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    Kael vs Takeshi

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    Kael vs Takeshi

    Post by Aiyana on 17th March 2017, 22:24

    Today was a day of celebration for many across the world, the resurgence of the Zoids Battle Commission was finally complete and the first official battle was about to be under way! The Judge Pod would slam into the ground, the rumble felt by both of the distinguished pilots as they awaited the beginning of this fight!

    The judge would rise from the pod, its freshly painted body moved with an ease that spoke of fresh maintenance, and begin speaking across all communication devices. "This area is now an official Zoids Battleground! The ZBC welcomes Kael Nyk and Takeshi Kimari for the first official battle of the return of the Commission! The battle begins in 3...2...1..." The Judge's arms would cross above his head before swinging down as he yelled one more word, FIGHT!"

    The large arena is a mix of trees, large boulders, and whirring machinery that seems to be the main focus of the place. The machinery is heavily armored, requiring at least 300 DP of direct damage to shut down, and will release a burst of electrical energy that ruptures a random weapons ammunition and causes it to lose a full round of usage every turn. This blast covers the entire arena and will affect one weapon at random. There are six machines, though only one will go off each round.

    Kael goes first this round, and it will alternate each round.
    Kael Nyk

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    Re: Kael vs Takeshi

    Post by Kael Nyk on 18th March 2017, 02:01

    Battle Profile:

    PILOT’S NAME: Kael “Drifter” Nyk
    Real Name: Kael Valens of Adelprade

    0 RPC
    1,500 MC

    GL 14
    36,000 AP
    59 Skill Points (51 + 8 OPS)

    Mental Ability: 20
    Reflexes: 18 (14 + 4 OPS)
    Proficiency: 21 (17 + 4 OPS)
    - Cannons: 0
    - Rifles: 15 (+25DP)
    - Machine Guns: 0
    - Melee: 6 (+15DP)
    Kael Nyk wrote:BATTLE PROFILE:

    Known Reflex Abilities: Know-It All
    Reflex Abilities:
    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Like all animals, the instinct of fight or flight is in every Zoid. Sprint may be used to run away from or at your opponent.
    Increase for 2 actions the evasion and accuracy rates by 20% and speed by 1.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Shoots out of the air any missile or bullet. Only good on frontal attack single shots (if you use a missile to intercept, then a spray of machine gun fire can be shot down as well due to the explosion damage).
    Use a projectile to destroy a bullet or missile in front of you or a missile to destroy machine gun fire.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    Quicker than the Eye:
    [Must be used BEFORE the feat you want to go unnoticed. Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Use this feat to catch your opponent off guard - it will make the following feat a stealth attack. Can be used once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    After Image:
    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    The Zoid dodges at such a high speed that an image of the Zoid remains to confuse the aiming pilot and make them miss.
    Allows near-auto-dodge of one attack feat, once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    Counter Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    An attack directly after an opponent's attack, not giving them enough time to defend themselves or dodge the attack.
    Attack right after an opponent's attack for 95% chance of both of you taking clear damage.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Some pilots know they can't escape certain attacks. Their human instincts allow them to position themselves in the safest possible stance to brace for the attack and minimize damage, while allowing a quick counterstrike.
    Reduces melee damage to your Zoid by half and throws foe off balance temporarily due to upending the attack.
    Only usable by land Zoids.

    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Causes your Zoid to revert back to its wild state for a short period. Only melee attacks can be used during this period. Upon activation lasts 3 actions.
    +25 DP to melee attacks; only melee attacks usable for the attack feats of the next 3 actions.
    (Uses 3 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Half your actions]
    Can be used once per battle if you get a temporary system freeze. You can reboot the Zoid early by rewiring, allowing you to be able to use half of your actions on that turn you were supposed to be frozen.
    Reboots a temporary system freeze early; instead of freezing one turn, you get half of your actions instead of none.
    (Uses 5 Reflex Points)



    Age: Approximately, 10 years
    - The zoid is coated with an ionized rayse alloy that integrates rayse energy all through-out its body and mechanism.
    - It uses Rayse Energy source, which is a mixture of Electricity, Heat and Light Energies.
    - Reduce Light damage by 20%; increase Dark damage by 20%
    Speed: 32 (25 Base + 10 Simulex -3 Shadow Armor)
    Agility: 72 (60 Base + 20 Simulex -8 Shadow Armor)
    Heat Index: 50

    Internal Slots: 6 (8 base -2 =IPU)
    Shadow Armor - (3)
    Stealth System - (1)

    CPU Slots: 6 (5 base +1 =IPU)
    OPS - (1)
    GA - (1)
    Stealth System - (1)
    Lock On System - (1)

    Hardpoints: 11
    Current Outfit
    Chest (1) = Sol Brave
    Back (3):
    1 = Stratos Rifle
    2 = Tierian Rail Rifle
    3 = Napalm Missile Pod
    Limbs (6):
    FU left - 1 = Quanta Blades
    FS left - 1 = Sniper Rifle
    B Left - 1= Sierra Rifle Bit (1)
    FU right - 1 = Quanta Blades
    FS right - 1 = Plasma Cannon
    B Right - 1= Sierra Rifle Bit (2)
    Tail (1): = RAISER Anti-Missile System

    Head – 40 | Body – 175 | Legs(x4) – 60 | Tail – 30
    Current Armor: Shadow Armor
    Head – 115 | Body – 425 | Legs(x4) – 135 | Tail – 105
    +250 to body, + 75 to other limbs

    Shadow Endgame (Formerly Booster Dischargers)
    Releases a thick black rayse thunder cloud that engulfs the area. The rayse thunder cloud is a unique form that embodies a rayse energy surge along its particles, which in turn, enhances electric, heat and light base attacks. Rayse energy is mainly composed of electric, heat and light energy that has been fused together to create a unique energy source. This doesn't allow metallic compositions to conduct its energy much like what electricity does since this new form of energy is a combination of different atomic particles, and one that knocks back and not conducts metallic surface. This technique also enhances some of the Rayse Wolf's natural attacks.
    Can choose only 1 from 3 functions:
    - 1) Increases zoid function and mobility (evasion increases by 40%; Agility and Speed gains + 2)
    - 2) Reduces the enemy accuracy to 30%
    - 3) Increases Electric (energy), Heat and Light Damages by 25%
    - Lasts for the entire round; every other round
    - Requires an activation feat

