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    Team Building: Recruitment [Highguard]

    Ronin Sanders
    Ronin Sanders

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    Post by Ronin Sanders on 29th April 2017, 22:10

    Ronin looked around the large office in a daze. The photos on the walls were filled with teammates Ronin recognized from times he did not. He only briefly got to meet these people when he first joined, from a time that felt so long ago. So much had happened. So many lessons learned. Ronin, being the big sap he was, teared up during Takeshi’s heart felt speech. The man spoke with such passion and Ronin could tell he meant every word of it.

    Ronin could only imagine the things Takeshi had gone through and the weight that now rested on his shoulders. He is responsible for managing this entire team. A task that does not sound easy. As he spoke the terms and agreements Ronin gave a soft and understanding nod. In Takeshi’s voice Ronin could hear a bit of worry, as though his terms would somehow scare away the pilots. Ronin looked from side to side at his future teammates. Ronin didn’t know about everyone else but he knew the terms sounded fair enough. They’d do what they needed to do to revive the sport. If that meant a modeling gig from time to time, well, Ronin would have to get used to it.

    Taking pictures in different clothes and hair styles. Endorsing a product from time to time. It sounded almost fun when Ronin really thought about it. Why the heck not.

    Without hesitation Ronin moved to his contract. His name was written on the papers along with the agreed upon amount of credits and a more official version of the words Takeshi had just spoke to the group. Ronin trusted Takeshi though, so he didn’t feel the need to read through the fine print. He picked up the pen and put it down on the paper. With a move of his wrist the ink flowed out effortlessly. The letters formed his signature. In that moment, the man rejoined High Guard as the one and only, Ronin Sanders, Tamer of The Skies.

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    Alana Taylor
    Alana Taylor

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    Team Building: Recruitment [Highguard] - Page 2 Empty Re: Team Building: Recruitment [Highguard]

    Post by Alana Taylor on 30th April 2017, 05:49

    The atmosphere changed quickly the moment everyone headed out of the elevator. The one eyed female bit her lower lip as she slowly followed suit. She wasn’t sure what to think of everything else right now, it was all coming so fast for the young lady that she was sure she could mess up at any time right now. Alana kept her cool however in all midst of things and casually let her feet take control, letting them go one after the other as they all followed into a room of sorts. The thing that comforted Alana the most was when Takeshi gave out his words of encouragement… yes, they can be quite fulfilling to someone who has inadequate knowledge of being a pilot and the dangers that she could be in.

    There was only one problem in Alana’s mind, what if she wasn’t good enough?? She knew that she could be a decent pilot with enough training and whatnot, but what if she wasn’t good enough in their standards… there was only one way to find out. She roamed over all the contracts while looking around, she came here for a reason. That reason was to become a pilot for Highguard, it was to become a successful pilot in every right, it was to become a better person than she already was, and even though she knew it was going to be quite difficult because of the battles and the charity appearances once a month, she came here to have the time of her life, and to have fun… There was no doubt about it, Alana wanted to do this.

    Finding her contract, Alana glanced over at a few pages before picking up a pen, so this is what else she was expected to do… my my, it was interesting indeed! It didn’t take that long to read thankfully, and she placed her pen on the area that needed to be signed before looking at everyone else. It was her moment to be the best that she can be…

    Writing her name onto the contract, she let out a heavy sigh of relief, she was now bound to the highguard, and was going to love every moment of it, or so she hoped. Luckily, she was known as a rookie, mistakes were expected and she knew fine well that nobody was perfect.

    “There… signed.” Alana stated as she looked to all the photos hanging on the wall, it would be pretty cool to make memories like that… maybe she could some day! Just casually chilling with the team with smiles all over was the best thing that could happen anyway!

    “I wish upon a shooting star… that my time in Highguard will be the greatest…” Alana thought to herself as she then giggled. She almost went into her evil laughter mode, but prevented herself for the sake of Highguard’s humanity. She was pretty sure that she didn’t want them to hear how horrible her laughing could get, no way in hell.

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