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    Post by Kirito on 25th March 2017, 21:25

    Around 7,000 B.E - A group of Scientist from planet Zi got together to try and make there race stronger. Using genetic engineering mixed with nano technology they tried changing the genetics of there race, turning bones to metal and making skin as hard as a rock but no matter what they tried there patients always died horrific deaths, There bodies were not able to handle the changes that where being made to them.

    Over a millennium has past without any good breakthroughs in there studies. The scientists were close to giving up on there project when Doctor Kuro proposed a new way of trying the studies, and his proposal was quite disturbing. He proposed introducing genetic engineering to a child while it is still in the womb during the embryo stage. At first he was turned down for what he proposed and was almost kicked out, but when the elders of the project talked about it in private they came to an agreement and decided to go through with it. If something wasn't done they would all be destroyed anyways.

    During the first year they created a new serum and introduced it into the womb of mothers that were willing to try and see if it would work. At first it seemed like a success, when the children were born they showed great potential. Some seemed to have strange abilities and they grew extremely fast. By the time the children were one they appeared to be around age 5 in size and were very intelligent for a child. Then all of a sudden one of them went berserk killing anyone in sight, burning them with just a touch of his hands. Everything he touched went up in a blaze of hot smoke and red flames. When it ended the child remembered nothing of what happened. Scared that the rest would follow suite they locked them in a sealed room made of the most indestructible material they had. By months end they had killed each other.

    Not wanting to give up Kuro created multiple different serums, hoping that one would produce something that wouldn't go completely mad on them. He kept up with his research and tests for another twenty years before he finally created one that appeared to not go completely berserk on everyone. He took his research and used it on a few more test subjects. All seemed to be going well for the first 5 years. By that time the children had appeared to be close to 12 years in age. Closer examination of there DNA suggest this is only temporary. After a time the aging process would stop but there body would still be able to become stronger or faster and have more developed powers as time would pass. But then the subjects went berserk. Smashing and destroying anything in sight. Thankfully they came back to there senses rather quickly and no one was hurt but just like the other test subjects they remembered nothing.

    Kuro created only one more serum before he died, and this serum was used on an egg from his wife. They were not able to have children of there own so the doctor hoped he could create one through a mixture of There combined DNA mixed in with the serum he created and had it injected very carefully into the egg. After 2 weeks she started having symptoms of that of a pregnant woman but much worse. She was constantly getting sick and her stomach grew out rather quickly. After only 3 short months there child was born and during labor, Mrs Kuro died. Not long after that Doctor Kuro placed his child and the few remaining children who had not gone mad into stasis pods in the hopes that one day they would re-awaken and take revenge for there fallen ancestors, it was to late to stop the Deathsaurer but it wasn’t to late to save there children and what future they might have someday.

    Thousands of years have passed and many wars have taken place over the zoids and there destructive power, and the creation of newer never before seen zoids have come into production. One such zoid is owned by a known mercenary names Claus Rai, who was in the area to protect against bandits if any happened to get to close. He was with his partner who was an archeologist, looking for old ruins in the desert in hopes of some relics from the past. So far they have had little luck in that department and were beginning to doubt the information they had obtained. It was starting to get late so Claus called over to his partner to let her know it was time to go. Her name was Hazel, a beautiful woman in her late twenties with dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a pair of glasses that barely stay on her nose. Shaking thought of her out of his head as she walks up to him and his black and purple fox type zoid, known as the shadow fox.

    The ride back was slow and quiet, the setting sun changing the sky to a bright orange reflecting far into the distance and the sand took on a red hue. It was an amazing site to see and one that never failed to amaze the mercenary who wasn’t use to taking in the sites while on the job, it was usually more dangerous then this, not that he minded with the girl sitting next to him. They had been working together now for a couple of months but in that short time a bond had formed and they had become partners in more then just work. There were even unspoken thoughts of marriage in there minds. In the distance Claus caught a glimmer of light somewhere far off to the left. Knowing there were bound to be bandits in this area he activated his stealth and warned Hazel that they might be in for a bumpy ride.

