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    Team Highguard

    Takeshi Kimari
    Takeshi Kimari

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    Team Highguard

    Post by Takeshi Kimari on 22nd March 2017, 03:38

    Team Highguard:

    Class: Unranked

    Points: 1000





    The Team:

    Takeshi Kimari - The Blue Bolt


    The Highguard:
    Veteran pilots of Highguard who have fought for the Team since before the fall of the ZBC after the Rift War.
    Constantinus Lex - The Remnant

    Ronin Sanders - Highguard's Tamer of the Skies

    Clarence "CLiX" Alexander, The Sandstorm

    The Rookies (The Lowguard):
    The newest recruits to wear the red and blue, considered rookies until they've seen their first season of fighting (i.e six months), they are colloquially known amongst the team as "The Lowguard".
    Alana Taylor

    Aiyana Shuer

    Dax Ibaraki

    "There's an art, or rather a knack to flying, in learning to hurl oneself at the ground, and miss."

    Battle Record: 2/0/1

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