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    Kael Nyk

    Kael Nyk
    Kael Nyk

    Monetary Credits : 2,000
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    Character sheet
    Name: Drifter
    Team: The Guild
    Primary Zoid: Rayse Wolf

    Kael Nyk Empty Kael Nyk

    Post by Kael Nyk on 16th March 2017, 22:31

    PILOT’S NAME: Kael “Drifter” Nyk
    Real Name: Kael Valens of Adelprade

    0 RPC
    1,500 MC

    GL 14
    36,000 AP
    59 Skill Points (51 + 8 OPS)

    Mental Ability: 20
    Reflexes: 18 (14 + 4 OPS)
    Proficiency: 21 (17 + 4 OPS)
    - Cannons: 0
    - Rifles: 15 (+25DP)
    - Machine Guns: 0
    - Melee: 6 (+15DP)
    Kael Nyk LOHYfQz


    AGE: 26
    GENDER: Male

    Kael has grown since he left to be on his own. He now sports short raven hair, messy at most times. His eyes have a more serious sharpness to them, and his face has matured (no longer baby-faced). He also sports a goatee, and both ears have piercings. He now stands at 5’11”, weighing a little over 150lbs (still quite light). He has numerous tattoos, mostly along his chest, back and arms, with the letters of “DEATH” along the knuckles. His common choice of clothing is a black jacket or a long black coat, gray trousers and boots. Sometimes, he wears a pair of glasses, mostly when he wants to enjoy a long read over his favourite books, and when he does, his appearance changes– almost serious or nerdy, compared to his usual wild and charismatic features.

    Kael has a sweet tooth despite denying it. He may have grown to be serious now, but he still shows his kinder and mischievous side with Aedan. His bond with his zoid is strong that he would be willing to risk everything for Aedan. He is also known to be quite the stubborn man in most cases, never relenting to situations, and keeping through with his word. This, often than not, gets him into trouble, sometimes even to life and death situations. He still has a caring nature towards others, though with the recent events after the war, he has decided to distance himself in order not to get hurt by the loss of a friend, or for others to get hurt because of him. For this reason, he prefers not to be with teams for the moment, and his drive to hunt down outlaws and bandits have risen. With regards to his family, he still makes sure to contact them once in a while, just to remind them he’s alive, or to bring home some souvenir from a recent adventure. He also likes to bug his best friend Radu. Most importantly, he likes to steal moments to meet up with Kaiser, a mercenary whom he has an open-relationship with.

    Kael was born to an aristocratic-military family, the Valens of Adelprade, where he was fated to join the military forces. As such, he had the training of a proper zoid pilot, living a life of a soldier and that of a covert ops specialist. However, during the final years of his training, he would discover a family secret that changes his point-of-view, and he runs away from his family. For years, he adopts the last name of his benefactor general, “Nyk”, in hopes to lead a new life. And with his skill in piloting a zoid, he begins his journey as a freelance pilot, hoping to one day become a champion.

    He eventually joined Team Sniper with his Konig Wolf, Aedan, and the pair would prove to be quite the feisty newcomers. His combat experience and tactics would be greatly acknowledge in the arena, almost technical at times, but also unexpectedly. He would help his team gain honors and reputation in the league. However, his exploits would also lead him to do some of the errands for hi benefactor general. Often than not, with his military privilege and duty, he would have to explore the desert or escort important missions across the country.

    It was in one of those explorations that he would meet his first love, Rhoma, whom he would learn to be connected to the ancient zoidians. Much of their misadventures were dangerous, but Kael would always protect Rhoma. Even when they were from different teams in the league, they would often clash in the arena in good faith, and then just hang out afterwards. Unfortunately, in the years in to come, their relationship would be tested as Rhoma’s past would come to haunt her, and Kael would be dragged back to his family to face his own past. It is during this 2-year long break that Kael was thought dead, as he had returned to the life of a noble military officer, though he ended up having to fight his father and his best friend just to get his freedom back. And after learning the truth of his birth– the complex lineage– he finally resolves the conflict with his father though with reluctant forgiveness. It was also during this time that his fight with his best friend Radu, a general in the military, had caused for Aedan to evolve in order to survive and protect Kael. As such, the Konig Wolf, with the help of his organoid Altair, had turned into the Rayse Wolf.