    Lightning Fang (Formerly Electrostatic Bite)
    Biting with the surge of lightning and creating a devastating blow to the enemy. The technique may be enhanced further by charging twice in order to transfer the electric energy to the enemy's circuits, thus creating an abnormality on its functions.
    Can choose 1 from the two options:
    - 1) 115 DP and Stuns for 2 actions (1 charge)
    - 2) 100 DP and Reduces the opponent's mobility (decreases speed by 2 and evasion by 30% for 2 actions only) (1 charges)
    - Can be used 3 times per round

    Vantage (Formerly Konig Wolf Headgear)
    This techniques allows the evolved headgear to create distortion by emitting quantum waves into the air. The quantum waves have different effect in the atmosphere and create different opportunities for the Rayse Wolf to use. One is to enhance tracking by creating a disruption in the quantum waves, thus allowing a clear view of the target without much regard of the environment condition. The second effect is to create a disruption in being tracked by guided projectiles, wherein the quantum waves in the air flow to create an illusionary guidance to projectiles, thus interfering with the initial targeting functions. The last effect is to create a disruption in the atmosphere around the Rayse Wolf wherein previous attempts of the enemy to block the Rayse Wolf's view will be bypassed as the quantum waves will be able to locate the location and send back the signals to its origin and where the improved headgear will interpret its data.
    Can choose 1 from 3 functions:
    - 1) Zen System: Increases Accuracy by 35% for 4 actions (In-RP Effect: Integrates a wide range of locating systems such as Nightvision, Thermal Sensors and GPRS tagging.)
    - 2) Kaleidoscope Effect: Creating an illusionary image of the zoid, where it interferes with long-range attacks.
    - Increases evasion rate by 50% against long-range attacks
    - 3) Wave Effect: Bypasses any accuracy reduction effect by 50& (must have 1 charge)
    - Lasts for the duration of the round
    - Possible requirement of 1 charging feat

    Duelist(formerly Hardened teeth and claws)
    A spiral piercing attack, using the fangs and claws that taps into the radiant energy surge of the Rayse Wolf. The surge of the rayse energy coats the fangs and claws of the Rayse Wolf, making them armor piercing.
    - 65 DP
    - 75 DP (when used together with Shadow Endgame due to the effect that spurs the Rayse Wolf's energy affinity)

    Rayse Endgame (formerly Konig Claw Strike)
    Syphoned energy creates an extension to the claws, which when swung to attack, gives a longer reach of damage, making the attack a short-to-middle range type. The attack may be enhanced when the environment is to the zoid's favor having abundant sources of electric, heat or light energy sources. Thus, when charged, the claws would send out a brief wave of rayse energy spark to create an area of effect damage.
    Can choose 1 of the 2 options:
    - 1) 75 DP + 20 Energy Damage
    - 2) 70 DP + 45 DP Splash damage of Energy Based (Can only be used together with Shadow Endgame)

    Blade Dance
    Blade Dance is a perfected technique of the last strike that the Konig Wolf landed on its enemy and failing, resulting to its fatal wound. However, with the evolved form of the Rayse Wolf, gaining the enhancement of Rayse Energy, which allows for quicker movement and accurate targeting, this technique was perfected. It is a fast spiral attack that uses the evolved Quanta Blades. With the radiant light on the Quanta Blades following through the spiral motion of the attack, the light stream it leaves creates an image of a whirlwind. Like a whirlwind, the more the technique is repeated, the stronger it gets. But the down side of the technique is that accuracy for targeting will not be at top notch as each usage will speed up the motion to strengthen the attack, thus, becoming a little unstable to direct the trajectory of the attack.
    - 150 DP
    - Uses both Quanta Blades which makes up the 2 uses for the round for the Quanta Blades
    - Requires 1 charging feat
    - once per round
    - reduces accuracy by 5%, increases DP by 10 with every use to the Rayse Wolf(cannot go beyond accuracy -%25, and DP+50)

    Kamui (Might of the Gods)
    During the process of evolution, Aedan contemplated on not being competent in helping Kael in his dream. Thus, he wished to be of more use to the pilot if he would be given another chance. For that, he developed a technique that would bring out Kael's full potential as a sniper - Kamui. This technique utilizes all four of the evolved rifles in creating the ultimate long-range offensive strike. All four rifles will shoot in unison, with the Stratos and Tierian Rail Rifles mounted on the back, and the Sierra Rifle Bits hovering from the sides, and with their projectiles combining to create one large beam when shot as one, or with the option of shooting as three split rays. However, as this technique will make use of the required weapon's potential, the weapons may not be used separately on the same round as Kamui is executed, and using Kamui will automatically count for their 1 round usage, regardless if they could have been used a number of times per round.
    Can choose between 2 modes of attack:
    - Burst Mode - deals 350DP; single target
    - Split Mode - deals 110DP; up to three targets

    The following rifles must be available for use:
    - Stratos Rifle
    - Tierian Rail Rifle
    - Sierra Rifle Bits x 2
    Decrease Heat Index by 10 for every use due to the zoid core heating up from the power surge.

