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    Helio Dorthan


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    Character sheet
    Name: Helio Dorthan
    Team: Freelancer
    Primary Zoid: Snappy - Cannon Tortoise

    Helio Dorthan

    Post by Helio on 20th March 2017, 04:57

    Pilot's Name: Helio Dorthan

    Starting stats

    0 AP

    4 Skill Points

    -Mental Ability: 1
    -Reflexes: 2
    -Proficiency: 1

    Rifles: 0
    Cannons: 1 (+5 DP)
    Machine Guns: 0
    Melee: 0

    Reflexes Known
    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)


    Character Description:

    Age: 25
    Gender: Male

    Physical Description:


    Helio's blonde combed back hair, and sky blue eyes match perfectly with the six foot tall and muscular body that that he's worked all his life to maintain. Because of the love for his body he likes to go around wearing sleeveless vests and denim jackets along with a variety of men's tank tops that fashion from bright yellow all the way to the darkest green. He prefers to wear cargo shorts but will from time to time wear jeans and even go as far as sweatpants for when he's working out.

    Various physical scars scatter across his chest and arms from fights he's gotten into over the years. The one thing about his body that really stands out among his many scars is a large burn mark that takes up close to sixty percent of his back and can only be visible when he's not wearing a shirt. There is no tattoos and no piercings as he he prefers a nice clean face and body free of metal and ink. He won't stand for a beard and therefore keeps his face clean shaven whenever possible and he carries around a comb so as to always maintain the thick wavy hair even during the dire of circumstances.


    Helio is a very calm and complex man. He was bred from the beginning to always maintain his composure and to never let any man, woman, or beast see any of his weaknesses. He's not one to just come out and state that he needs help or is one that is willing to go out and seek any help either. But he also just can't stand by and let someone or something get bullied or beaten by those who abuse their power. This selflessness has gotten Helio into trouble many times throughout his life but there's not a single time where he didn't regret what he did even if it left him nearly dead a few times.

    Helio takes his body very seriously. Some would say that he's a little too obsessed with it. He feels the need to keep in shape to maintain the composure that he constantly puts on himself. He thinks he needs to be physically tough so that he can protect those around him. Whenever Helio gets the chance you'll see him pumping weights or working out next to his Zoid.

    When it comes to working as a team Helio prefers to work with only one other person. Any more then that and he begins to get anxious as his protective personality kicks in and he begins to mess things up which then only causes more problems for those involved. When its just him and one other person though its like something changes in him and he's able to focus more. His best fighting comes out when he's alone though since there's no one around for him to worry about meaning he can go full out with his actions. This doesn't mean that he's not wanting to work with others though as he sees this to be a weakness and to him its something that he wishes to work on so that one day he could be the best pilot he can be.

    Helio isn't much of an aggressive person. He'll go out of his way to defend himself and those around him but he doesn't like to be the one to start the fight. However that doesn't mean that insults and other jabs don't get to him. He just has this ability to take the punishment and push it down deep inside of him. Its not super healthy for him though as its just sits there stewing, waiting for the opportunity to unleash from his control. Most of the time when Helio is hitting the punching bag its because he's been super frustrated with something and needed an outlet.


    You could say that Helio had a pretty comfortable life growing up from the time he was born to the time he left to go find his way in the world. With his father an owner of a Zoid Repair Shop and his mother an Ace Zoid Pilot that taught at the nearby Private Zoid Pilot school he was constantly surrounded by the mechanical beasts. He adored anything and everything that was involved in the world of Zoids. From the mechanical sounds they made down to the nitty gritty world of Zoid Battles.

    In his younger years Helio spent a lot of time with his dad in the repair shop learning tips and tricks on how to handle and repair Zoids. He didn't have many friends growing up so he enjoyed this time with his dad and took to heart everything that he taught him. He would always poke and prod away at his father's brain trying to gain more and more knowledge and even at one point began taking on minor projects so as to expand even further. This time helped him to grow and understand the Zoids and was a significant influence on Helio's piloting skills.

    In his time hanging out with his father Helio learned that his father had once been a Zoid Fighter that had taken part in multiple competitions in the lower circuits of the Zoid Battle Commission. The Zoid of his choice: A custom built black and white striped Helcat. He would brag constantly about the battles to Helio and of course he would exaggerate from time to time but that didn't stop Helio from enjoying them any less. A few years into his career as a pilot his father met Helio's mother, an upcoming rookie pilot who took fancy to a neon yellow Saber Lion. As his father was all about stealth and precision tactics, she was straight forward and ferocious with hers. The two were nearly polar opposites but yet completely compatible. After a battle between the two ended in a draw they decided to team up and were a force to be reckoned with in the lower circuits. After a few years and many battles later the two took their relationship to the next level. Then when Helio was born his father and mother retired from the battling scene but continued their Zoid careers by teaching others what they had learned.