    As they got a little further up Hazel screamed in excitement as she saw what had caught his attention. It was part of a very old zoid that was barely showing above ground. It must have been here for over a thousand years. Hazel had Claus pilot the fox closer so she could get out and try to figure out what kind of zoid it was, but as he got close to the zoid the ground gave way and both Zoids and pilots were dropped into a dark abyss. Both had been knocked unconscious from the fall, neither were buckled and had collided with each other and hit there heads pretty hard in the cockpit when they finally landed. Hazel woke up first as Claus grabbed her before the crashed softening up the blow. She was relatively unharmed, pnly having a headache and felt a small bruise on her cheek. Looking around she found Claus. He was sprawled just outside of the zoid and looked pretty batter. He had cuts all over from being flung out of the zoid. She got out and hurried over to help him out, grabbing the med kit on the way out, The zoids lights brightening up the dark room.

    After bandaging him up and making sure he was in a more comfortable position she took a look at the shadow fox. The cockpit was still open, when she closed it, it wouldn’t click all the way down, part of it had broken off in the fall. That would explain a few things she thought. Doubling back to Claus she checked to make sure he was still breathing okay and then lay down by his side. As she looked up and around the room she finally saw something she missed in her panic to care for her injured companion. The room gave off a small blue glow in certain areas, not enough to see the whole room, but enough to make out the walls of the place she was in.They looked like they were made out of some kind of metal, with how far underground there were, it must have been built down here with the purpose of hiding something. Not wanting to dwell on something at the moment she turned her attention to the mad who was sleeping next to her and watched him breath, eventually falling asleep.

    She was awoke from a noise that seemed to echo in this place. As she opened her eyes she saw Claus was bracing himself up in a sitting position. She hurriedly got up to see if he was feeling okay. “I feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks all over, are you ok”, he asked her as she moved over to him. She brushed off the question, to worried about him seeing as he was the one who went flying. After his bandages where changed he convinced her he was feeling well enough to move so they could go exploring. This might be just what they were searching for and he didnt want to ruin this chance for her by complaining, beside he wasnt sure if they would be able to get out and didnt want to worry about such things so this was better then nothing.

    After about an hour searching in the dark they found a switch that turned on the power to the base. As the lights started to flicker and turn on they saw a pod in the middle of the room they were in. AS they got closer they could make out some words that spelled out the words K I R I T O, the rest was in an unfamiliar language. Not sure what it was, hazel put her hands on it and it felt warm to the touch. Looking around the back she saw some cords and decided to follow to see where they would lead to. It lead to a machine that was only a short distance away, and it appeared it use to be linked to other machines similar to this one, but were those once were cold and showed no signs of working like the one they first saw, and some were buried under rubble. They walked back over to the one in the center of the room. Claus was feeling good enough to move around better and thought he might be able to find something that might activate whatever this thing was. As he felt around it, he slid his hands over what appeared to be some kind of name and the word's slide back inside of the machine and there was a couple clicking sounds. Pulling his hand back in shock as the thing opened they saw a small child inside.

    Taking out the child they realized what all those capsules where and what it meant for the rest if they were cold when this one was not, they were probably more children in those pods in the hopes of surviving something. The child appeared to be alive and quite healthy, they were surprised to see he appeared to have not aged at all, whatever these things were must have took a genius to put together especially for it to survive for this long. The capsule opening must have upset something because the room started to fall apart a few short moments later, Claus grabbed the child and with some grunts managed to run to safety with hazel right on his heels. He was in a lot of pain and was hard to breath by the time they made it back to his zoid, Raijin.

    They got inside Raijin and Claus handed the baby to hazel who buckled up and held on the the little boy with all she had while warning Claus about the cockpit door. Not having time to worry about that he got the zoid up moving towards the wall to try a mad dash up it. Sprinting as fast as it could, the shadow fox ran up the wall a short distance and then launched up with all it had, its powerful legs cracked the wall as it did. Miraculously they made it out and onto the soft sand of the desert, not willing to look back a the hole they just came out of, Claus moved towards there encampment, the hole slowly filling in with sand behind him.

    They left the desert not long after they got there, only staying long enough to pack up there things, Not wanting to chance something being wrong with the child, neither had ever raised or been around any and neither had and younger siblings. Once at the desert town they took the boy to a doctor who told them the boy would be fine, but was worried he might not have gotten any accurate readings from his machines. All of the ones he tried hooking up the little boy to had short circuited but wasn’t going to tell them that just in case it was nothing. They decided to settle down in this town and get married. They raised the boy as there own giving him the name Kirito Rai, wanting to give him the name they thought might have been given to him from his birth parents and there last name to go with it.

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