 33
    Gender: Female

    Physical Description:

    Moira is a rather unremarkable specimen, as far as Zoid pilots go. She’s not unusually tall, nor unusually strong. She doesn’t work out, so the only strength she’s built up from working, and there’s only so much arm-power that can be derived from piloting a Zoid, especially given it’s only really recently that she’s started to battle with it at all. Overall, Moira has the physique of a adolescent male, more than anything else.

    Her skin is fairly pale since both of her jobs require her to be inside a Zoid, although her skin has tanned very slightly on the sides of her neck and shoulders, from sitting in the Sapper with its fake skin on and the video feeds off in favour of natural light. Her hair is horrendously cut from where she generally hacks it off herself - the only reason she doesn’t either have a bowl or a crew cut is because her friends occasionally force her to visit a hairdresser’s. Either way, she doesn’t look after it especially well outside of occasionally giving it a wash. Her eyes are naturally quite intense-looking with their yellowy-hazel colour, but her face overall has a fairly relaxed-looking set to it that diminishes said look almost altogether.

    Her taste in fashion lands somewhere between ‘scruffy’ and ‘sleeping in a Zoid’, favouring all sorts of beaten up jackets, shirts covered in various kinds of film-themed dirt and old jeans that’ve been torn to shreds through continuous wear, although this is less a conscious choice, and more an inevitable sacrifice when faced with the prospect of spending her free time washing things, instead of making the most of not being in the cockpit of her Zoid.


    Moira is laid back. Probably too laid back - it’s both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, she doesn’t get stressed out very easily, but at the same time she isn’t particularly efficient and straight-up neglects less important things. Well, unless those things are related to giant monsters or spandex-clad heroes. Then they’ll have her attention, whether it wants that attention or not. Over the years, she’s learned to manage this trait at least somewhat - being naturally inclined towards laziness, she tends to either bribe or trick herself into being productive when she doesn’t want to be.

    Moira doesn’t have much in the way of self-control, either - if she decides she wants to do it, she does it by hell or high water, whether it’s a good idea or not. This quite often leads to her collecting more junk she doesn’t really need: as it is, the cockpit of her Spino Sapper is full of fluffy dice and bobble-headed characters and those ridiculous in-car accessories that nobody really buys, except possibly for a joke gift. On the brighter side, it also means that she doesn’t back down when the going gets tough - Moira might be lazy as hell most of the time, but it belies a deep down spite towards the people who told her she wasn’t going to get anywhere in life if she just sat around.


    Moira’s parents were the kind who pretty much let her do whatever it was that she wanted, provided she wasn’t hurting anyone in the process. They weren’t exactly interested in what their child was doing, more than just making sure it was all above board, but that mostly just pushed her to find friends who were interested in the same sort of things - as a child, that wasn’t too hard. Most children her age were also excited by heroes of justice fighting against evil monsters and whatnot.

    What made Moira unusual (at least relatively speaking) was that the interest in that sort of thing never really faded, even when she was relentlessly bullied for being a ‘nerd’ and a ‘baby’. As it was, she just kept her head down and quietly waited until the end of her mandatory education, after which she figured she would be free to pursue her own interests.

    Well, sort of. Naturally, Moira needed a job, and although working in various stores and restaurants in her city was about enough for her to live on, it certainly wasn’t enough for her to move out, and more importantly to Moira, they were also almost unendurably boring. Spending her time cleaning the floors again just wasn’t how she wanted to live her life. So she took a chance, and applied to be a volunteer for a tiny production company that fairly desperate for unpaid help, on the off chance it’d lead to some kind of opportunity.

    As it turned out, they made a series mostly about Kaiju - giant monsters duking it out for reasons only known to the people who bothered to read the flimsy scripts. The studio wasn’t hugely well off, so their ‘monsters’ were Zoids that people happened to own, painted up to resemble monsters. It didn’t matter, though - Moira’s imagination was well and truly captured. She spent a long, long time working hard to be the one to have pilot a Zoid to be questionably modelled on - it didn’t cross her mind at the time, but later she realised that all she needed was the proper motivation, and she could stomach all the deathly boring jobs she could get her hands on. Eventually she saved the money up for a Zoid - a Spino Sapper, since she figured a dinosaur like that could really make a cool monster, even if it was a little on the big side.

    Moira eventually got her chance to star in an episode quite some time after she bought it. The interim had been filled with dropping not-so-subtle hints, but it was quite a large Zoid, and nobody was particularly keen to try to paint it until the director decided that they needed a fierce new monster to revive interest in their series, especially since they were only just keeping their head above water. For Moira’s debut, only half of her Spino Sapper ended up being painted - they hid the rest of it with scenery, but it was enough to spark some new appreciation for their production. At the very least, it convinced the network to let them air it for just a bit longer.  They still didn’t have much money though - revived interest or not, it didn’t change the fact that they’d only just been doing well enough before to just about cover their costs. Most of the cast and crew had other jobs, and were really only still doing what they were doing because they loved it.