    - Can be used once per round, and every other round (because of high DP output)
    - Uses 2 feat for preparations:
    - 1 feat to unlock system power surge before the charging sequence
    - 1 charging feat
    - Renders the listed rifles unusable in the same round and charges them 1 round usage
    - Locked when organoid is fused with the zoid
    - Cannot be enhanced by any proficiencies

    Stratos Rifle (Pulse Rifle) - Ionized rayse alloy coated rifle that has air compressor and ion mixer barrels located beneath the main barrel. In order to create a powerful and fast projection of the attack, the compressed air is injected to the ion mixer barrel, creating both a fusion and fission effect. Fusion causes for the molecular activity to create energy to be made to stabilize and reinforce the energy based rounds. Fission allows the fused energy to ignite into an explosion that shoots the enhanced rounds with a speed close to the speed of light.
    - (Energy Based)
    - 90 DP
    - +30% Accuracy when targeting Air-based zoids

    Tierian Rail Rifle (Sniper Rifle) - It is composed of three rails to form the barrel and connected at the body of the rifle by the special barrel loader. The rails create a low-gravity area along the neck and dispenses electrical charges to move the special ion rounds with immense speed, thus reducing air friction and adding aerodynamics for fast reloading and re-firing. Estimates had reduced reloading and re-firing time lag to 0.3 seconds. However, because of its special system for fast firing action, it generates heat that may lead to the zoid's overheating when used too much.
    - 60 DP
    - Double Shot option equates to one action only
    - When using the Double Shot option or Double Attack Reflex, it subtracts 4 points from the zoid's heat index level; Cannot perform Double Shot option or Double Attack Reflex with this when heat index is reduced to 25% of the total.
    - Can be used 6 times per round

    Quanta Blades (Nanotech Blades) - The original Nanotech Blades were changed into a rayse type of blade that is hidden within its sheath compartment. Upon using it, the rayse energy shoots out from the sheath compartment to create a blade form with the properties of rayse energy, while maintaining its Nanotech functions with regard to specially charged chips to fuse with the attack.
    - 100 DP
    - Requires 1 charging feat to make use of Nanotech Charged Chips
    - Can be used 3 times of up to 8 rounds
    Chips Collection:
    Heat Chip
    (Most useful to overheat opposing zoid.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 heat based damage. Heat Rating of 15.

    Energy Chip
    (Most useful against shields that don’t block energy damage.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 energy based damage.

    Slashing Chip
    (Most useful for blades that are attached body or legs, blades that stick out.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 solid melee damage.

    Piercing Chip
    (Most useful for blades that are attached to the head or tail, blades that will be used to stab as opposed to slash.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades. Does base damage plus an additional 20 solid melee damage.

    Ice Chip
    (Most useful against speedy opponents.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Does base damage plus an additional 20 ice based damage. Using this will lower your Heat Index by 10. In addition, this will lower your opponents Agility by 5 and Speed by 2 for a full round (Stackable if used twice in the same round).

    Explosive Chip
    (Most useful when you are in a jam and need additional damage, even if the blades do not hit the splash damage might.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.Deals base damage plus an additional 60 explosion based damage. Heat Rating of 5. After use the user must purchase a new blade, or two depending on how many blades exploded (only the blade which is used explodes, meaning that you may use it twice, once per blade in a battle.). Once both blades are used they may not be used again in the battle. The chip stays in tact, however, and does not need to be purchased again. (Price to replace exploded blade: 900 credits per blade.)

    Shock Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 10 energy based damage. Requires one feat to charge. Stuns opponent for two actions.

    Organic Chip
    (Most useful when health is needed.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 10 solid melee damage. Heals 10dp per round if used. The blades do not have to hit to get this benefit but they must be used. The health may be applied to any section. Does not heal past the initial armor value.

    Shadow Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 30 shadow based damage.

    Light Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 30 light based damage.

    RAISER Anti-Missile System (Anti-Missile System) - A fused compartment can be found in the tail area that launches a hundred of Rayse Energized mini projectiles. When an opponent fires a barrage of missiles at your zoid this system kicks in and automatically counters the missiles.
    - Can be used 3 times of up to 5 rounds

    Sierra Rifle Bit (Anti-Zoid Rifle) x 2 – The original Anti-Zoid Rifle was changed into detachable rayse rifle bit allocated on the hind legs of the Rayse Wolf. When activated, the Sierra Rifle Bits hovers at the side of the Rayse Wolf, allowing for better sighting of enemy zoids. The Sierra Rifle Bit is controlled through the use of the quantum waves produced by the Rayse Wolf.
    - 55 DP
    - +30% Accuracy when targeting Air-based Zoids
    - Can be used 2 times for 5 rounds

    Sol Brave (Tri-barrel Mini Gun) – The original Tri-Barrel Mini Gun was changed into a small gun compartment located at the chest of the Rayse Wolf. Its efficient use was further developed and best suited for close-range combat, giving it high accuracy pattern. As it was influenced by the rayse energy throughout the evolution, the Sol Brave has an option to be coated by specialized energy, fusing together to produce an energy type projectile instead of solid rounds. However, such a feat will require charging and damage is decreased than normal.
    - 100 DP (solid damage)
    - 70 DP (energy damage) and requires 1 charging feat to use
    - +30% Accuracy when close-range
    - Can be used 5 times for 6 rounds

    Organic Psycom System (integrated after evolution)
    Modifies a Zoid's control systems and allows for a direct link to the pilot's mind.
    +4 to reflexes | +4 Proficiency
    Requires 1 CPU slot

    This Armor is black in color. Classified as Dark Tech, this armor provides a good arsenal with good defenses.

    Speed and agility are reduced by 3 and 8, respectively
    +250 to body, +75 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 3 Internal Slot

    Black Sun Filter
    The armor is fitted with the system to combat Radiant Light from the Radiance Armor and the visual aids used are protected as the light is reduced and negated. Also provides a full spectrum sensor suite that can be activated to assist during battle.
    Negates the effects of Radiant Light
    Grants +50% accuracy for one round when activated, usable every other round

    Smoke vents located on each limb. A dark smoke is released onto the field to provide cover and conceal the Zoid.
    Lasts for the entire round, every other round.
    Reduces foe's accuracy by 75%

    Dark Sonar Wave
    A dark sound wave is emitted onto the field that disrupts the opposing Zoid’s system that controls their Zoid’s movements, effectively restricting its capacity to move.
    Last for the entire round, once per battle
    All opposing Zoid's speed and agility is halved

    Dark Pulse Gun [Elemental: Dark]
    Located on the tail is a gun firing dark energy. No charge time and good firing rate.
    60 DP

    Dark Ionized Cannon [Elemental: Dark]
    This is Dark Tech’s latest creation and one that should be feared. It is located on the back and is quite the heavy arsenal. It fires an unknown dark beam and because of its ionized nature, can disable systems. It has a slow charge time.
    Once per round, three times per battle
    150 DP, stuns the opponent for 1 action. Requires one charging feat

    (No evolution upgrade or integration)
    NanoTech Armor (NON-FUNCTIONING: still undergoing updates)
    This barely there armor proves that less is more and more is not always better. Unlike other armor platings NanoTech is bonded to a zoids base armor and does not require any external hard points. The unique properties of this armor allow it to regenerate damage and alter its physical properties.
    This armor can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round. NanoTech armor is also able to alter is physical structure to harden it self against certain types of damage (Heat, Energy, explosive, slashing or stabbing damage, etc). A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%.
    Armor Points: 100 per section
    Note: The NanoTech bonuses are negated when other armor platings are applied regardless of where it is. Only the additional armor is granted.

