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    Missile Pods


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    Missile Pods

    Post by Admin on 1st March 2017, 02:20

    Missile Pods
    Explosives that can do direct (and sometimes indirect) damage

    Dual Missile Pods
    Two missiles pods that can be mounted on each side of your Zoid; each pod holds four missiles.
    Usable twice per round, up to 4 rounds
    35DP per missile
    External Hardpoints: 2 (1 per pod)
    800 credits

    Mega Missile Launcher
    A large missile container that can be mounted to the top of your Zoid; holds twenty missiles. May fire a total of two missiles in one feat.
    Useable twice per round, up to 5 rounds
    40DP per missile
    External Hardpoints: 1
    1500 credits

    Napalm Missile Pod
    When these warheads explode they release a fiery napalm-like substance. This substance sticks to a Zoid's armor and heats it up. Due to the excessive heat from this substance, a Zoid's internal systems may suffer a system freeze. Holds ten missiles. May fire two missiles per feat.
    Usable three times per round, up to 3 rounds
    10DP per missile
    Heat Rating: 5 per missile
    External Hardpoints: 1
    2000 credits

    Torpedo Pods
    Two Torpedo pods that can be mounted anywhere on your Zoid; each pod holds four Torpedos. For use only with aquatic capable Zoid's. Can not function out of the water.
    Usable twice per round, up to 4 rounds
    60DP per Torpedo
    External Hardpoints: 2 (1 per pod)
    2000 credits

    Smokescreen Missile Pod
    A standard four slotted missile pod but with a twist. A Concentrated Smoke Venting System is fused to the side of the pod taking the smoke given off by the launching missile and venting it out the side causing a light smokescreen that covers the surrounding Zoid much like the Smoke Vents on the Saber Lion. Each firing missile adds to the thickness of the smoke but eventually fades over time; holds sixteen missiles and smokescreen effect isn’t compatible with an Aerial Zoid. Four missiles may be fired in one feat.
    Use: Twice per round, up to two rounds
    10DP per missile. Reduces the accuracy of the Zoids struck by 5% for each missile fired. Max Accuracy reduction possible: 20%. Last for 2 actions.
    External Hardpoints: 1
    1200 credits

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