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    Thoria Nerrivik - Valkyrie Alt.


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    Thoria Nerrivik - Valkyrie Alt.

    Post by Thoria on 19th March 2017, 17:42

    Thoria Devana Nerrivik
    Mistress of the Deep

    Advancement Points: 5000
    Growth Level: 5
    Skill Points: 14

    Mental: 6
    Reflex: 8
    Proficiency: 0
    Melee: 0
    Rifles: 0
    Cannons: 0
    Machine Guns: 0


    Character Description
    Age: 25

    Standing five foot eight inches Thoria is almost the definition of a surfer girl, long blackish blue hair, tanned skin and toned body. The sort of girl who'd look more at home on the cover of a man's interest magazine than what she actually does for a living. The first impression one might get of Thoria is a kind of sweet naivete, her blue eyes giving the false impression of sweet innocence, coupled with her typical reaction of girlish giggles to the occasional advances of the opposite gender it is enough to make someone believe she really is simple, to their mistake.

    Thoria's wardrobe tends to run towards casual wear, with some nods to her cultivated beach bunny background, questionably revealing clothing being predominant, as noted by her adoption of a recent 'costume' used in a calendar photoshoot. This outfit consisting of a swimwear styled top, denim shorts and fishnet legwear. Though she has ditched the cat ear-alike hairstyle and the wired cat tail (It was a mens interest calendar! The pay was good). Of course one can't walk around all the time dressed like that, and so Thoria is often found wearing a typical casual outfit with the exception of a leather bomber jacket emblazoned with the logo of her favorite deathmetal band “Gothic Deathfish”

    Personality wise Thoria is rather easygoing, her days spent on the beach or in the water tend to give her this “Go with the flow” mentality, though to think she is anything but a serious person would be a mistake, as a dive instructor she is extremely big on safety to the point of almost being paranoid, and working as a diver is almost worse, depending on the difficult of the job being undertaken. However despite an easy going personality she appears to have very little interest in members of the opposite sex or her own for that matter, harboring a lofty disdain for many who try to draw her interest as armcandy or casual partner, this has lead to some behind the back names such as ice queen and other less polite insults by those who have their advances spurned.


    Grew up in a seaside town, family history of fishing, spent some time at sea during teenage years. Became interested in diving, started off as a dive guide, became diving instructor and wound up contracting for deep sea jobs with a series of aquatic zoids until purchasing her own Hammerhead.

    The Nerrivik family had always seemed to live on the coast, the entire family genetically compelled to go to sea in one way or another, even the current generation of which Thoria is a member. Her mother effectively raised the kids alone as their father was often at sea for months at a stretch. Despite this it was a loving home, Thoria being the only daughter, two older brothers and, considerably closer to her current age, a younger brother. Childhood was rather easy for Thoria, the family had sufficient income to give the kids effectively anything they could want for, yet an ingrained sense of responsibility to not want for more than they needed. As a result young Thoria went through her early years without a problem, proving to have an agile mind (when she could be coaxed to focusing herself) and an interest in activities relating to the water which seemed to fill a great deal of the youngsters worldview.

    As the teenage years rolled past Thoria fell into the rut it seemed some must find themselves in, as her friends grew up as well as out it was little Thoria who felt left behind, causing her to become somewhat standoffish with people she'd known for years, harboring a great deal of resentment for the cruel trick her body was playing on her during these formative years before adulthood. It wasn't until a brief interlude in the school year that things finally began to change, and having started out as a weedy gangly girl Thoria had morphed into one of the most desirable girls in the place, save for an apparent grudge against everyone who had shunned her during her awkward years.

    As so Thoria finished her required education, setting out into the big wide world with nothing more than a keen interest in the sea and a burning desire to learn to live in an aquatic world, and it would be this which drove her into the ranks of the divers. Unlike the many generations of her family that had gone to sea on boats, ships and zoids as crew or captains Thoria lived up to the tradition by opting for another route... working below the surface. As she learned the ropes of what it took to be a working diver Thoria's passion for the sea increased in leaps and bounds. After completing her certification she set about finding work in the business, starting at the bottom of the ladder at a local chartered dive company, quickly gaining notice as an up and comer within the business. Naturally however zoids were involved, and the one major problem was that Thoria couldn't afford one of her own...yet. For the next five years Thoria worked her way up from being an assistant, to dive master through to instructor and guide for the company, often taking time out to do contracts on deep sea work with assorted aquatic zoids and advanced dive equipment. Finally the time has come for Thoria to take a new step into the world of a zoid pilot, the desire to own one of the remarkable machines for herself having grown from a mere germ of an idea to a gargantuan beast that demanded attention.