    Returning to the league after years of departure due to family problems and military duties, Kael would continue to be of help to Team Sniper, especially for the newer pilots. Here, he would meet his second love, Jessica, who was quite the rowdy one. A carefree and spirited youth, fiery and equally mysterious. However, what would have been a return to normalcy would be disrupted by the call of war. And this time, each teams were commissioned by the governing bodies to lend their expertise in zoids to help in the defense of the country.

    There are no victors in war. People still lose something even when they survive it all. For Kael, it were his organoids, who suffered exhaustion and backlashes from the turmoils of war. Ciel, the small one would not live through the battle, and Altair would suffer tremendously that the organoid  would be left in an incapacitated state indefinitely. That broke Kael’s heart and but believing he would regain consciousness in the future, he left Altair in the care of his best friend, Radu’s care who placed the organoid in a research laboratory for care and observation. Thus, Kael decided that he would be on his own for the meantime. That was his way to atone for not being able to protect his dear friends, but also so that he would not be able to hurt others.

    As such, Kael would leave from the force, from his team, and from the league for the coming years. He would still get in touch with his family and best friend, every now and then, but he would still refuse to return to the life of the past. Some may say he had reached a second rebellious phase, but for him, it was more of finally growing up and finding his own path in life. It did not mean that he would abandon those he loved. He would still come from time to time to help his friend with military affairs, but as he changed his appearance– no longer the cheery and fresh-looking lad who seemed more cheeky than experience– he had finally matured, and perhaps gotten a bit edgy. But that was only normal as he had come to be known as free-spirited and dangerous pilot in the area. Some would say he turned into a mercenary; others say he’s a spy from the military; but for him, he was a freelancer. Having no duty; nothing to restrain him until he finds his own path. That was the ideal life to begin anew with. From time to time, he would return to the hideaway he and his life-partner Kaiser owns, which is a mix of a villa and a zoids holdings since they do trades and mission briefings there.
    Sample RP from a Previous Battle:
    It was definitely the first time Kael and Aedan would have an official battle for his team. But there was nothing about the circumstance that warranted as a first-time. In fact, if memory served him right, his very first battle with Aedan in the ZBC data under the banner of Team Sniper was in fact against another Shadow Fox, and it was in an underground ruin, cavern-like place. Needless to say, the result was in his favor, but what he really gained from that battle was a good friend (a very very intimate and good friend in fact), so he would not find it shocking if the result of this battle would favor the latter chain of events. A new ally does sounds way better than a pissed-off rival. Aedan growled as they entered the caverns and awaited for the battle judge’s capsule.

    “Keep it natural, Aedan,” Kael said encouragingly.

    Then, the battle judge’s capsule appeared and greeted them with its monotonic voice. Kael couldn’t tell how nostalgic it felt. “Alright, boy. Let’s do this.”

    The moment the judge flagged the battle to start, Kael was quick to handle the controls like an expert. Aedan kicked off for a run as the radar would soon begin to chime out their battlefield. Rushing along the sides of the cavern, Aedan weaved in between stalagmites before the sensor picked-up their opponents. At once, Kael pulled back the controls to draw the crosshairs on target before he let loose a quick succession on the trigger. Aedan in his new CAS Shadow Armor quickly gripped the surface as he breaks his run and pointed the tail gun up in the air. Immediately, the barrel finds its target and shoots twin projectile rounds coated with energy sparks, piercing through the air and following the trajectory of its aim would eventually shoot for the bulk of the enemy zoid. Then, knowing that they may have unknowingly presented their location to the enemy, Kael was quick to turn on the new system’s smokescreen. Black fog shot out from the Shadow Armor and quickly surrounded the cavern. Aedan ran into the thick of it with measured steps, keeping himself hidden in the veil of the smoke. He made sure to keep himself in the midst of the smokescreen as the smoke quickly spread throughout the cavern and was filtering into the second.

