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    Character sheet
    Name: Kirito
    Team: Fury
    Primary Zoid: Raijin (Shadow Fox)


    Post by Kirito on 16th March 2017, 10:51

    Character's Name: Kirito Rai

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Character Description:

    Physical Description:
    5'11” Thin but muscular, with a somewhat pale complexion. He has pitch black hair cut short and a bit ragged like it was cut with a blade, also has a blueish tint when look at from the right lighting. His eyes are a grayish blue color with his left eye having a 5 pronged star birthmark that's a dark blue, and has an unusual knack of seeing in the dark with that one eye. He usually wears a Charcoal colored mask with purple lips and a purple scar mark on the upper right side of the mask that is about 1 inch in with at the top and curving downward similar to a lightning bolt slimming towards the bottom and ending at a point.He has a scar on the right side of his face looking very similar to the mark on the mask.It is somewhat hard to see as it is only a slivers width wide with the middle of the scar running through the left corner, and only about 4 inches in height. The left eye-socket area of the mask has a wider whole with almost jagged looking edges that are smoothed out a bit, almost looks like someone might have hit it hard enough break it a bit wider then normal.

    His favorite attire is a black trench-coat with a hidden pocket on the inside used for hiding thing he doesn't want to be seen, like his dagger attached to a long wire he uses to protect himself with. It has A dark purple color on the inside of the coat. The zipper of the coat starts at his waist and going up to just shy of touching his neck, with a collar the curls slightly outward , and is about 2 inches long. Bellow the waist of the coat is what looks similar to a cape that has rough looking frays at the bottom from when it dragged on the ground when he was younger and was still to small for it, not that he has grown it ends almost even with his ankles. Then there's his black gloves made from special material to help keep a good grip on his wire weapon so not to lose it or cut into his hands, and is thin enough to get a good feel on things. He wears black running shoe's that are custom made as well, with purple insoles and purple and black ribbon colored laces. 

    When in public and not doing anything special, he wears a purple t-shirt with a vest over that has a a few blue lightning streaks on the back and a gold colored zipper that he keeps unzipped.He wears tight black jeans with a purple fox animal design on the back left pocket and black shoes to match. He also likes to wear his black gloves and a black hat with a star on the left side, slightly tilted downwards and 5 degree's to the right. When not wearing his hat, he may spikes his hair up and slightly back though this is a rarity. He also try's to touch up the scar on his face with make-up that matches his skin tone when he is not wearing his has, so as not to draw to much unwanted attention, and those awkward questions, I'm sure most people would love hearing he got it when he was still a child by his father during sparring practice.

    Mental description:
    Likes to know his surroundings very well especially when in small towns, learns escape routes and info about people in town. Favorite foods to eat are salads and most fruits. Tends not to trust people until he gets to know them and still keeps on his guard then if slightly more relaxed then. Very secretive about his past, not something he likes to talk about or be reminded of. Can be short tempered at times especially if you try forcing him to talk about his family or where he comes from. If looked at close enough he looks almost anxious when in big crowds, always the wandering eye. He's caused alot of trouble in many towns, so he's always watching his back jsut in case someone he made mad when he was younger is looking for him to get pay back.

    While he doesn't like people, he isn't afraid to get into a fight, especially if he believe's he can win. He is very proud of his fighting skills, especially since he learns most of it from his deceased father. He was a hot head when he was a child, and that got him into a lot of fights and trouble from the authorities. He used his young age to get out of most situations by acting like he was innocent. The innocent didn't always work though, when it didn't he would run, dropping things behind him when something was in reach to help him in his escape. Never staying in one place for very long as he could never stay out of trouble, until he was caught and had to sit in jail for a few weeks. After that he tried learning to control his temper, not wanting to go to a place like that ever again. Its hard to protect yourself from so many people in a small area, especially when you piss them all of on day 1. Then next 2 years after that he matured at least to some small degree, controlling his anger to better degrees. at least enough to stay out of fights. While he is better with self control, Take a swing at him and he will swing back. 

    He is very protective of his zoid, and best friend Raijin. Its all he has left from his past so will not let anyone ride in it unless its an emergency with at least a little hesitation. He taught himself plenty about fixing and equipping equipment on his own from books he has read and got a little help from a mechanic once to learn how some of the machines used in the process works. Only gets help if what needs to be done is more then he can handle and not willing to leave until it is finished. He had a custom pain job to color it black and purple as that is how he feels deep down though he would never admit to it out in the open. Scarred for life by his past, he feels like he can not get away from his haunting past until he becomes someone his parents would be proud of, something he feels he is far from accomplishing..

    Born and raised in a small desert village that’s hidden in a small valley, frequented by bandits and Cut throats. His Father taught him how to fight opponents by being quicker and more agile then most, and to use his opponents strength against them to help him survive, being small it was his only defense. His mother taught him how to survive on his own by showing him tactics on getting away quick, teaching him good hiding techniques to trick his enemies he was gone, and how to forage for food if he had to. On his 10th birthday his father trained him on how to use the Shadow Fox, his most prized possession, even if he was still to small to use it, he could run it if he needed to. His Parents were mercenaries, doing what it took to survive just like the rest of the towns folk, having no military stations anywhere near to help them. 

