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    Calistie Ces'Tholaes


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    Calistie Ces'Tholaes

    Post by Calistie on 22nd March 2017, 16:49

    Calistie Ces'Tholaes
    Bounty Hunter

    Advancement Points: 0
    Growth Level: 1
    Skill Points: 4

    Mental: 1
    Reflex: 3
    Proficiency: 0

    • Melee: 0
    • Rifles: 0
    • Cannons: 0
    • Machine Guns: 0


    Character Description
    Age: 23

    Standing at a modest five foot, three inches and one hundred ten pounds, Calistie is a petite woman. Her long fiery tresses are most often pulled int a single ponytail with her bangs free but brushed over to caress the left side of her face. Her piercing green eyes speak of the intense spirit burning inside but is often complimented with a quiet nature. She would be easily described as attractive, able to silence a room with her entry yet she often finds a way to fade into the background unhindered. It is not commonplace for her to wear any makeup, but when she does it is light and always complimentary, never outrageous. Upon her left cheek is a small, yet very visible scar, one of the very few one would openly see, but definitely not the only one.

    Calistie has a set of armor that is decorated with a camouflage-like style on the plates, however the primary colors are crimson and white, clearly not for blending in, but perhaps a war-paint. The helmet is a matching red with a small antennae on the right side. On her left forearm is a bracer that is a multi-functional device. This vambrace houses a compressed flamethrower, magnetic grappling line, a tiny rifle which can fire a variety of darts (from poison to explosive) and a communicator.

    Her casual attire shows her fit build and shows her figure off. The dominant colors of her clothing are red and white, exposing a trend and her favored colors. Her favorite outfit is a top that hangs off of her shoulders but is strapped on by a decorative piece that leads into a collar. Her cleavage is exposed as the top is akin to a bikini. With this outfit, her midriff is bare, flaunting her taut stomach. Upon her hips, her belt hangs slightly, from which a pair of blasters are often found. Her leggings are red, but have an opening on the outside of her legs. She oft wears sandals however she does have a pair of sturdy boots that match her pants in color.

    Calistie is the sort of woman who when she takes a job or a bounty, she sees it through to the end. No matter the cost, she always gets her target. She is also well versed in the arts of deception, intimidation and pick pocketing. Her code of honor is that her word, once given, is to be held at all times; however, she would rob you blind without hesitation. To say she is greedy would be unkind, as she does not always keep what she takes as she never forgets there are those with far less than she.


    Character Background

    A resident of the Dark Continent since birth, Calistie entered the world in the slums of Freeport, a coastal city in what the Zoids Battle Commission calls “the Unregulated Territory” due to how they have no presence by imperial command. The ruler of the old Zenebas Empire long since shunned the thought of the ZBC having dominion over his proud land. Back in ages past, Freeport had been a thriving port city whose great walls guarded it from the troubles that plagued the world; now, the city is a haven for crime, a dwelling of thieves and bandits.

    Her parents.... well she did not know them well. She ran away in some versions of her tale, in others she was abandoned, yet in others she was an orphan. No one knows her true origin because she trusts none enough to share the story. After they were gone from her story, the young Callie was taken in by a band of thieves after attempting to lift the wallet off the leader. The man was impressed, not by her potential nor by her (lack of) success, but simply because if she did not prove to be of worth he could sell her off or at a later age, simply rent her out.

    By the age of seventeen, her body was nearing full maturity and offered her an advantage over many. She would use her looks to get in close to her mark and complete her assigned task. Her skill-set was such that she was a rogue and assassin, able to carry out attacks on the foolishly unsuspecting. No matter the task, no matter how risky the job or prepared the target, Calistie always got it done. She did not always kill the target however, whenever she could she would opt to bring them in alive (even if it resulted in a lower payday) She also kept her journey in mind, never stealing from those without enough to survive, instead selecting marks who were corrupt or with to much wealth.

    Eventually, her talents grew with her budding reputation as a mercenary and bounty hunter and she found herself in the throne room of the Emperor. While other lands had fallen to the ZBC and their stupid war with another plane of reality, which had torn the world apart, the Zenebas Empire would rise again and emerge from the shadows. However, they needed people in place for this day, people like she. Honored by this commissioning, she took her scarlet Gun Sniper, named for a fierce predator (and for an ex-girlfriend), and set from the city of her birth to travel into enemy lands and build her reputation for the day came...