    As they neared the junction for the caverns, Kael drove Aedan towards a stalagmite that seemingly rose up diagonally from the floor, or may have tilted due to erosion from inner moisture of the cavern. Nevertheless, it looked promising and Aedan quickly ran up on it with precise movement to get leverage. At the same time, Kael moved his fingers across the panel to turn on a switch and the Rayse Wolf system quickly came to life. Black streams of smoke filtered out from Aedan’s own boosters, mixing with the smokescreen but giving the wolf zoid a surge of energy to propel forward. The black cloud that streams from the boosters quickly surges like a thundercloud that amplifies the power on the Rayse Wolf’s joints, effectively increasing Aedan’s maneuverability. And just in time as Aedan jumps off from the tip of the stalagmite to catch the location of the opponent and storm towards it. He gave a mad dash before he leapt for ferocious swipe of his claw towards the side of the opponent zoid. He landed with a spin before he jumped straight towards the back of the target again, twisting mid-air for a counter-swipe of the other claw and skidding on the landing on the other side.

    As Aedan skids on the landing, the headgear flips onto his eyes with the edges lighting up with a light orange LED. Kael had activated another of the Rayse Wolf’s system, immediately diverting some of the surging energy towards its targeting system as the cockpit came to life with all forms of guiding system, from the beeping radar, to a portion of the monitor on night vision to filter the dark clouds and smoke, to another panel of a heat sensor to lock into the target. Like a boost of confidence, Aedan took to launching for another attack immediately. Energy syphoning towards his paws as blue streaks of energy sparks began to converge around the limbs. A kick on the ground got him darting towards the body of the Shadow Fox as he pounces in an x-formation. The trail of the claws lights in blue spark, extending its reach and once it collides, the syphoned energy would throw an energy spark splash damage akin to large claw marks.

    And as soon he lands on all-fours back to the ground again, Aedan’s front legs bucks as he bends, his tail rises and Kael finds his target quite upclose. The pilot would only so happily tap the trigger in succession, sending energy coated rounds to find its mark at the bulk of the opponent zoid’s body. Then, Kael shows his own adeptness as his hands quickly bring the controls to the side. Aedan follows without a frown as energy surges back to the limbs that at the moment the rounds were released, he jumped to the side and sprinted to hide behind the nearest stalagmite and cover of the black clouds and smoke.

    As he circles the large stalagmite, sparks surged within Aedan’s jaw. Kael makes his final preparation as he carefully switches through the panel to keep the energy flow within the zoid at check, and seeing the surge towards the neck and head of the zoid in order, he moved Aedan weaving between and behind stalagmites to a complete circle of the opponent’s location. They rushed out of hiding and leapt, but it was rather shallow as Aedan landed strategically to the side of the opponent before he rolled on the ground, then exhausting the energy surges on the joints and limbs, the Rayse Wolf kicks off from the ground and opens his jaw for a bite straight at the chest area of the enemy; both pilot and zoid roared ferociously. With a bolt, and perhaps because Kael had full confidence on his wolf, he hoped to bring the power of the assault to the enemy as the syphoned energy sparks along Aedan’s fangs quickly surges out and into the enemy’s body. Coupled with their momentum, perhaps they could overpower the Shadow Fox in a tackle, so that once Aedan releases his ferocious bite, he get back into the covers of the black clouds that surrounds the caverns.
    Kael Nyk
    Kael Nyk

    Monetary Credits : 2,000
    RPC : 80
    Posts : 45
    Join date : 2017-03-16
    Location : somewhere under the desert sky

    Character sheet
    Name: Drifter
    Team: The Guild
    Primary Zoid: Rayse Wolf

    Kael Nyk Empty Re: Kael Nyk

    Post by Kael Nyk on 16th March 2017, 23:49


    Known Reflex Abilities: Know-It All
    Reflex Abilities:
    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Like all animals, the instinct of fight or flight is in every Zoid. Sprint may be used to run away from or at your opponent.
    Increase for 2 actions the evasion and accuracy rates by 20% and speed by 1.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Shoots out of the air any missile or bullet. Only good on frontal attack single shots (if you use a missile to intercept, then a spray of machine gun fire can be shot down as well due to the explosion damage).
    Use a projectile to destroy a bullet or missile in front of you or a missile to destroy machine gun fire.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    Quicker than the Eye:
    [Must be used BEFORE the feat you want to go unnoticed. Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Use this feat to catch your opponent off guard - it will make the following feat a stealth attack. Can be used once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    After Image:
    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    The Zoid dodges at such a high speed that an image of the Zoid remains to confuse the aiming pilot and make them miss.
    Allows near-auto-dodge of one attack feat, once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    Counter Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    An attack directly after an opponent's attack, not giving them enough time to defend themselves or dodge the attack.
    Attack right after an opponent's attack for 95% chance of both of you taking clear damage.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Some pilots know they can't escape certain attacks. Their human instincts allow them to position themselves in the safest possible stance to brace for the attack and minimize damage, while allowing a quick counterstrike.
    Reduces melee damage to your Zoid by half and throws foe off balance temporarily due to upending the attack.
    Only usable by land Zoids.