    Genobreaker Jet

    GL 5 Required

    Land Speed: 13
    Flight Speed: 14
    Land Agility: 20
    Flight Agility: 15
    Heat Index: 40

    Internal Slots: 0/6

    CPU Slots: 0/5

    External Hardpoints: 6 total – Back x2, Chest x1, Tail x2, Head x1 (chin)
    -Chin: 0 / 1
    -Body: 0 / 2
    -Chest: 0 / 1
    -Tail: 0 / 2

    Basic Armor:
    Head: 50
    Body: 160
    X-Breakers: 55 (x2)
    Legs: 70 (x2)
    Tail: 45

    Current Armor:
    Head: 150
    Body: 260
    X-Breakers: 155 (x2)
    Legs: 170 (x2)
    Tail: 145


    Armor Plating and Coating:

    Protective Coating IV
    Reduces damage to armor by 50%, protects all areas of armor.
    2500 credits

    NanoTech Regenerative Coating (NTRC)
    Intended for those with an eye towards healing any damage taken, the NTRC offers the user the fantastic ability to regenerate their damaged armor mid-battle. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTRC will allow you to absorb hit after hit, only to shrug it right off and keep on fighting.
    +100 Armor to All Parts
    Can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage(Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is fully compatible with any and all armor coatings but is incompatible with attached armor platings. If armor coatings are applied, the NTRC retains its ability to regenerate and alter itself against varying damage types.






    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and claws meant to tear through armor in melee attack.

    Hardened Alloy Forehead Spike
    Energy possible
    A rather long sharp blade that flips forward for ramming. Can be charged with energy to do more damage.
    60DP normally; 80DP when charged (requires one charging feat)

    Hardened Alloy X-Breakers
    The two panels that extend from the sides contain extremely sharp, powerful pincers that can attack in any direction from a longer range than most melee weaponry.

    140mm Cannons
    Located in the weapons pod on each leg of the Zoid; meant for close-range slow targets. The pod can rotate 45 degrees vertically.

    80mm Beam Rifles
    Also in the pod with the 140mms. Made for moving targets due to increased accuracy.

    Concealed Missile Pods
    Also in the rear of the weapon pods, each pod holds 24 rockets and can shoot 4 at a time, no tracking ability.
    25DP per missile

    Dual Grappler Arms
    The arms can fire out on 50m cables and be used to swing small Zoids into some object or, if charged with electricity, to shock them into submission.
    20DP plus swing damage (at judge’s discretion)
    30DP and stunning for one action if charged for one feat

    Frontal Force Shield
    To activate both pincers need to be active and clamped together in front of the Zoid. It blocks indefinitely but only the missiles can be used by the Breaker while in use so ... not practical to use for more than a short time.
    Reduces all damage by 40%

    Supercharged Particle Gun
    The Breaker has advances in stability that allow for less time to charge and no footlocks required. The Breaker can actually leap and fire the SCPG in a circle around the entire battlefield at a drastically reduced damage but with more spread. Charge for three feats in separate actions; usable twice per battle.
    180DP to body; completely disables any other limb with direct hit.
    Can deal random damage or stunning on a near miss due to shockwave
    Can deal random damage to any Zoids hit if used in midair in a spin (at judge’s discretion)

    Jet Boosters
    Large thrusters located on the back of the Zoid make the Geno Breaker Jet capable of short term flight. The thrusters allow full hovering as if in flight and while the Zoid cannot perform too daring of feats it is basic flight, a huge advantage.
    The Jet can remain airborne for up to 4 actions per round

    Known Reflexes:
    Know it all!

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    Monetary Credits : 300
    RPC : 152
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    Re: Thoria Nerrivik - Valkyrie Alt.

    Post by Thoria on 19th March 2017, 17:43

    Main Account's Name: Valkyrie
    Your Team: Fury
    First or Second Alternate Account?: First Alt.
    Alternate Account's Name: Thoria
    Team Alternate Account Is In: Freelancer (ATM)

    Will likely be altering/rewriting some of the description in the near future, as a heads up.

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