    Gun Sniper

    Speed: 12
    Agility: 30
    Heat Index: 25

    Internal Slots: 0/6
    CPU Slots: 0/2

    External Hardpoints: 8 total – Body x4 (2 per shoulder), Legs x4 (2 per leg)
    -Body: 4 / 4
    -- Repulsor Plating
    -- Flame Cannon
    -- Electro Magnetic Armor Plating
    -- Napalm Missile Pod
    -Left Leg: 0 / 2
    -Right Leg: 0 / 2

    [olor=Brown]Basic Armor:
    Head: 30
    Body: 90
    Arms: 30 (each)
    Legs: 40 (each)
    Tail: 40[/color]

    Total Armor:
    Head: 130
    Body: 465
    Arms: 130 (each)
    Legs: 140 (each)
    Tail: 140


    Armor Plates and Coating:

    NanoTech Bonded Plating
    Created to allow pilots advanced defensive ability and updated to provide maximum armor enhancement, the NTBP is optimized for the use of aftermarket armor platings. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications. The NTBP will allow you to pile on the armor and tank with the best of them.
    --Armor +100 to All Parts
    Boosts defenses of armor platings, adding +25 armor to every plating attached on top of NTBP.

    --NanoTech Bonded Plating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage (Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%.A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.
    --NanoTech Bonded Plating is fully compatible with attached armor platings but is incompatible with any and all armor coatings. If armor plates are attached, the NTBP retains its ability to alter itself against varying damage types.

    Repulsor Plating
    Repulsor Plating is a hardened plating based off of the Panzer technology. This allows it to absorb more damage and dissipates the energy and force of most weaponry.
    +100 Armor; reduces damage from energy and physical weapons by 10DP
    color=Blue]External Hardpoints: 1[/color]

    Electro Magnetic Armor Plating
    A thick density metal alloy that provides the zoid with protections while emitting a weak magnetic field to take pressure off of the metals of the joints using common polarity, thus increasing the maneuverability of the Zoid.
    +125 Armor; +1 Agility
    Note: Effect stacks to a maximum of +5 Agility.

    External Hardpoints: 1



    Flame Cannon
    Fires a super-heated stream of gaseous liquid. Heats the internal components of a Zoid to force a system freeze.
    Usable once per round, up to 3 rounds
    20DP to all armor areas hit.
    Heat Rating: 15

    External Hardpoints: 1

    Napalm Missile Pod
    When these warheads explode they release a fiery napalm like substance. This substance sticks to a zoids armor and heats it up. Due to the excessive heat from this substance, a zoid's internal systems may suffer a system freeze. Holds ten missiles. May fire two missiles per feat.
    Usable once per round, up to 3 rounds
    20DP to all armor areas hit.
    Heat Rating: 15

    External Hardpoints: 1



    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Talons
    The arms, having guns equipped, are not meant for melee, but the killer claws on the feet are as well as the teeth.

    50mm Cannon
    Mounted on the chest and forward firing only with a slight degree of motion to hit moving targets.

    Twin 20mm Beam Gatling Guns
    Mounted on the arms, they can be aimed anywhere and fire at an amazingly quick clip.

    Twin 8-Shot Missile Pods
    Mounted on the back boosters, each pod can fire up to 2 missiles at a time.
    40DP per missile

    144mm Sniper Cannon
    To fire, the GS must spin, lock its feet and extend the rifle (taking about a second), and then lock on (another 2 seconds or so). Extremely (and deadly) accurate; can punch through armor.


    Known Reflexes:

    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)


    Monetary Credits : 2,000
    Posts : 3
    Join date : 2017-03-22

    Sample Role-Play

    Post by Calistie on 22nd March 2017, 16:49

    After a hard earned bounty was claimed, one has to find a way to unwind. Sometimes it means having drinks while watching the crowd, picking up the cute chick at the bar, or even just sitting at home relaxing from the work. Sometimes, it is where you go out and blow off steam by punching something. Sometimes, though, it is a combination of some of those... and this was one of those nights for Calistie Ces'Tholaes.

    The club selected had music thrumming into the night, bass and drums beating a rhythm that made the windows and hearts of the club pulse in time with the songs which blared from the scattered speakers. In the center of the building, a large crowd of people moved as if an ocean of hedonism. Sweat, pheromones and alcohol hung heavy in the air as the crimson haired woman walked in, her emerald eyes sweeping over the people collected as her full lips curled slightly in amusement. How many of these fools would even be able to walk out of here tonight? Probably more than the number of people who leave with a pick-up.