    Guardian Angel
    This new technology was brought about near the discovery and widespread usage of organoids. The Guardian Angel is an AI trained sphere that aids the pilot while in battle. A vocal wireless uplink is maintained between the pilot and angel when activated. The angel can be commanded away from the zoid, but has a default hovering status above the center of the zoids back. Many small laser cannons are covering the body of the hovering angel, which it uses to shoot down incoming projectiles and aid the pilot in offensive attacks. It is trained to store data on each faced weapon to learn its characteristics. After the first time a weapon is used, the chance of it being negated by the angel goes up by 20%.
    +30 dp to every attack from the pilot. Protection from incoming objects (bullets, energy, rockets etc) is up to the judge, but chances of negating the attack increases by 20% every time the attack is used after the initial attack. Requires an activation feat. Can remain active for an entire round, must rest one round before activating again.
    CPU Slots: 1
    GL 5 Restriction

    Simulex Components LP (Land Package)
    Simulex components precisely replicate the locomotive systems of living animals with the increased durability and stress tolerances that come with synthetic materials. In addition to the internal modifications this package also includes 2 thrusters to provide a boost in speed. This land package provides four and two legged zoids a boost to their land combat stats.
    Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +20 agility and +10 speed

    SCOPE (Self Calculating Optical Precision Equipment)
    This tech device increases the accuracy of all fire armed based equipment on the zoid by magnifying the weapons' sights in ranges of 50x's up to 5000x magnification.
    Adds +15 DP to all firearms attached to the zoid.
    Requires 1 CPU slot. Zoid must have firearm-based weapons (Machine guns and rifles. Cannons do not apply.)

    Stealth System
    Makes the Zoid it is installed in undetectable by radar, heat, and sound patterns, and therefore invisible. Requires an activation feat. This is usable by any zoid, for one round per battle, during which time the opponent will only have a 25% hit rate.
    Internal Slots: 1
    CPU slots: 1

    Internal Processing Units
    Additional Processing Units are fitted into available space within a zoid, and linked up with the zoid's core CPU to increase data storage and performance.
    +1 available CPU Slot
    Requires 2 Internal Slots

    Napalm Missile Pod
    When these warheads explode they release a fiery napalm like substance. This substance sticks to a zoids armor and heats it up. Due to the excessive heat from this substance, a zoid's internal systems may suffer a system freeze. Holds ten missiles. May fire two missiles per feat.
    Use: Three times per round, up to 3 rounds
    DP: 20 per missile
    Heat Rating: 10 per missile

    External Hardpoints: 1

    Electromagnetic Force Field x2
    Charges a Zoid's armor, increasing its molecular stability.
    Reduces damage from energy based weapons by 50%. Damage from solid matter weapons is reduced by 75%.
    Cannot be used with the ANY Armor Coatings. Cannot be used with a shield.
    Use: Good for one round, twice per battle. Requires a cool down period of one round between each use. Requires one charging feat.
    Internal Slots: 1

    Lock On System
    Used for missiles; allows for a 100% hit rate if the opponent does not try to dodge. Turns any missile system into a smart system.
    Requires 1 CPU slot

    Kael wouldn’t think he’d be back to the arena so soon. With everything that was going on, missions here and there, he thought his life as a warrior was just about that. That he’d return to being a soldier or a mercenary like his partner. However, with the resumption of the league, it was inevitable that he would be dragged into it. And so, that was the predicament on how he found himself in this situation. Aedan was quite excited as ever, seeing how the league battles were originally the zoid’s favorite entertainment aside from ruins exploration.

    「Ne, Kael. I wanna run around like crazy. I’m so excited. Babam bam!」said the zoid as a message bubble popped into the screen  with a chubby Rayse Wolf bouncing all around the monitors. Kael smiled at the sight. “You’re not the only one. It’d be a lie to say I don’t feel stoked about this,” said Kael as he cracked his knuckles. He then carefully placed his hands over the controls, letting out a deep breath.

    In moments, the judge capsule would fall into the arena and the newly polished judge would appear and began announcing. At the call of his name, Kael somehow winced. “I was sure I explicitly noted that they use ‘Drifter’ and not my name. I mean, I’m not exactly trying to get back the prestige and all. Besides, other mercs out there would be on the lookout for me. Wouldn’t be surprised if an assassin knocks on my door tonight.”

    「Oh, Ooops. I think it’s because I still have your old signature in my communication log, so that confirmation email must have said Kael Nyk instead. Sorry. I’ll erase that now. Been so long since we used the communication log for this.」said the zoid, a reverberating disappointed groan echoing inside the cockpit. But Kael wasn’t at all angry. He patted the dashboard. And with the judge announcing the beginning of the match, both pilot and zoid put on their game faces on and dashed into action.

    As Aedan would get right into the battlefield, he updated the map layout on screen to give Kael the overview and plan for the fight. With the arena seemingly quite a unique one, Kael wasn’t going to take up any chances on it. He immediately flipped on the switch and set the Guardian Angel System on, releasing an orb hovering on top of the zoid’s back that sends communication instantly to the pilot, and which can help in the defensive end by providing artillery support through the canons around its body that can shoot down or intercept enemy assaults. But unlike before, Kael has grown and knew better than to attack head on without much of a plan. As such, he would keep Aedan running and hidden amongst the trees as he planned.