    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Causes your Zoid to revert back to its wild state for a short period. Only melee attacks can be used during this period. Upon activation lasts 3 actions.
    +25 DP to melee attacks; only melee attacks usable for the attack feats of the next 3 actions.
    (Uses 3 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Half your actions]
    Can be used once per battle if you get a temporary system freeze. You can reboot the Zoid early by rewiring, allowing you to be able to use half of your actions on that turn you were supposed to be frozen.
    Reboots a temporary system freeze early; instead of freezing one turn, you get half of your actions instead of none.
    (Uses 5 Reflex Points)

    Kael Nyk IFcWghC

    Age: Approximately, 10 years
    - The zoid is coated with an ionized rayse alloy that integrates rayse energy all through-out its body and mechanism.
    - It uses Rayse Energy source, which is a mixture of Electricity, Heat and Light Energies.
    - Reduce Light damage by 20%; increase Dark damage by 20%
    Speed: 32 (25 Base + 10 Simulex -3 Shadow Armor)
    Agility: 72 (60 Base + 20 Simulex -8 Shadow Armor)
    Heat Index: 50

    Internal Slots: 6 (8 base -2 =IPU)
    Shadow Armor - (3)
    Stealth System - (1)

    CPU Slots: 6 (5 base +1 =IPU)
    OPS - (1)
    GA - (1)
    Stealth System - (1)
    Lock On System - (1)

    Hardpoints: 11
    Current Outfit
    Chest (1) = Sol Brave
    Back (3):
    1 = Stratos Rifle
    2 = Tierian Rail Rifle
    3 = Napalm Missile Pod
    Limbs (6):
    FU left - 1 = Quanta Blades
    FS left - 1 = Sniper Rifle
    B Left - 1= Sierra Rifle Bit (1)
    FU right - 1 = Quanta Blades
    FS right - 1 = Plasma Cannon
    B Right - 1= Sierra Rifle Bit (2)
    Tail (1): = RAISER Anti-Missile System

    Head – 40 | Body – 175 | Legs(x4) – 60 | Tail – 30
    Current Armor: Shadow Armor
    Head – 115 | Body – 425 | Legs(x4) – 135 | Tail – 105
    +250 to body, + 75 to other limbs

    Shadow Endgame (Formerly Booster Dischargers)
    Releases a thick black rayse thunder cloud that engulfs the area. The rayse thunder cloud is a unique form that embodies a rayse energy surge along its particles, which in turn, enhances electric, heat and light base attacks. Rayse energy is mainly composed of electric, heat and light energy that has been fused together to create a unique energy source. This doesn't allow metallic compositions to conduct its energy much like what electricity does since this new form of energy is a combination of different atomic particles, and one that knocks back and not conducts metallic surface. This technique also enhances some of the Rayse Wolf's natural attacks.
    Can choose only 1 from 3 functions:
    - 1) Increases zoid function and mobility (evasion increases by 40%; Agility and Speed gains + 2)
    - 2) Reduces the enemy accuracy to 30%
    - 3) Increases Electric (energy), Heat and Light Damages by 25%
    - Lasts for the entire round; every other round
    - Requires an activation feat

    Lightning Fang (Formerly Electrostatic Bite)
    Biting with the surge of lightning and creating a devastating blow to the enemy. The technique may be enhanced further by charging twice in order to transfer the electric energy to the enemy's circuits, thus creating an abnormality on its functions.
    Can choose 1 from the two options:
    - 1) 115 DP and Stuns for 2 actions (1 charge)
    - 2) 100 DP and Reduces the opponent's mobility (decreases speed by 2 and evasion by 30% for 2 actions only) (1 charges)
    - Can be used 3 times per round