    Though her hair usually was bound in a ponytail on the back of her head, tonight she was letting it hang free down her off her shoulders with her bangs draped over her left eye to better cover her small scar upon her cheek. Dressed in her favorite outfit, whose top looked like a bikini top crossed with the upper half of a formal gown with matching bands on her wrists and crimson leggings which exposed her hips to the air. She walked with a pronounced sway in her hips because it was fun to watch the boys get (even more) stupid as she passed on her way to the bar. As she leaned against the counter, she again looked at the people as they enjoyed the night after all, it was the weekend why worry about tomorrow when the night was young?

    The twenty-three year old smirked to herself as she ordered her drink, one that was always fun to see the reactions of those around. After all, how many smaller women would order this? She grinned and ordered herself a Backdraft. As the flaming drink was placed before her, one of the idiots who had his eyes on her when she came in strode to her. As he did, she could see his buddies making bets about his chances. Oh, if he only knew his odds...

    She toyed with the glass a moment as he babbled about how he saw her come in, how she looked like she wanted a good time... and on and on... she didn't care. Yes, he was cute but honestly, she was not into the big bodybuilder type. She smirked and looked up at him from under her bangs, “Now, I don't know. Are you sure you can handle me?”

    ”More than.”

    Idiot. She chuckled as she brushed her fingers over his cheek before clapping her palm over the glass to snuff the fire and drank the contents all within a handful of seconds. ”Not interested. Sorry, beefy. But, let's just say that you just do not have what I am looking for.” She added with a nod toward his friends, ”Better go tell them you bombed but on the bright side, you bought the lady her drink.” She winked to the bartender as the girl chuckled to herself while collecting the glass before looking at the twit who was trying so hard to control his disappointment which was mingling with anger in his eyes. Just needed a little more of a push and then her night would be made. ”Go ahead, maybe some other girl will be easy enough for your sad moves. If not, you could try for someone at Last Call.”

    Yep, that did it. The gym-loving neanderthal spun toward her, fist clenched as it shot for her head. Even with the lash of alcohol in her blood she was more than fast enough to slide down under his arm and behind him. The man pivoted to face her and threw another punch, to which, the small woman placed her palms on his forearm to gently guide it wide before rapidly striking his armpit and chest with a series of three jabs just in time to backstep a few paces. With a hand on her hip she held up her index finger, ”One moment, then I can be with you.”

    A quick motion of her hands brought her hair into its usual ponytail before she shifted her stands and brought her hands up in a boxing position. Look at that, he even gave me that. Guess he thought I was going to change my mind. Idiot. She could not help but smile, hearing the song that was playing overhead as the guy held his hands up and struck again, being reward with another fast succession of punches to his chest and abdomen. As the man inched forward, she danced backward as if they were in the ring, which hinted at where she may have learned how to fight. ”Seems that you like being hit. I got some more for you, big boy.”

    That seemed to be the last straw, because he charged at her and kept swinging. Left and right hooks, hammer punches, and uppercuts all thrown by someone who obviously has spent more time building up muscle and not enough learning control. However she was trained and danced around his blows, even letting one hook sail over her head as she arched backward like his arm was a limbo pole. But she was getting bored so a quick snap kick to the back o his knee too out the momentum he was using as he stumbled to a table which startled a pair of girls at it.

    The man growled out as he spun around and ran at Calistie who had taken the moment to down the shot of someone who had been watching at the bar. She gave a smile and kissed the gentleman on the cheek before stepping to the attacker and took her stance. As the oaf came near, she balled a fist and rolled her weight to the balls of her heels before rocketing her fist up, twisting her wrist mid-punch and kicked up in a small jump just before her corkscrew caught the guy under the chin and her upward momentum lifted him off his feet.

    She landed on her feet and massaged her knuckles as the guy crashed onto and through the table next to his buddies who gawked at their now unconscious friend. The four of them got up and as one checked on their brother, the other three approached the woman who was gesturing to the DJ to amp up the music followed by one to say to repeat the song. After all, she was having FUN.

    The first came at her from the front and made her dance backward as he had more controlled punches, she could see that he knew his hooks from roundhouses as he threw them at her, making her bob and weave before she felt arms wrap under her arms to lock around the back of her neck. She glanced to the side to see the third grabbing a stool as the one in front of her punches her powerfully in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her for a moment before he threw a second blow. This time, she was ready and brought her feet up to press them against his chest and with a click of her heels, the man blasted away as she sparked the rockets in her boots, throwing the fool THROUGH the bar as his stool-wielding friend paled for a split second seeing his friend soar by.

    She winked up at the man who had her in a nelson before bringing her elbow repeatedly into the soft spot just under his ribs until he loosened his hold just enough for her to drop to the ground and roll out of the way as the bar stool stuck the floor where she had been a heartbeat before. By this time the crowd was thinning not wanting to be even close to the fight (many of whom ran out of the club entirely) but so many clearly wanted to see the show.