    Now as things may have seemed really cool with his dad, who seemed to be the most laid back person ever, things with Helio's mother wasn't as relaxed. She was strict and stern with her parenting. She was the one that laid down the law and enforced the punishments. She took her teachings seriously and spent most of her time at the private school rather then being an at home parent. For the longest time Helio felt so distant from his mother and was afraid of messing anything up for fear of bringing disgrace to his mother. When Helio turned 12 she enrolled him into the private school nearing making his life a living hell. He didn't have too many friends and everyone would always compare how lesser his ability was compared to his mother. Helio was held to a higher standard then most of the other kids at the school and when he failed to meet expectations all it did was cause even more of a rift between him and his mother.

    Even though school life was hell it didn't stop him from being...well...him. He took what the hardships had given him and built his confidence from them. He learned to stand up for himself and to push aside everything that was happening to him. His biggest accomplishment came when he was 19 when he went to get his first Zoid: A Cannon Tortoise. Besides the Molga, the Cannon Tortoise was always the butt of most people's jokes but yet he admired how no matter how bad the Zoid was it had the armor that allowed it to take hit after hit and still keep going. It was almost he perfect match and Helio's father approved of the choice. His mother on the other hand though nearly disowned Helio on the spot when he showed her the Zoid. She was furious with him and demanded that he get something else. Years of built up rage and neglect erupted from Helio as he went off on his mother telling her just how horrible she had been to him. Then once he was done yelling he challenged her to a Zoid Battle under the pretense that if he lost then he would give up the Zoid and do whatever his mother wanted him to do. She accepted.

    The fight was intense. In fact it was more intense then Helio was expecting. It seemed like his mother was fighting with an intensity that far surpassed anything he had ever seen in the old videos that he watched of her as a kid. There was even a point where Helio began questioning his skills as the Saber Lion kept digging into the Tortoise's armor over and over. Then something strange happened. A small message popped on the screen next to Helio's head. It was from his father encouraging him to keep fighting and not give in to his mother's demand and that no matter what happened he would always be proud of him. In this message was a picture of him as a child being hugged by his parents who were both smiling and holding a thumbs up at the camera. The support from his father was all that Helio needed as he seem to shift into another gear. As his mother was coming in for the final blow he urged the tortoise to lean into the attack and dig into the ground before thrusting upwards. This tactic seemed to have caught his mother by surprise as the Saber Lion's blade bounced off the top of the shell before the Zoid itself tumbled to the ground from the thrust. When the dust settled Helio stood there over top the smaller Zoid, the main cannon aimed directly at the cockpit. The victory and respect he had been looking for from his his mother all his life finally earned.

    Since then his mother became more supportive of Helio's actions and even went as far as to see him well off when he decided that it was time for him to leave home and find his own way in the world. Its been 6 years since he first gained his independence.



    Type: Turtle
    Name: Snappy

    Speed: 7/6
    Agility: 5/4
    Heat Index: 40

    Internal Slots: 6
    Slot 1 -
    Slot 2 -
    Slot 3 -
    Slot 4 -
    Slot 5 -
    Slot 6 -
    CPU Slots: 4
    Slot 1 -
    Slot 2 -
    Slot 3 -
    Slot 4 -

    External Hardpoints: 5 - Body: 2 (each side), Limbs: 3 (chin, each front leg)
    Chin -
    Right Front Leg -
    Left Front Leg -
    Right Side -
    Left Side -

    Base Armor - Head: 35 / Body: 150 / Legs (x4): 60

    Head: 35
    Body: 150
    Front Right Leg: 60
    Front Left Leg: 60
    Back Right Leg: 60
    Back Left Leg: 60


    20mm Cannons
    On either side of the shell, fire forward and move up to 25 degrees vertically and 45 degrees horizontally.
    45DP (40 + 5 Prof)

    Dual Rapid Fire Cannons
    Double-barreled, high-speed cannons on either side of the back of the shell that fire small energy blasts at rear foes.
    60DP (55 + 5 Prof)

    Heavy Mortar Cannon
    Unlimited ammo (don't ask how). Deals heavy damage even on a near miss.
    85DP (80 + 5 Prof) direct hit, 40DP (35 + 5 Prof) to up to 3 parts on up to 4 Zoids via splash damage
    Can only be used 3 times per round


    Sample Role Play: (Optional) N/A

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