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    Masked Mercenary Geomatry


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    Name: Geomatry
    Team: Freelancer
    Primary Zoid: Iron Kong

    Masked Mercenary Geomatry

    Post by Dakitten on 1st April 2017, 05:02

    Pilot's Name: Geomatry

    1,500 Monetary Credits (Starting Credits)

    Starting stats
    0 AP
    4 Skill Points

    Apply your skill points to the following Pilot Attributes:  (See the Stats Defined page in the rules for the break down)
    -Mental Ability: 1
    -Reflexes: 1
    Learned Double Attack
    -Proficiency: 2
    1 Melee Proficiency (1 point)
    1 Cannon Proficiency (1 point)
    0 Missile Proficiency
    0 Machine Gun Proficiency
    0 Rifle Proficiency


    Character Description:

    Age: Indeterminable
    Gender: Unknown
    Physical Description:
    Geomatry is a truly peculiar sight, being exceptionally tall yet never showing any sign of the creature that exists beneath the dusty green poncho that rests atop another layer of lighter fabric to prevent any unpleasant drafts from sharing information about its true dimensions while the mask of something akin to an octopi disguises facial responses and features, presuming a face exists beneath. Some even speculate that Geo might be an amputee with a very rudimentary set of robotic legs, as it must take great pains to prevent arms or hands from ever coming into view. On the off chance that someone has sighted Geo's digits moving underneath its mantle, it often tends to be a most peculiar set of assistants which call the peculiar creature "home". Several sugar gliders inhabit the robes, and although lacking any obvious method of communication with their host, they often perform basic functions for Geo, such as signing checks (with absolute gibberish), procuring payments (which are always instructed by digital means to be produced in light mediums for the poor critters) and even intimidating hostiles... While one or two look like harmless flying rodents, their numbers are untold.

    Although not one to speak ever, Geomatry is very short and to the point in digital communication, leading many to assume it has a very business-focused nature. However, in person, Geo is known to linger and observe through its mask, gazing as best anyone can guess, the faces of those it does business with or even simply passes by. It seems quite animated in this one particular endeavor, tilting its head and fidgeting about a fair deal to either get a good notion of the physique of onlookers, or just aiming to make others uncomfortable. Geomatry’s inquisitive nature is only rivaled by shyness around cameras and surveillance equipment, taking obvious pains to not linger too long or obviously near heavily trafficked areas or flashy events.

    Backstory: (Optional, +500 monetary credits)
    One day, Geo merely showed up with a zord and began seeking work. Having obtained a handful of odd jobs supporting teams in the field with a zoid nobody knows how it got, the creature seems to be looking for someone or something, and doesn't care to share details even over email. While loyal to a contract, Geomatry doesn't seem to ever get close to anyone. There are no end of rumors generated by its moving across town, but more is known about the group of peculiar marsupials that make a comfortable home in the peculiar garbs. They mainly seem to be about the same age, being about two years old. There are at least two confirmed older looking sugar gliders that seem to hang out just under the mask, leading to some rumors that Geomatry is some sort of sugar glider controlled android, but there have been no signs of any higher intelligence amongst the group aside from being trained to fetch and defend. The zoid in its care however does recognize that Geomatry is indeed its incorrectly spelled name, and the Kong itself is named after the fuzzy critters.

    An Ageless, Nameless Tale:
    A world with such a gap in power is often a scary place. The prevalence of zoids and lack of solid government has left a number of tragedies in the ugly history of the planet, but some of the most terrifying events are swept away in the dusts of the waste shortly after the crater impacts are made. In the absence of government power to keep the zoid users in check, even a small family feud could turn into genocide.

    At some point in time, on the outskirts of real civilization, a group of scavengers uncovered an intact cache of weaponry and parts, prompting a settlement of specialists and profiteers to settle and excavate. One family in particular, whose name is no longer relevant, took charge and used their superior numbers to make the most out of the discovery, earning much ire from their competitors and drawing the attention of desperate newcomers. Among them was a scientist who evaluated the salvage and set the prices, all the while pinching choice technologies for her own research.

    Commissioned by an anonymous party to devise a cruel bomb to dispatch the head of the fortune-blessed family, the scientist crafted it to a wrists restraint and made it shrapnel based and remote detonated. Anyone around the victim would likely be wounded as well, and the bearer would not find their end quickly. It wasn’t their proudest work, but it paid excessively well and encouraged a shift in the power dynamic that would allow more fairness amongst the scavengers…

    Soon, the bomb was put into practice, but not before being mass produced. Everyone in the camp was fitted with the device, and made to flee into the desert in different directions. The scientist was also fitted, and had to run with the hope that they might make it far enough from the signal source to evade death, but as the promise of salvation drew near, they were overcome with guilt at seeing the youngest child of their rival family just a little further out, sobbing and wearily trudging through the hellish landscape. In a last effort of redemption, the scientist grabbed the child and attempted to push them along, making sure they would not stop.

    Two explosions would soon follow. The incident never reached the ears of civilization proper. Whatever was left of the cache was destroyed. Nobody ever found the identity of the buyer, or the organization which performed the mission. Every corpse was removed from time by the hungry maw of the wastes, never to share the tale…


    Primary Zoid: Sugar Kong (Customized Iron Kong, image coming soon)
    Type: Gorilla

    Speed: 6
    Agility: 17
    Heat Index: 35

    Internal Slots: 8
    CPU Slots: 6

    External Hardpoints: 10 - Body: 7 (chest x2, back, each side x2), Limbs: 3 (left arm, right arm x2)

    Base Armor - Head: 45 / Body: 160 / Legs (x2): 60 / Arms (x2): 70


    Hardened Alloy Fury Fists
    Being the only Zoid even resembling primates, the arms are all purpose and can grab, throw, and punch. Small Zoids can fall victim to being held in place or hurled while large Zoids have punches to worry about.
    85DP; random grab and throw damage (at judge’s discretion)

    70mm Wrist Cannon
    Mounted on the left wrist can fire wherever the arm points it.

    Magazine-fed Missile Launcher
    Concealed in the right shoulder, it holds six missiles but can only fire one per action since it holds one then feeds the next. High homing capabilities.
    50DP per missile

    Ten Shot Rocket Box
    Mounted in the left shoulder it pops up to deliver missile damage. Fast and hard to dodge but only fire straight without homing capabilities. Two can fire at a time.
    30DP per rocket

    Twin Long Range Ballistic Missiles
    Must lock onto target (takes 4 charge feats). These missiles, back mounted, have killer splash damage of 80 meters hitting any Zoids in the area with random damage.
    130DP for direct hit; random damage to anyone within 80m of initial target (at judge’s discretion)


    Sample Role Play: (Optional, allows Team Captains to see how you will play and may help you get on a team you're wanting to get on.)
    Nothing here to share, I'm not much for playing with myself when I've signed up to play with others! If insisted upon, I can seek out a little one on one to fill this blurb though.

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