    Then, it was finally time to act and Kael would get into things by activating another of Aedan’s special features in this particular loadout. The Shadow CAS armor would immediately send out a dark sound wave across the field, disrupting any and all opposing zoid’s systems that controls movement, resulting in effectively restricting the capacity to manoeuvre properly. At that point, Kael would also move to shooting. The pulse gun on the rayse wolf’s tail would come to life as it finds its target in the distance. Coming ever nearer, brushing past the trees, the rayse wolf would make the first offensive. Without warning, Kael double taps on the trigger upon finding the enemy zoid withn the crossfire.

    And as they rushed forward to the enemy, Aedan’s eyes would glow briefly as a sudden thick black raise thunder cloud would spread across the battlefield. This creates a surge of energy particles in the area, uniquely of similar energy source as the Rayse Wolf, hence increasing electric and light based attacks, while also allowing quicker mobility for the rayse wolf as the atmosphere would now feel void of any opposing friction. This allowed Kael to steer Aedan through the field with ease and avoid enemy fire with grace. Then, rounding up a large boulder, they would spot their opponent once more and launch a direct assault to the body from the side. Formerly known as the Konig Claw Strike, this evolved form of assault was syphoned with the energy of the rayse thunder cloud atmospheric condition, thus releasing a splash damage of energy properties with each blow. Two immediate claw strikes would be sent to the enemy, almost as if pouncing was not enough and Aedan had to do a quick jab.

    After which, Aedan would crouch low on the ground, barrel roll to the side as his tail takes into position once. At close range, Kael wouldn’t miss his mark– not the man who was once known for his sniping skills, as he locked the enemy zoid in the crosshairs and double tapped the trigger, sending dark-laced pulse rounds shooting from the pulse gun on the rayse wolf’s tail, aimed towards the bulk of the enemy. After which, he flipped on the Shadow Armor’s controls as it let out an additional smokescreen into the area, allowing Aedan to slip into the screen and sidestep away from the direct line of the enemy’s fire. It was almost as if they were dancing with the enemy up close.

    And as they circled the enemy within the cover of the smokescreen, Aedan was already syphoning energy along the ionised cannon equipped on him, that when he found the perfect footing, the rayse wolf would perfectly plant itself on the ground as its canon aimed for the enemy. Kael pulls on the trigger as his eyes never leave the enemy zoid’s image on the monitor. A relentless combination. In a blink of an eye, a dark stream would shoot towards the enemy zoid’s bulk, fresh from the dark ionised cannon’s barrel.

    But that would have made the opponent pinpoint their location so easily. As such, Kael quickly pull on the reins on Aedan, manoeuvring the zoid to a streamline run towards the opponent zoid, before suddenly dashing to the side, then skidding, then zipping straight forward to a run back, and then slam against the enemy zoid with its roaring claws, alive with the energy of the rayse thunder cloud, sending splashing energy damage after each claw slash towards the enemy’s body.

    They would then take advantage of all the visual obstacles as Kael spots a nearby boulder. Aedan kicks off from the ground and climbs with ease, all the while energy was gathering along his jaws. Then, as they neared the top of the boulder, Aedan would make a somersault as he aims to drop back down on top of the enemy zoid. With his jaws wide open, the energy swells along the metallic fangs, before they shut close to a bite against the enemy zoid’s back. This would send a shocking current throughout the enemy zoid’s body, which could result in stunning its system for a few moments. However, those moments would be enough for them to pull another trick off their sleeves.

    Aedan would a rush of adrenaline from that, his system gearing for more action. So by instinct, the rayse wolf would side step out of reach from the enemy, crouch low for gather power before pouncing forward to the enemy as energy gathers along his front paws’ claws. Launched towards the enemy zoid, Aedan would unleash another flurry of powerful strikes of his energized claw strikes aimed at the enemy’s side while simultaneously sending an energised splash damage as well.

    After which, Aedan would jump back in anticipation of the enemy’s retaliation.

    a)[ACTIVATE] Guardian Angel System -> +30 dp to every attack from the pilot. Protection from incoming objects (bullets, energy, rockets etc) is up to the judge, but chances of negating the attack increases by 20% every time the attack is used after the initial attack. Requires an activation feat. Can remain active for an entire round, must rest one round before activating again.
    b)[DODGE] Continue running and hiding amongst the trees to plan for an assault.

    a)[ACTIVATE] Dark Sonar Wave -> All opposing Zoid's speed and agility is halved. Last for the entire round, once per battle
    b)[color=blue][REFLEX: Double Attack =1] Dark Pulse Gun [Elemental: Dark] @ enemy zoid’s limbs -> (60 base + 30GA + 15SCOPE) x2 = 210 Dark Damage

    Shadow Endgame -> Increases zoid function and mobility (evasion increases by 40%; Agility and Speed gains + 2). Slipping into the trees and circling a large boulder to find the target
    b)[REFLEX: Double Attack =1] Rayse Endgame @ opponent zoid’s body-> [(70 base + 15Prof + 30GA)x2] + [45 Energy Splash Damage x2] = 230DP + 90 Energy Splash Damage

    a)[color=blue][REFLEX: Double Attack =1] Dark Pulse Gun [Elemental: Dark] @ enemy zoid’s limbs -> (60 base + 30GA + 15SCOPE) x2 = 210 Dark Damage
    Smokescreen -> Reduces foe's accuracy by 75%/Lasts for the entire round, every other round. Slipping into the smokescreen and sidestepping away from direct line of fire.

    a)[CHARGE] Dark Ionised Cannon while circling the enemy.
    b)[ATTACK] Dark Ionised Cannon [Elemental: Dark] @ opponent zoid’s bulk -> (150 base + 15SCOPE + 30GA = 195 Total Dark Damage)

    a)[DODGE] Running in a streamline before dashing to the side, skidding to a halt, making a quick turn back and heading for the enemy’s blind side.
    b)[REFLEX: Double Attack =1] Rayse Endgame @ opponent zoid’s body-> [(70 base + 15Prof + 30GA)x2] + [45 Energy Splash Damage x2] = 230DP + 90 Energy Splash Damage

    a)[CHARGE] Lightning Fang. While climbing the nearby boulder to do a somersault to fall back to the enemy zoid.
    b)[ATTACK] Lightning Fang @ enemy zoid’s back -> (115base + 30GA + 15prof) = 160 DP and Stuns for 2 actions

    b)[REFLEX: Double Attack =1] Rayse Endgame @ opponent zoid’s body from the blindside-> [(70 base + 15Prof + 30GA)x2] + [45 Energy Splash Damage x2] = 230DP + 90 Energy Splash Damage

    Reflexes Left: 13/18

    Activated Systems:
    Guardian Angel - CD next round
    Shadow Endgame - CD next round
    Dark Sonar Wave - cannot be used in remainder of battle
    Smokescreen - CD next round

    Bonuses and Effects:
    Guardian Angel System - +30 dp to every attack from the pilot. Protection from incoming objects (bullets, energy, rockets etc) is up to the judge, but chances of negating the attack increases by 20% every time the attack is used after the initial attack.

