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    Izak Hirsch

    Izak Hirsch
    Izak Hirsch

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    Izak Hirsch

    Post by Izak Hirsch on 7th September 2017, 18:14

    Pilot's Name: Izak Hirsch

    Team: Freelancer (Seeking Team)

    1,500 Monetary Credits

    0 AP
    4 Skill Points

    Pilot Attributes:
    -Mental Ability: 2
    -Reflexes: 1
    -Proficiency: 1


    Character Description:

    Age: 25
    Gender: Male

    Physical Description: Tall and slim, Izak stands at 180cm and weighs in at 197 pounds.  Izak is clean shaven, with black, close-cropped hair and steel-gray eyes.  His skin is also towards the paler side.  His sharp, well-defined jaw and nose, along with his square shoulders, give him a very regal look.  Regardless, he still has a tendency to blend into the crowd.  That is, if it weren’t for his choice of clothing.  Despite the weather or the activity, Izak is almost always wearing one of a range of his suits.  Two piece or three pieces, blue, black, or gray, it doesn’t seem to matter.  There are only two exceptions to this rule: Zoid Battles and working on his Zoid.  For those occasions, he prefers to use a pair of coveralls.

    Personality: Izak is what could be called a “strong and silent type”, and doesn’t speak more than is necessary.  This does not mean that anyone should doubt his overall intelligence.  He is everything a shrewd businessman should be.  He is serious, self-assured, pragmatic, perceptive, and always planning far for the future.  Furthermore, he very well educated and well-read.  As a result, he projects an intellectual atmosphere, only adding to his regal appearance.

    As far as dealing with others, Izak can be quite gregarious, as any salesman should be, but has trouble building many deep and trusting relationships.  As a result he has few friends and never has had a business partner.  His track record with women is just as spotty, though present him with a drink, and he’ll tell you about the one who got away.

    Considering all of this, many would assume Izak is uptight and quite depressing.  In fact, he tends to be the opposite.  He is laid back, usually smiling, and is still all for having a good time.  Just don’t expect him to tell as many jokes as everyone else.

    Backstory: Born in a small city Helena in the south of Europa, Izak Hirsch was the second or three children born to parent Arnold and Lara Hirsch. Unlike many on Zi, he had an easy childhood. He went to the best schools and lived in the one of the best neighborhoods in the city. The money in the family all came from his father, who ran a set of stores throughout the city, in addition to selling weapons and Zoids to pilots. It wasn’t long until Izak showed interest in the family business, and specifically piloting Zoids in combat. However, as the years went by, Izak never thought he would get the chance. On his sixteenth birthday, Izak was offered a job by his father to work as a test pilot. Despite this role however, it did not stop him from building his own wardrobe of business attire. While he had only three or four pairs of coveralls, he had almost a dozen suits before he was eighteen, and became known among some social circles for his choice in attire.

    Over the next three years, he got behind the controls of multiple Zoids and fired multiple weapons. But one Zoid in particular grabbed his attention – the Hammerhead. And so, on his twenty-first birthday, Izak bought himself a Hammerhead of his own and entered local Zoid tournaments. Though he lost a few at the start, his handful of friends was there to cheer him on as he began to get victories of his own. After that, he began to pick up a local following and his friends started calling him, the “Hammer of Helena”, to promote him, but mostly because “Hammerhead of Helena” did not flow as well became quite popular. His circle of friends didn't grow that much however, and despite his popularity with ladies, he struck out more often than expected. Outside of piloting Izak buried himself in work, becoming a full partner with his father and younger brother when he was twenty-three.

    A year later, he fell for a girl – Alexis – but let her get away because of his focus on work and battling. According to his friends, she fell for him too. In short, he broke his own heart. Around the same time, he became filled with wanderlust, and a desire to make a real name for himself as a pilot. He had grown bored with local competitors (and some of his local rivals) and desired a real challenge.

    He sold his share in the family business back to his father and brother, said good-bye to his cushy life, family and friends, and headed out to make his name as a pilot. His success was mixed. He would work with some teams for one battle, others for two. More often than not, he fought solo, as he always had. After a year of free lancing however, he is now ready to join a team, as Izak realized it was the only true way he can build his reputation. That, and maybe the “Hammer of Helena” might just become more well known.


    Type: Hammerhead Shark

    Speed: 10/6
    Agility: 20/14
    Heat Index: 40

    Internal Slots: 9
    CPU Slots: 7

    External Hardpoints: 10 - Body: 3 (chest x2, back), Limbs: 7 (each fin x2 (including dorsal), tail)

    Base Armor - Head: 50 / Body: 170 / Fins (x3): 75 / Tail: 60


    Torpedo Pods
    Two pods each hold four torpedoes and can fire one at a time for a total of two at once (eight is maximum capacity). Mounted on the hammer stalks of the head. In the air, only one can be fired at a time and travels like a rocket with no homing capabilities.
    70DP per torpedo

    Dual Pulse Rifles
    Attached under the torpedo pods, these guns can rotate 30 degrees horizontally; increased accuracy underwater.

    Twin Dual Impact Cannon Pods
    Attached to the bottoms of the 2 side fins, can rotate 180 degrees from front to back (with their motion facing OUT). Two cannons per pod; one can be fired at a time.
    60DP per shell

    Sea-to-Air Missile Launchers
    Concealed in the tail, these missiles are capable of hitting air and land targets from the sea. 12 missiles in all; two can be fired at once.
    35DP per missile

    Dual 30mm Hyper Shock Cannons
    Located under the tail, capable of firing backwards and 90 degrees to either side, in or out of water. If charged for one feat, the shells can stun an opponent for the next action.
    40DP; stun foe for one action if charged (requires the use of a charging feat)


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