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    Moira / Arcadian / Buying

    Moira Lacrima

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    Moira / Arcadian / Buying

    Post by Moira Lacrima on 30th March 2017, 17:47

    Probably about time I did this >.> 

    Buying Nanotech Bonded Plating and Fibre Alumni Plating.

    So I should have no credits left after this, and this should be the new current armour for the Zoid:
    [b]Current Armor:[/b] Head: 140 / Body: 365 / Legs (x2): 170 / Arms (x2): 140 / Tail: 140

    And if somebody could pop this in under the existing Zoid stats, that'd be fab.
    [b][u]Aftermarket Weaponry:[/u][/b]


    [b][u]Aftermarket Armor:[/u][/b]

    [b]Fibre Alumi Plating[/b]
    A more advanced alloy with an increased effectiveness against solid rounds and blades.
    [color=red]+100 Armor; reduces damage from solid rounds and blades by 10DP[/color]
    [b]Note:[/b] Effect doesn't stack, so it's a solid 10DP reduction regardless of how many you have. Only affects the area equipped on.
    [i]Attached to body[/i]

    [b]NanoTech Bonded Plating (NTBP)[/b]
    Created to allow pilots advanced defensive ability and updated to provide maximum armor enhancement, the NTBP is optimized for the use of aftermarket armor platings. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications. The NTBP will allow you to pile on the armor and tank with the best of them.
    [color=red]+100 Armor to All Parts[/color]
    Boosts defenses of armor plates, adding +25 armor to every plating attached on top of NTBP.[/color]
    NanoTech Bonded Plating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage (Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%.A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.[/color]
    NanoTech Bonded Plating is fully compatible with attached armor platings but is incompatible with any and all armor coatings. If armor platings are attached, the NTBP retains its ability to alter itself against varying damage types.[/color]

    [b][u]Aftermarket Misc:[/u][/b]



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    Re: Moira / Arcadian / Buying

    Post by Chesha on 30th March 2017, 22:33


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