    Shadow Endgame - Increases zoid function and mobility (evasion increases by 40%; Agility and Speed gains + 2).

    SCOPE - Adds +15 DP to all firearms attached to the zoid.

    Smokescreen - Reduces foe's accuracy by 75%/

    Dark Sonar Wave - All opposing Zoid's speed and agility is halved. Last for the entire round, once per battle


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    Re: Kael vs Takeshi

    Post by Takeshi Kimari on 18th March 2017, 03:01

    Takeshi Kimari

    Pilot Statistics:

    GL: 5
    AP: 5000
    Skill Points: 18

    Mental Ability: 7
    Reflexes: 8

    Known Reflexes:

    Knows it all

    Proficiency: 3

    - Cannons: 0
    - Rifles: 0
    - Machine Guns: 0
    - Melee: 3/Lv.2 [+10DP]

    Zoid: Liger Zero
    Type: Liger
    Name: Thunder

    Appearance: Armour is black with silver edging, claws and fangs are silver instead of the traditional golden yellow. Eyes
    are bright green.

    Internal Slots: 0/3
    CPU Slots: 0/3
    Heat Index: 20

    Speed: 18
    Agility: 40

    External Hardpoints: 5
    Body: Back 0/1 - Left Side 1/1 - Right Side 1/1
    Limbs: Chin 0/1 - Forehead 0/1

    Additional Weapons:
    Double 80 cal. Rifle [Unequipped]
    Use: Twice per round, up to 3 rounds
    External Hardpoints: 1


    Strike Laser Claw [Energy]
    This is the hallmark of the Liger Zero. The Zoid siphons laser energy into the claw for a superheated, super-fast pouncing
    130DP [120DP +10 Proficiency]

    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and Claws meant to tear through armor in melee attacks.
    45DP [35DP +10 Proficiency]

    Double Barrel Chest Cannon
    Light cannon taken from the Shield Liger with two barrels that fire forward at once.

    High-Density Beam Gun
    Fires extremely dense rounds from a custom turreted tail mount.


    Schneider Armor
    This Armor is orange in color. The Schneider Armor is built for melee combat, with seven high-density alloy
    +150 to body, +75 to other limbs


    A strong frontal force shield that aides the Zoid when executing melee combat maneuvers.
    Use: Lasts for 5 actions, 4 times per battle
    Reduces all damage by 50%; +30 DP to any Blade attack
    Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon
    Mounted on the Zoid's chest, this gun is made to supplement the blades.
    55DP [50DP]

    Twin Laser Blades
    These blades are the longest on the Schneider unit and function similarly to the Blade Liger. They can swing out
    on the sides to slice or face forward to stab the opponent.
    60DP [50DP +10DP Proficiency] per blade

    Five Face-Mounted Blades
    Forward-facing only, these blades are as mobile as the head they are mounted to. They are for stabbing the
    Use: 4 times per round
    110DP [100DP +10DP Proficiency]

    Seven Blade Attack
    All seven of the blades are engaged to severely damage the enemy.
    Once per round, up to two rounds
    210DP [200DP +10DP Proficiency]

    Jager Armor:
    This Armor is blue in color. The Jager Armor is strictly for speed. It is structured to make optimal use of air flow and includes a pair of Ion Boosters. Can you handle it?

    Speed and agility hit the maximum for the Zoids weight class.
    +100 to body, +50 to other limbs

    Head: 70
    Body: 190
    Right Front Leg: 90
    Left Front Leg: 90
    Right Back Leg: 90
    Left Back Leg: 90
    Tail: 75

    Ion Boosters
    Mounted on the back of the Zoid, these boosters greatly enhance the Zoid's natural speed and dodging capabilities.
    Lasts for 5 actions, every other round.
    Increases dodge rate by 50%

    Vulcan Pod
    The Jager’s standard run-and-gun weapon mounted on the face; they are extremely accurate. They have no recoil and a high rate of fire.

    Micro-Missiles [Explosive]
    A small pod of missiles, located on the back and only revealed when about to be used. Contains 10 missiles.
    Fires up to 3 in one feat
    20DP per missile

    High-Power Gattling
    Mounted on the Zoid's chest, this weapon is best used on targets in front of it. The weapon's ammo moves at extreme velocity, and cannot easily be dodged.
    3 times per round, up to 2 rounds
    80DP, unblockable by shields

    Panzer Armor:
    This Armor is green in color. The Panzer Armor is all about power, with it's twin buster rifles, repulsion armor and it's multitude of guns. Purely an offensive system it is sure to turn a few heads on the battlefield, and knock a few off too.

    Physical damage and solid ammo is reduced by 20 DP.
    Speed and agility are reduced to 8 and 20, respectively. Cannot be changed.
    +250 to body, +100 to other limbs

    Hybrid Cannons [Energy]
    Mounted on each side of the armor; when not in use, they can be folded in and concealed within the armor. These cannons are the newest in energy-based weapons and do not suffer from heat build-up.
    Twice per round, up to 3 rounds

    Triple-Barreled Grenade Launcher [Explosive]
    Mounted in place of the chest cannons, this weapon launches cluster grenades that do a significant amount of damage over a 20-meter radius.
    Can be used once per turn, up to four turns.
    100DP for direct hits, splash damage at the judge’s discretion.