    On his 12th birthday a group of cut-throats Slaughtered his family, with his mother making a big ruckus long enough for her son to get away. The band stole his fathers shadow fox as well. He tracked them to there based and for the next 3 in a half years studied everything about there base by hiding who he was behind a mask and joining the group. Not long after he turned 15 he planted time bombs all around there base and killed there leader while pretending to stand guard over him and left with his Fathers stolen Shadow Fox and his new friend. They left as fast as they could barely making it out alive as the explosions blew apart the cut-throats hideout. 

    Swearing to forget his past he decided to travel the world as a free roaming mercenary. Watching his back at every turn wonder who might turn on him next he learned to hide in the dark learning what he needed to survive as he went from city to city. By the time he was 18 he learned to use the skills his father taught him and twisted it to teach himself his own fighting style with a dagger connected to some wire, using it for close and long ranged combat, to entangle his enemies with the wire when he needed to and as a grappling hook to get to places hard to reach. Now he is 19 years old, deciding it might be time to try to join a team and see if he can ever truly let anyone in his miserable world.

    Sample RP: 
    Watching the roads under the cover of night for the small group of Cut throats he knows is out searching for him, he waits patiently with his best friend Raijin for some sign that his quarry is still headed in the direction of his trap. Kirito sighs impatiently, wonder has he does if the group stopped to camp for the night when his zoid Raijin makes a small noise with his paw signalling he spot something. Staring hard in the night sky through his left eye until he spots his prey, just a little more then a mile off moving at a slow crawl. Looks 2 of the 3 zoids are tied down on a metal trailer attached to a small hover cargo carrier, and another zoids walking next to it. The 2 zoids hitched in the back appear to be simple molga units. The one on the move being a bit more mobile, appears to be a type of Modified wolf zoid most likely a timber wolf. "You ready Raijin" Kirito asks as the group is almost on top of his trap. Then an explosion rockets the earth as Kirito presses the button that remote controlled the explosives he dug into the ground and then covered up hoping it would go unnoticed in the cover of night. 

    Then Raijin strikes, firing his 30mm Omni-Directional Vulcan Machine Gun right at the timber wolf as he launches from his hiding place no more then 20 yards away. running at full speed hoping to catch his prey off guard. Amazingly the pilot of the timber wolf reacted quick enough to move enough that the bullet just barely graved its right shoulder and landing right in the now disabled hover carrier's side, barely making a scratch. The enemy pilot tries to charge the Barely visible shadow fox heading his way, and hears a loud cracking sounds realizing that shot must have damaged the zoids leg he then jumps to the right just as the fox almost on top of him. Realizing his plan was working almost as well as he hoped he ran past the timber wold using his smoke dischargers to slow down his enemy so he could take out the zoids that are sill without a pilot to control them. 

    The Pilot of the timber wolf shoots at the wolf with one of his missile while yelling at me through his com chat "NO you dont" at that same time Kirito had his shadow fox jump at and angle to the left where the molga unit in the back is locating, landing on the top of it with his sharp claws at the same time the missile fired from the timber wolf just barely misses the shadow fox and lands right into his companions zoids, leaving just him to face Kirito, the man who took out his old gangs leader and destroying there base of operations he realizes he is done for if he doesn't leave. The pilot turns his zoid around and try's to flee, moving at a very slow pace due to his zoids already badly damaged leg. Deciding to play around Kirito pilots his zoids at a slow crawl right behind the already scarred pilot firing a quick burst from his 30mm Vulcan machine gun just barely missing the zoid. Seeing the zoid picking up speed he going at full speed and jumps over the timber wolf lands just inches away from its metal snout and keeps on moving for a few yards then jumps in the air with a spin, landing at 180 degrees and skidding to a halt just as a shot is fired form the wolf, hitting the shadow fox in the left side of his armor, shaking him up a bit. Realizing his mistake Kirito pilots the zoid at full speed straight at the timber wolf getting ready to finish the battle before he slips up and gets Raijin seriously hurt. both pilots jump towards each other, the pilot of the timber wolf trying to strike with his claws in the hopes of a lucky victory as he see's she shadow fox's claws light up in the night sky, when they clash the timber wolf misses as the shadow fox's energy claw rips through its leg and deep into its side, Landing with a loud thump with a few small sparks flying through the air. Kirito and Raijin leave there opponents where they left them, not knowing if anyone was hurt nor caring as he won another battle against the the group that hurt his family.

