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    Who's On Top?


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    Who's On Top? Empty Who's On Top?

    Post by Khongol on 24th April 2017, 18:17

    Valkyrie, it is time. We have joked about it for years. Now it is time.

    Battle Mode: 0095

    Location: The ruins of the original Fury HQ. The makeshift arena used for training. (Perhaps a cameo from that damned indestructible fridge.)

    Time Limit: None (due to RL and job(s))

    Organoids: Yes

    Sound fun?

    Oh yeah! Ladies first, of course.

    Who's On Top? Zae-kh10

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    Who's On Top? Empty Re: Who's On Top?

    Post by Valkyrie on 24th April 2017, 19:03

    Oh snap sooooon!

    totes magoats...except I'm in a battle with Ari at the moment on Val >_>

    naturally its Fenrir aaaaand I'm thinking Amaterasu for my organoid

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