    Multi-Situational Missile Pods (x4) [Explosive]
    Contained in a compact pod which is then mounted on each of the Zoid's legs. These have no homing capabilities.
    Fires one full pod per attack. Once a pod is fired it is unusable for the rest of the match.
    20DP per missile, 5 missiles per pod

    Vulcan Gun
    Mounted on the back of the armor; can spin 360 degrees with a tilt of 30 degrees up or down.

    Heat Beam [Energy]
    Mounted on the tail; fires an intense laser-like beam.
    2 times per round
    60DP and 5 heat damage

    Burning Big Bang
    The Panzer unit fires off all of its weapons and missiles at once.
    Once per battle
    Requires one feat to lock-on, 300 DP; use of this attack causes overheating to the Panzer unit, causing it to eject.

    Hover Cargo:
    This is a transport unit that can be used to travel around with the Zoid in storage, but it is also essential when using CAS.
    This transport system holds the CAS units and is required for the armor to be usable during battle. There is a roof panel for
    aerial Zoids to enter. The Hit Points work like an armor plating during battle to protect the unit; opponents may target the
    Hover Cargo to disable it by bringing its HP down to zero (0). The owner would then be stranded in whichever CAS unit
    they have applied at the time of disablement.
    Current Internal Slots: 3
    Max Internal Slots: 5
    Hit Points (HP): 300
    Slot 1: Jager
    Slot 2: Schneider
    Slot 3: Panzer

    Battle Narrative:

    Bright lights shone down on the rich mahogany, panel desk in the centre of the studio stage. Cameras focused in on the two middle-aged gentlemen who sat facing them. The first of the two had dark hair that was just greying at the temples, his form was still athletic and his piercing blue eyes shone with a light that belied his years. The other man was older and rounder; at least ten years the other man’s senior the chubbier gentleman had a kind, round face and a smile that lit up the room. His grin only widened as he began to speak, “Hello sports fans and welcome to the return broadcast of the ZBC’s Zoid Battle League, brought to you by our sponsor; Phoenix Runway Clothing!” there was a brief pause as pre-recorded cheers and clapping played somewhere off screen. “We are your hosts, former league legend, retired pilot and battle analyst, Hagakure Miyomoto!” he announced while gesturing to his partner. The other gentleman grinned and gestured to his chubby partner.

    “And let’s not forget, battle enthusiast, Zoid fan and the walking database himself, Souji Takahiri!” More cheering resounded throughout the studio. “Well Souji what a first match we have here to bring back the League, huh?” he asked, “The former Captain of Highguard, Takeshi Kimari, taking on Kael Nyk, pilot of the seemingly invincible Rayse Wolf.” Hagakure grinned in anticipation looking directly at the Camera.

    “We’ve seen these two take each other on before several years back when Takeshi was at the top of his game, but back then he’d been piloting the Lightning Saix known as Flash, Takeshi has been unable to replicate his successful run since moving to the Liger Zero, what do you think Souji?”

    “You’re right Hagakure of course, Takeshi was once one of the most promising up and comers the League had and when he switched Zoids following Flash’s destruction, he’s never been quite the same. Don’t write him off yet though, even while piloting Thunder he’s managed to stay a tough opponent.” He turned to face the camera, “Now enough chat, and let’s welcome back the Commission in the best way possible sports fans, with a battle!”

    Takeshi stood on top of the Hover Cargo’s roof as a hovering camera spun around him, transmitting the recording back to the studio for the fans to watch on their vid-screens. He was dressed for battle, his trademark black jeans and formfitting tank top clung to him in the brisk air, his boots rode high up his calf and the shining glint of his lightning bolt hung from his neck. His jacket stood out in stark contrast to the rest, its vibrant blue leather and red team logo shone bright, let them think Highguard is gone, I’ll show them we still stand proudly against the world. His thoughts were defiant as he stretched his arms out wide and let the camera take him in, his public persona taking over as he grinned widely, the undeniable cockiness shining through. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is what awesome looks like!” He called and appreciated the crescendo of cheers that reverberated around.

    With a last grin for the fans, Takeshi swung back inside the Hover Cargo and ran for the Launch bay. Within a couple of moments he was seated in the cockpit of the black form of Thunder, the Liger Zero. “Alright buddy, I know it’s been a while, let’s remind them of who we are, shall we?” The answering roar from the Liger could only be interpreted as a challenge to any who would oppose them. The controls lit up under Takeshi’s palms as began the activation sequence to begin the battle, “Well they want the Blue Bolt, so I’ll give them the Blue Bolt, activating Jager CAS unit.” The voice command brought the Hover Cargo’s systems to life and the shining blue armour of the Jager was attached to Thunder’s body. “We’ll be relying on our speed for this one mate, give it your best.” The catapult extended the launch platform out of the Cargo’s shell, and energy began to crackle around the Liger’s feet. The Judge’s robotic voice filled the cockpit with anticipation. Ready! Takeshi’s hands tightened around the controls, his knuckles whitening against the strain, FIGHT! The judges roar filled the cockpit as the Zoid launched out of the Hover cargo to Takeshi’s cry of, “Go Jager!” Thunder soared through the air before coming to earth in a spectacular landing, with all four legs splayed just slightly enough to take the impact. He didn’t stop however, as soon as claws hit the ground, they were moving accelerating to top speed in an instant.

    “Alright Thunder, we’re going to have to fight as smart as possible here, we’re going to have to maximize our speed advantage.” The pilot pushed the controls to their maximum as they charged in the direction they believed the opposing wolf to be in, “I reckon we go for a leg or two first.” The pilot spoke to his Zoid with the calm almost nonchalant tone of an old friend, but inside his heart was racing, the blood thundered in his ears as he heard his pulse thump, and thump. It had been so long since the Blue Bolt had truly been unleashed, the few amateur battles he’d fought in the last few years had barely required even a quarter of his top speed, and now here he was cutting loose, the g-forces were hitting him so hard in the chest he could feel his ribs bending under the pressure, his breathing coming in long ragged gasps but his eyes were alight with the fire, drive and fury that made him what he was; a professional Zoid pilot, the kind thousands of pilots looked up to and wanted to be, this was his home and no one belonged here more than he, no one deserved this as much as he did. Slowly the human mind receded and was replaced by the animalistic instincts of a natural warrior, he’d trained so long that everything was muscle memory and now he was ready to unleash every ounce of animalistic rage on his adversary.