    Vantage (Formerly Konig Wolf Headgear)
    This techniques allows the evolved headgear to create distortion by emitting quantum waves into the air. The quantum waves have different effect in the atmosphere and create different opportunities for the Rayse Wolf to use. One is to enhance tracking by creating a disruption in the quantum waves, thus allowing a clear view of the target without much regard of the environment condition. The second effect is to create a disruption in being tracked by guided projectiles, wherein the quantum waves in the air flow to create an illusionary guidance to projectiles, thus interfering with the initial targeting functions. The last effect is to create a disruption in the atmosphere around the Rayse Wolf wherein previous attempts of the enemy to block the Rayse Wolf's view will be bypassed as the quantum waves will be able to locate the location and send back the signals to its origin and where the improved headgear will interpret its data.
    Can choose 1 from 3 functions:
    - 1) Zen System: Increases Accuracy by 35% for 4 actions (In-RP Effect: Integrates a wide range of locating systems such as Nightvision, Thermal Sensors and GPRS tagging.)
    - 2) Kaleidoscope Effect: Creating an illusionary image of the zoid, where it interferes with long-range attacks.
    - Increases evasion rate by 50% against long-range attacks
    - 3) Wave Effect: Bypasses any accuracy reduction effect by 50& (must have 1 charge)
    - Lasts for the duration of the round
    - Possible requirement of 1 charging feat

    Duelist(formerly Hardened teeth and claws)
    A spiral piercing attack, using the fangs and claws that taps into the radiant energy surge of the Rayse Wolf. The surge of the rayse energy coats the fangs and claws of the Rayse Wolf, making them armor piercing.
    - 65 DP
    - 75 DP (when used together with Shadow Endgame due to the effect that spurs the Rayse Wolf's energy affinity)

    Rayse Endgame (formerly Konig Claw Strike)
    Syphoned energy creates an extension to the claws, which when swung to attack, gives a longer reach of damage, making the attack a short-to-middle range type. The attack may be enhanced when the environment is to the zoid's favor having abundant sources of electric, heat or light energy sources. Thus, when charged, the claws would send out a brief wave of rayse energy spark to create an area of effect damage.
    Can choose 1 of the 2 options:
    - 1) 75 DP + 20 Energy Damage
    - 2) 70 DP + 45 DP Splash damage of Energy Based (Can only be used together with Shadow Endgame)

    Blade Dance
    Blade Dance is a perfected technique of the last strike that the Konig Wolf landed on its enemy and failing, resulting to its fatal wound. However, with the evolved form of the Rayse Wolf, gaining the enhancement of Rayse Energy, which allows for quicker movement and accurate targeting, this technique was perfected. It is a fast spiral attack that uses the evolved Quanta Blades. With the radiant light on the Quanta Blades following through the spiral motion of the attack, the light stream it leaves creates an image of a whirlwind. Like a whirlwind, the more the technique is repeated, the stronger it gets. But the down side of the technique is that accuracy for targeting will not be at top notch as each usage will speed up the motion to strengthen the attack, thus, becoming a little unstable to direct the trajectory of the attack.
    - 150 DP
    - Uses both Quanta Blades which makes up the 2 uses for the round for the Quanta Blades
    - Requires 1 charging feat
    - once per round
    - reduces accuracy by 5%, increases DP by 10 with every use to the Rayse Wolf(cannot go beyond accuracy -%25, and DP+50)

    Kamui (Might of the Gods)
    During the process of evolution, Aedan contemplated on not being competent in helping Kael in his dream. Thus, he wished to be of more use to the pilot if he would be given another chance. For that, he developed a technique that would bring out Kael's full potential as a sniper - Kamui. This technique utilizes all four of the evolved rifles in creating the ultimate long-range offensive strike. All four rifles will shoot in unison, with the Stratos and Tierian Rail Rifles mounted on the back, and the Sierra Rifle Bits hovering from the sides, and with their projectiles combining to create one large beam when shot as one, or with the option of shooting as three split rays. However, as this technique will make use of the required weapon's potential, the weapons may not be used separately on the same round as Kamui is executed, and using Kamui will automatically count for their 1 round usage, regardless if they could have been used a number of times per round.
    Can choose between 2 modes of attack:
    - Burst Mode - deals 350DP; single target
    - Split Mode - deals 110DP; up to three targets

    The following rifles must be available for use:
    - Stratos Rifle
    - Tierian Rail Rifle
    - Sierra Rifle Bits x 2
    Decrease Heat Index by 10 for every use due to the zoid core heating up from the power surge.