    ”We're gonna kick your ass, you little bitch!”

    Aww now he is going with name calling? Obviously, he is the brains of the group. ”Kick my ass? I'm world-class. You're starting a fight that you just can't finish. Watch the little hearts while they scrape you off the floor.” She let them come, having clearly read the Villain’s Handbook these morons came at her one at a time but at least were clever enough to alternate turns. Once again she danced backward, turning her body left and right enough to keep her facing the side they were swinging from. When they left themselves open, she struck along their arms or bodies. But she had not counted on one of them grabbing the stool again until it was swung at her. In the heartbeat that she had to react, she curled into a ball and let the blow connect and send her unto a table which flipped out of the way.

    Winded she rose and gingerly touched her side where she had been hit and grimaced to herself as the trio began to walk at her together. Well, that is going to be sore in the morning. She exhaled and looked up at them, ”It doesn't have to be this way. How about we kiss and make up?” She looked up to them, giving the one in the middle her most lusty gaze, and held back a smile as they looked between each other and shrugged. The impromptu leader leaned in as his friends came up and she leaned in toward the guy, letting him feel her breath on his lips... before clocking him with a roundhouse to his temple putting all her power into the blow. That's three down.

    As the two remaining charged her, she clicked her heels again and shot up over them before shifting her weight to direct her flight until she landed on the bar. She could not resist bopping with the beat of the music, rolling her hips as her hands came up above her head, knees bending as she slid fluidly down into a crouch before rising, snapping her hips out to the left and right as she did so. Her ears perked at the double click she heard in spite of the music just before the reports were heard. Calistie dove out of the way, tumbling forward into a roll off the edge of the bar and landing on the floor as the gun went off repeatedly, blasting the various bottles that were on the shelves behind the counter.

    She grabbed one of the metal trays that was on the floor nearby and came up, throwing the plate like a Frisbee, catching the man's wrist with enough force to break bones had she not been slightly buzzed and hit his hand as intended. As expected, he grasped his injured hand and that was her moment, she blasted at him with her boots and swung a hook with her right hand, blasting him off his feet a good fifteen yards to sprawl out on the dance floor. The last man looked at all of his friends who were unconscious (some with broken bones) and back to the red head who walked toward him as she cracked her knuckles. The guy held up his hands and shook his head, ”Hey now... it was all them I did not want to get in on this. I just wanted a couple drinks and maybe a dance with a giri... but not this. Please, let me go.”

    ”Beg for mercy? It won't help. Seems you chumps will never learn.”

    The guy panicked a moment, looking to the gun and then her as she brought her hands up and the guy sighed before coming at her, throwing punches and then a series of kicked at her, making her dodge and block everything he dished out. She spun out of the way before blocking his kick with her forearms and kicked him in the stomach given her lower angle before he stumbled backward. This pause only bought her a moment before he dashed at her to grab her in a bear hug, which she dodged by jumping up and bringing her body up into a twist to land behind him and fell to her knee feeling her side flare in agony.

    From her position, he guessed that the hit his friend on the dance floor gave with the stool did more damage than she was letting on and smirked as he walked up and kicked at her face. She looked up at him and grabbed his foot and swung it to the side before rolling forward and coming back to her feet. He grabbed one of the various beer bottles around and shattered it on the table beside him to have an edged weapon before turning to her. Treating the bottle as she would a knife, she kept her body turned to give him the least area to strike and waited for him to attack.

    When he slashed out with it, she grabbed his wrist and brought her first down into his elbow with all the force she could before striking with her elbow to his nose. Once. Twice. Thrice her elbow connected with his nose in the time it took for him to drop the bottle and stagger back a couple paces, holding his shattered nose. Alright, enough of this. She dashed forward at him and jumped up, bringing her heel around in a reverse roundhouse kick to his head, making a three point landing as his body collapsed in a puddle on the floor.

    It took her nearly a minute before she rose to her feet and walked to the bar, dropping several large bills on the counter before striding to the door. Best to be gone before the Blues get here. she mused to herself as she exited and moved to her scarlet and ebony motorcycle. Swinging her leg over the crotch rocket did produce a grimace and groan as her ribs yelled at her again but she could not resist a laugh afterward. ”This was fun. I should make this a habit.”

    With the smile on her lips, she kicked the cycle to life and zipped down the streets to make for her apartment... after all she was meeting her new team tomorrow afternoon.


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