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    Nemaj / Freelancer / Buying Parts

    Namaj Welain

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    Nemaj / Freelancer / Buying Parts

    Post by Namaj Welain on 30th March 2017, 15:53

    Buying the Nanotech Regenerative Coating for my Gunblaster.

    1500 - 1200 = 300 mc left

    [u][b]NanoTech Regenerative Coating (NTRC)[/b][/u]
    Intended for those with an eye towards healing any damage taken, the NTRC offers the user the fantastic ability to regenerate their damaged armor mid-battle. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTRC will allow you to absorb hit after hit, only to shrug it right off and keep on fighting.
    [color=red]+100 Armor to All Parts[/color]
    [color=green]Can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round.[/color]
    [color=darkred]NanoTech Regenerative Coating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage(Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.[/color]
    [color=purple]NanoTech Regenerative Coating is fully compatible with any and all armor coatings but is incompatible with attached armor platings. If armor coatings are applied, the NTRC retains its ability to regenerate and alter itself against varying damage types.[/color]
    [b][color=green]1,200 credits[/color][/b]

    [b][i]SPECIAL NOTE:[/i][/b] All NanoTech Reinforced Armors can be set to the following:
    -[color=gold]Physical (Blades/Claws/etc)[/color]
    -[color=grey]Ballistics (Bullets from guns, cannons, etc.)[/color]

    [quote][size=15][u][b]Compatibility, Applications, Limitations[/b][/u]
    -NanoTech is not compatible with any armor coatings or treatments. (Unless otherwise noted.)
    -NanoTech is not compatible with the Electromagnetic force field defensive component.
    -If you install hardpoint attached armor on top of NanoTech it's special properties are negated. (Unless otherwise noted.)
    -You may only have one type of Nanotech Armor on a Zoid at one time.
    - The NanoTech can not be transferred to another Zoid.
    - Nanotech Armors are not Compatible with the CAS armor and systems.[/size][/quote]

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    Re: Nemaj / Freelancer / Buying Parts

    Post by Chesha on 30th March 2017, 22:28


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