    Getting into Zoid battles was really only by chance for Moira - had she not forgotten to buy herself food on the way home, she probably wouldn’t have walked past a bar when it was open, and showing footage from a Zoid fight. She probably wouldn’t have noticed the prize money being advertised or the fact her city had an arena that wasn’t hugely far away. It wasn’t a perfect solution - if she’d lost a limb or broken the Spino Sapper entirely those first few battles, it was quite likely that she would have ruined the series - it was only gaining traction at all because the Spino Sapper looked just… slightly less bad than the Gordos or the Iguan. She was lucky, though - as a new pilot, even with such a heavy Zoid, she was only matched up against other newcomers who’d mostly brought lightly armoured things, relying on their speed to confound slow foes. Or, well, slow foes without chainsaws on their Zoids.

    Her luck couldn’t hold up forever, though - when she’d been battling for about a month, and was just about feeling comfortable juggling fighting and performing, it appeared. A Zoid that she’d never seen before, and one she only saw for a few seconds before the video feed in the cockpit went dark and the battle was over.

    Dark Spiner. It was just what the show needed - despite its advertising, the Sapper didn’t really look that much like a spinosaurus, with its short snout and lack of a real sail. The other Zoid looked perfect - surely that would be the thing that would finally lift the company out of the dust. Moira was resolved to find that pilot, find out where they got their Zoid. Fate had other plans, however - Moira never saw them again, even after she got the Sapper put back together after it had been taken apart so savagely. Even when she started fighting again with a vengeance, that pilot never showed their face.

    It wasn’t that mysterious, Moira supposed - whoever they were, they’d really made a mess of her Zoid, as well as the other pilots they’d faced that day. They probably just got bored and gone off to find a proper challenge. That day, she resolved that she’d improve her skills, and find them again. If nothing else, she wanted a rematch - it was rather embarrassing, going down in five-seconds-flat.



    aka ‘Serravyrn the Spined Kaiju’
    Type: Spinosaurus

    Speed: 6
    Agility: 12
    Heat Index: 45

    Internal Slots: 9
    CPU Slots: 6

    External Hardpoints: 8 - Body: 4 (each side x2), Limbs: 4 (head x2 (chin, skull), each leg)

    Base Armor - Head: 40 / Body: 140 / Legs (x2): 70 / Arms (x2): 40 / Tail: 40

    Current Armor: Head: 140 / Body: 365 / Legs (x2): 295 / Arms (x2): 140 / Tail: 140


    Dual Omni-Directional Beam Saws
    Capable of swinging in any direction front or back due to the mounts, these are adept fighting tools of pure energy.

    Pulse Laser Gun
    Located on the tail, this beam gun is a standard weapon meant to hit a 180 degree rear facing radius (cannot move vertically).
    65DP [55DP + 10DP Prof.]

    Dual Repeater Machine Guns
    Mouth-mounted rapid fire weaponry.
    40DP [30DP + 10DP Prof.]

    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and claws meant to tear through armor in a melee attack.

    Multiple Missile Launcher
    Belly mounted, tri-barreled, forward firing, and locked in place. Can fire three missiles at once.
    20DP per missile

    Dual 50mm Cannons
    Belly mounted, forward firing, locked in place

    Laser Excavator
    Mounted between the 50mm Cannons is a beam meant to dig through rock. While too weak to deal any damage it rapidly heats a foe’s armor up. It also sports a wide field of attack even if only in front.
    7 Heat Damage to any Zoids in front of the Spino Sapper

    Aftermarket Weaponry:


    Aftermarket Armor:

    Fibre Alumi Plating
    A more advanced alloy with an increased effectiveness against solid rounds and blades.
    +100 Armor; reduces damage from solid rounds and blades by 10DP
    Note: Effect doesn't stack, so it's a solid 10DP reduction regardless of how many you have. Only affects the area equipped on.
    Attached to body

    Repulsor Plating
    Repulsor Plating is a hardened plating based off of the Panzer technology. This allows it to absorb more damage and dissipates the energy and force of most weaponry.
    +100 Armor; reduces damage from energy and physical weapons by 10DP
    Attached to leg (x2)

    NanoTech Bonded Plating (NTBP)
    Created to allow pilots advanced defensive ability and updated to provide maximum armor enhancement, the NTBP is optimized for the use of aftermarket armor platings. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications. The NTBP will allow you to pile on the armor and tank with the best of them.
    +100 Armor to All Parts

    Boosts defenses of armor plates, adding +25 armor to every plating attached on top of NTBP.

    NanoTech Bonded Plating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage (Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%.A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.

    NanoTech Bonded Plating is fully compatible with attached armor platings but is incompatible with any and all armor coatings. If armor platings are attached, the NTBP retains its ability to alter itself against varying damage types.

    Aftermarket Misc:

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    Re: Moira Lacrima

    Post by Takeshi Kimari on 28th March 2017, 01:58

    Excellent App, #Approved.

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