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    Teams, Classes, Mercenaries, and Freelancers


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    Teams, Classes, Mercenaries, and Freelancers

    Post by Admin on 25th February 2017, 02:00

    Teams, Classes, Mercenaries, and Freelancers


    Teams are groups of at least three pilots (including the Captain, who is the moderator of the team board) and they work as one to build the team up via Battles against other teams/pilots.

    When you are on a team your Captain sets the rules and guidelines.
    Your Captain and his/her staff will also be responsible for maintaining your team's storyline in RP.

    One major benefit of a team is the amount of money you can gain and have access to. Team battles will result in lots of cash for the team and the pilots involved. As a team member, you may also request a loan from your team bank, to be approved by your team moderator(s).

    Being in a team is a special privilege and if you do not perform well you can be kicked out.



    New teams begin with no points and are not ranked.

    Class D: Earn 10,000 points.
    Class C: Earn 20,000 points.
    Class B: Earn 30,000 points.
    Class A: Earn 40,000 points.
    Class S: Earn 50,000 points and win 5 consecutive battles.
    Class O: Earn 60,000 points and win 10 consecutive battles.


    Team Zoids

    A team may have three Zoids.One each of Land, Air, and Water. (Must be main movement type either through Simulex Package or Base Speed)
    No GL-restricted Zoids. Keep it fair so that ALL team members may use them. Even that one new guy no one knows!



    Mercenary pilots can not be officially affiliated with any one team, but may fight under any team's banner for as long as they wish or as long as the team wishes.

    Mercenary Requirements:
    Teams must consist of no less than 3 people. If you going mercenary will drop your team below the permitted limit, then you will need to wait.
    You must have won at least 4 matches that you participated in all the way to completion. Matches that were won by default will not count.
    You must make a request for a loot quest and have it approved by at least three Moderators. The loot quest must earn at least 50 RPC.

    Special Rules:
    Mercenaries will be ranked by how many battles they have taken part in and Won. It's simple really; if you have won the most, you're #1 [This is started from when you become a Merc. Prior battles are not counted].
    Mercs can only fight on behalf of Teams when going up against a team. Winnings will be an agreed percentage of the monetary winnings [0-100%]. Points still go to the Team for a Win, plus the remainder (if any) of the Team Cash that's won.
    Mercenaries get RPC rewards in line with the rank of the team they're fighting for. If fighting another Mercenary, the reward is base 15 RPC.
    With the above rule in mind, a Mercenary may approach a Team and ask if they may fight in their name. This is so that Mercenaries aren't waiting for Team Captains to approach them.
    Note: A Team always has the right to refuse your offer.
    If a Merc goes up against a Merc, they must agree on winnings prior to the match and these winnings will come out of the losing pilots personal funds.
    Mercenaries do not qualify for 1-v-1 battles.



    Freelance pilots are those not tied to any team. They are the "lone wolves" of Zi.

    Everyone begins on Zoids: After Era as a Freelancer. You may attempt to join any team that has room, or you may request to form a team with other Freelancers.

    • You can do Free Quests with other players, however, you are restricted to 1-v-1 battles.
    • You do not gain any Team-related bonuses to Wins as long as you are a Freelancer.
    • You are granted "First dibs" at requesting to join a team.
    • You are allowed to form a new Team of your own with two, or more, other Freelancers.

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