    - Can be used once per round, and every other round (because of high DP output)
    - Uses 2 feat for preparations:
    - 1 feat to unlock system power surge before the charging sequence
    - 1 charging feat
    - Renders the listed rifles unusable in the same round and charges them 1 round usage
    - Locked when organoid is fused with the zoid
    - Cannot be enhanced by any proficiencies

    Stratos Rifle (Pulse Rifle) - Ionized rayse alloy coated rifle that has air compressor and ion mixer barrels located beneath the main barrel. In order to create a powerful and fast projection of the attack, the compressed air is injected to the ion mixer barrel, creating both a fusion and fission effect. Fusion causes for the molecular activity to create energy to be made to stabilize and reinforce the energy based rounds. Fission allows the fused energy to ignite into an explosion that shoots the enhanced rounds with a speed close to the speed of light.
    - (Energy Based)
    - 90 DP
    - +30% Accuracy when targeting Air-based zoids

    Tierian Rail Rifle (Sniper Rifle) - It is composed of three rails to form the barrel and connected at the body of the rifle by the special barrel loader. The rails create a low-gravity area along the neck and dispenses electrical charges to move the special ion rounds with immense speed, thus reducing air friction and adding aerodynamics for fast reloading and re-firing. Estimates had reduced reloading and re-firing time lag to 0.3 seconds. However, because of its special system for fast firing action, it generates heat that may lead to the zoid's overheating when used too much.
    - 60 DP
    - Double Shot option equates to one action only
    - When using the Double Shot option or Double Attack Reflex, it subtracts 4 points from the zoid's heat index level; Cannot perform Double Shot option or Double Attack Reflex with this when heat index is reduced to 25% of the total.
    - Can be used 6 times per round

    Quanta Blades (Nanotech Blades) - The original Nanotech Blades were changed into a rayse type of blade that is hidden within its sheath compartment. Upon using it, the rayse energy shoots out from the sheath compartment to create a blade form with the properties of rayse energy, while maintaining its Nanotech functions with regard to specially charged chips to fuse with the attack.
    - 100 DP
    - Requires 1 charging feat to make use of Nanotech Charged Chips
    - Can be used 3 times of up to 8 rounds
    Chips Collection:
    Heat Chip
    (Most useful to overheat opposing zoid.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 heat based damage. Heat Rating of 15.

    Energy Chip
    (Most useful against shields that don’t block energy damage.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 energy based damage.

    Slashing Chip
    (Most useful for blades that are attached body or legs, blades that stick out.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 solid melee damage.

    Piercing Chip
    (Most useful for blades that are attached to the head or tail, blades that will be used to stab as opposed to slash.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades. Does base damage plus an additional 20 solid melee damage.

    Ice Chip
    (Most useful against speedy opponents.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Does base damage plus an additional 20 ice based damage. Using this will lower your Heat Index by 10. In addition, this will lower your opponents Agility by 5 and Speed by 2 for a full round (Stackable if used twice in the same round).

    Explosive Chip
    (Most useful when you are in a jam and need additional damage, even if the blades do not hit the splash damage might.)+5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.Deals base damage plus an additional 60 explosion based damage. Heat Rating of 5. After use the user must purchase a new blade, or two depending on how many blades exploded (only the blade which is used explodes, meaning that you may use it twice, once per blade in a battle.). Once both blades are used they may not be used again in the battle. The chip stays in tact, however, and does not need to be purchased again. (Price to replace exploded blade: 900 credits per blade.)

    Shock Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 10 energy based damage. Requires one feat to charge. Stuns opponent for two actions.

    Organic Chip
    (Most useful when health is needed.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 10 solid melee damage. Heals 10dp per round if used. The blades do not have to hit to get this benefit but they must be used. The health may be applied to any section. Does not heal past the initial armor value.

    Shadow Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 30 shadow based damage.

    Light Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 30 light based damage.