    RP Credits: 0
    Monetary Credits: 2,000

    Advancement Points: 4,000
    Growth Level: 4
    Skill Points: 14

    Mental: 6
    Reflex: 11 (+4 OPS)
    Proficiency: 5 (+4 OPS)
    -Melee: Tier 1 - 1 (+5 DP)
    -Rifles: 0
    -Cannons: 0
    -Machine Guns: Tier 2 - 4 (+4 OPS) (+10 DP)

    Known Reflexes:

    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Like all animals, the instinct of fight or flight is in every Zoid. Sprint may be used to run away from or at your opponent.
    Increase for 2 actions the evasion and accuracy rates by 20% and speed by 1.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    After Image:
    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    The Zoid dodges at such a high speed that an image of the Zoid remains to confuse the aiming pilot and make them miss.
    Allows near-auto-dodge of one attack feat, once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Shoots out of the air any missile or bullet. Only good on frontal attack single shots (if you use a missile to intercept, then a spray of machine gun fire can be shot down as well due to the explosion damage).
    Use a projectile to destroy a bullet or missile in front of you or a missile to destroy machine gun fire.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    Quicker than the Eye:
    [Must be used BEFORE the feat you want to go unnoticed. Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Use this feat to catch your opponent off guard - it will make the following feat a stealth attack. Can be used once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    Counter Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    An attack directly after an opponent's attack, not giving them enough time to defend themselves or dodge the attack.
    Attack right after an opponent's attack for 95% chance of both of you taking clear damage.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Some pilots know they can't escape certain attacks. Their human instincts allow them to position themselves in the safest possible stance to brace for the attack and minimize damage while allowing a quick counterstrike.
    Reduces melee damage to your Zoid by half and throws foe off balance temporarily due to upending the attack.
    Only usable by land Zoids.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    Zoid's: Shadow Fox 

    Speed- 17
    Agility- 45 
    Internal Slots- 3
    Heat Index- 25
    CPU Slots- 2 
    (OPS, SCOPE)
    External Hardpoints- Body: (1 Chest / 1 Back / 1 Side x2 ) Limbs: (1 per leg)
    Armor- Head: 15 / Body: 95 / Legs (x4): 30 / Tail: 20

    Head: 90
    Body: 170
    Legs (x4): 105
    Tail: 95

    Armor Plating/Coating:

    NanoTech Stealth Treatment (NTST)
    Designed with stealthy pilots in mind, the NTST is unique in its application of next-gen stealth technology pioneered on the Ishikawa Technical Industries "DX01 Strafe Dragon." Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTST will allow you to avoid the enemy’s attacks and and get the drop on them yourself.
    --Armor +75 to All Parts
    --Reduces enemy accuracy by 25%.
    --NanoTech Stealth Treatment is also able to alter is physical structure to harden it self against certain types of damage (Heat, Energy, explosive, slashing or stabbing damage, etc). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at anytime during battle but no more than twice per round.
    --NanoTech Stealth Treatment is semi-compatible with attached armor platings, but is incompatible with any and all added coatings or the Stealth System. If armor platings are attached, the NTST loses its ability to alter itself against varying damage types.

    Other Components

    S.C.O.P.E. (Self Calculating Optical Precision Equipment)
    This tech device increases the accuracy of all fire armed based equipment on the zoid by magnifying the weapons' sights in ranges of 50x's up to 5000x magnification.
    Adds +15 DP to all firearms attached to the zoid.
    Requires 1 CPU slot. Zoid must have firearm-based weapons (Machine guns and rifles. Cannons do not apply.).

    Organic Psycom System
    Modifies a Zoid's control systems and allows for a direct link to the pilot's mind.
    +4 Reflexes | +4 Proficiency
    CPU Slots: 1


    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and Claws meant to tear through armor in melee attack.

    Strike Laser Claw
    The hallmark of the Liger Zero. It has been copied for use in the Shadow Fox. The computer system siphons energy to the claw for a super heated, super fast, hard to avoid pouncing strike.
    90 dp

    30mm Omni-Directional Vulcan Machine Gun
    Long ranged weapon that can fire in LITERALLY any direction.

    270mm Electromagnetic Net Gun
    Concealed in the tail the net gun fires at pursuing zoids and enravels them with a powerful shock.
    Brings air zoids to the ground, stuns foe for 2 actions

    Smoke Dischargers
    Capable of covering itself in a cloud of smoke from these shoulder-mounted vents or for more creative use, sprint by an opponent and cover it in smoke instead. In this second method you are prone to attack but once by, the opponent is the only one who loses accuracy and you know where they are. Lasts for the entire round or until all zoids leave the cloud.
    Method 1: Lowers accuracy of Fox to 50% and enemies to 25%
    Method 2: Lowers accuracy of opponent zoids to 40%

    Leg Anchors
    Anchors on the feet act as grips and allow the fox to run up any incline or surface barring sheer vert.
    Fox can run up any incline up to 80 degrees.

    After Market Weapons

    Hyper Velocity Railgun
    A high velocity electrically powered electromagnetic projectile rifle used to smash through shield and armor. The railgun comprises a pair of parallel conducting rails, along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects that help propel the massive bullet-like projectile through the air. This projectile travels at such a fast velocity that its unblockable by shields.
    85 DP (70 base + 15 S.C.O.P.E.)
    Unblockable by shields.
    Twice per round, three rounds
    External Hardpoints: 1

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