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    Hunting a deadly foe!


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    Hunting a deadly foe!  Empty Hunting a deadly foe!

    Post by Kirito on 25th March 2017, 22:42

    It has been some time since the man in black had taken on any “risky” marks. With the money he us to earn from the ZBC, he had no need. At least he didn't before they had shut down. Without the money from zoid battles he had no choice but to get in touch with his old contacts for a job. They offered him quite a few bounties but only one caught his attention. “Wanted dead or alive (Preferred dead) - Osirus Hire Gerephi for the murder of civilians and zoid pilots alike. His motives seem a bit unclear but it is believe that he may have been payed for each murder. This man is extremely dangerous and is in possession of a Gylvader.”

    Osirus Hire Gerephi looks to be in his mid twenties with white hair and green tinted glasses. He is said to be armed with a Sig Sauer p226. That was the name of the mercenary that fury was asked to look into before the ZBC shut down and the mission was cancelled. His team was told that he might be found in the eastern ruin city so Kirito decided to start his search there. Kirito and Raijin were itching for a fight and this seemed like the best place to start.

    Hunting a deadly foe!  ZAEsignature1_zpscab5dd34

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