    As the wolf came into view the Jager’s Gatling gun began to sing its deadly song, his fingers hovering on the trigger a second longer than was perhaps necessary, both man and Zoid roared their approval as the battle was finally underway, his fist slamming into the button that activated the Ion Boosters, his bid for more speed slamming the pilot back into his seat, the cushioned chair became as hard as steel such was the pressure that built up from the insane levels of speed that were being thrown at them both.

    Claws scraped over rock as the Liger climbed the large boulders that dotted the landscape, his claws charging as they moved, a feral grin spreading across Takeshi’s features as shards of memory broke across his concentration, “I’ve been waiting years to say this…” He muttered as they rounded on their target once more, “Strike Laser Claw!” He roared alongside his Zoid as the two front claws raked down towards their intended target; the Wolf’s leg. The Liger tipped forward to catch the landing on its forward left shoulder, rolling around and disappearing into the trees to await its next opportunity to score a blow on the Wolf.

    The high speeds were beginning to tell on Takeshi, his body was beginning to bruise and dark spots had begun to hover over his vision, the once familiar pressure built up in his chest, forcing the air from his lungs and making breathing all the more difficult. Shaking it off as best he could the Highguardian pilot took aim once more and unloaded on the opposing Zoids legs with his face mounted Vulcan Guns, tapping the trigger twice before rushing behind the cover of the boulders and making a bee line for the Hover Cargo, the time for speed was over. Takeshi’s body reeled from the high impact mode of battling as he rushed back into the Hover Cargo.

    The controls almost danced under his fingers as he equipped his heaviest armour, “Launching the Panzer now, go!” He roared as the green form of the Liger was completed and launched out of the catapult. His sights lining up on the Wolf’s form, “Here’s hoping I’ve managed to slow you down a bit.” He muttered as the Ligers Hybrid cannons roared to life in midair and hurled the liger back into a boulder from the concussive recoil of the blast, quickly moving behind a boulder to reload and regain his composure.

    The Panzer walked almost casually out to stare down the wolf, “Last roll of the dice Thunder.” Takeshi muttered as the sights moved out from behind him and placed themselves comfortably over his eyes, the sight lining up the shot, “Burning Big Bang!” He roared as every gun on the Panzer spoke and the Cockpit was left awash in blistering heat.

    Action Summary:

    1. A: Reflex: Double Attack: High Powered Gatling Gun aimed at the Rayse Wolf’s body 160DP [80*2 Unblockable by shields.]
    B: Activate: Ion Boosters: Lasts for 5 actions, every other round.
    Increases dodge rate by 50%

    2. A: Reflex: Double Attack: Strike Laser Claw aimed at Rayse Wolf’s body 260DP [130DP*2]
    B: Dodge: Do a barrel roll and run for cover

    3. A: Reflex: Double Attack: Vulcan Pods aimed at Rayse Wolf’s body 120DP [60DP*2]
    B: Dodge: Back to cover running like a maniac.

    4. A: Activate: Re-equip to Panzer armour. +250 armour to body and +100 to all limbs
    B: Reflex: Double attack: Hybrid cannons aimed at Rayse Wolf’s body 300DP [150DP*2]

    5. A: Lock on: Taking aim on the Rayse Wolf.
    B:Attack: Burning Big Bang aimed at Rayse Wolf’s body 300DP

    Reflexes Remaining: 3/7


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    Re: Kael vs Takeshi

    Post by Aiyana on 20th March 2017, 03:18

    As the Rayse Wolf activated the Guardian Angel System and dodged afterward, Takeshi in his Liger Zero Jager would release a storm of bullets of which half would strike (80dp body of Rayse) while the rest would miss before the Liger activated its Ion Boosters. The Rayse Wolf would activate its evolved boosters and go for a double strike with the evolved claws as Takeshi went in for the attack at the same time with a double attack of his own. Due to the high speeds of the Zoids, both would only hit with one of the attacks each before moving on to their next plans for the battle. (160 Liger Zero Body, 130 Rayse Wolf Body)

    Nothing interesting would happen, attacks would go off and nothing would hit until the Liger Zero swapped to the Panzer CAS. As the armor was finished, a set of attacks would strike and leave the Zoid's freshly changed armor in near ruins. The Rayse Endgame double would strike once as the Panzer began to move (160 dp Liger) and the extra splash damage from the missed half would strike against the body as well. (45 dp Liger)

    With alarms warning of damage, Takeshi would lock-on and fire the Burning Big Bang attack of the Panzer just as Kael was coming in for another melee barrage. The 'Big Bang' would miss partially, though the Rayse would still take a large amount of damage(200 dp Rayse Wolf), the Liger would find itself in a system freeze as the full force of the Rayse Endgame put the Zoid into a system freeze.

    Liger Zero Body: 0 (System Freeze)
    Rayse Wolf Body: 15

    The battle judge's siren would blare across the battlefield before it began yelling loudly. "The battle is over! The battle is over! The winner is..." The Judge would go silent as it received information on a sudden name change that would require it to change what it was saying. "The winner of the first official battle of the Zoid's Battle Commission is Drifter!"

    Uh...this battle REALLY came down to the wire. A good usage of CAS saved Takeshi so that he could make it to the last actions of the battle, and that nearly caused him to win. The amount of reductions from the Rayse Wolf kept everything from hitting, sadly, else the Liger Zero would have come out the victor!

    It was a short, one round, fight... but as this is the FIRST official battle on the revived site this is the winnings!

    Kael: 10 RPC for victory, 5 RPC for 1 Round, 10 RPC for first battle on site. (25 RPC total)

    Takeshi: 5 RPC for loss, 5 RPC for 1 Round, 10 RPC for first battle on site.(20 RPC total)

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    Re: Kael vs Takeshi

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