    RAISER Anti-Missile System (Anti-Missile System) - A fused compartment can be found in the tail area that launches a hundred of Rayse Energized mini projectiles. When an opponent fires a barrage of missiles at your zoid this system kicks in and automatically counters the missiles.
    - Can be used 3 times of up to 5 rounds

    Sierra Rifle Bit (Anti-Zoid Rifle) x 2 – The original Anti-Zoid Rifle was changed into detachable rayse rifle bit allocated on the hind legs of the Rayse Wolf. When activated, the Sierra Rifle Bits hovers at the side of the Rayse Wolf, allowing for better sighting of enemy zoids. The Sierra Rifle Bit is controlled through the use of the quantum waves produced by the Rayse Wolf.
    - 55 DP
    - +30% Accuracy when targeting Air-based Zoids
    - Can be used 2 times for 5 rounds

    Sol Brave (Tri-barrel Mini Gun) – The original Tri-Barrel Mini Gun was changed into a small gun compartment located at the chest of the Rayse Wolf. Its efficient use was further developed and best suited for close-range combat, giving it high accuracy pattern. As it was influenced by the rayse energy throughout the evolution, the Sol Brave has an option to be coated by specialized energy, fusing together to produce an energy type projectile instead of solid rounds. However, such a feat will require charging and damage is decreased than normal.
    - 100 DP (solid damage)
    - 70 DP (energy damage) and requires 1 charging feat to use
    - +30% Accuracy when close-range
    - Can be used 5 times for 6 rounds

    Organic Psycom System (integrated after evolution)
    Modifies a Zoid's control systems and allows for a direct link to the pilot's mind.
    +4 to reflexes | +4 Proficiency
    Requires 1 CPU slot

    This Armor is black in color. Classified as Dark Tech, this armor provides a good arsenal with good defenses.

    Speed and agility are reduced by 3 and 8, respectively
    +250 to body, +75 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 3 Internal Slot

    Black Sun Filter
    The armor is fitted with the system to combat Radiant Light from the Radiance Armor and the visual aids used are protected as the light is reduced and negated. Also provides a full spectrum sensor suite that can be activated to assist during battle.
    Negates the effects of Radiant Light
    Grants +50% accuracy for one round when activated, usable every other round

    Smoke vents located on each limb. A dark smoke is released onto the field to provide cover and conceal the Zoid.
    Lasts for the entire round, every other round.
    Reduces foe's accuracy by 75%

    Dark Sonar Wave
    A dark sound wave is emitted onto the field that disrupts the opposing Zoid’s system that controls their Zoid’s movements, effectively restricting its capacity to move.
    Last for the entire round, once per battle
    All opposing Zoid's speed and agility is halved

    Dark Pulse Gun [Elemental: Dark]
    Located on the tail is a gun firing dark energy. No charge time and good firing rate.
    60 DP

    Dark Ionized Cannon [Elemental: Dark]
    This is Dark Tech’s latest creation and one that should be feared. It is located on the back and is quite the heavy arsenal. It fires an unknown dark beam and because of its ionized nature, can disable systems. It has a slow charge time.
    Once per round, three times per battle
    150 DP, stuns the opponent for 1 action. Requires one charging feat

    (No evolution upgrade or integration)
    NanoTech Armor
    This barely there armor proves that less is more and more is not always better. Unlike other armor platings NanoTech is bonded to a zoids base armor and does not require any external hard points. The unique properties of this armor allow it to regenerate damage and alter its physical properties.
    This armor can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round. NanoTech armor is also able to alter is physical structure to harden it self against certain types of damage (Heat, Energy, explosive, slashing or stabbing damage, etc). A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%.
    Armor Points: 100 per section
    Note: The NanoTech bonuses are negated when other armor platings are applied regardless of where it is. Only the additional armor is granted.

    Guardian Angel
    This new technology was brought about near the discovery and widespread usage of organoids. The Guardian Angel is an AI trained sphere that aids the pilot while in battle. A vocal wireless uplink is maintained between the pilot and angel when activated. The angel can be commanded away from the zoid, but has a default hovering status above the center of the zoids back. Many small laser cannons are covering the body of the hovering angel, which it uses to shoot down incoming projectiles and aid the pilot in offensive attacks. It is trained to store data on each faced weapon to learn its characteristics. After the first time a weapon is used, the chance of it being negated by the angel goes up by 20%.
    +30 dp to every attack from the pilot. Protection from incoming objects (bullets, energy, rockets etc) is up to the judge, but chances of negating the attack increases by 20% every time the attack is used after the initial attack. Requires an activation feat. Can remain active for an entire round, must rest one round before activating again.
    CPU Slots: 1
    GL 5 Restriction

    Simulex Components LP (Land Package)
    Simulex components precisely replicate the locomotive systems of living animals with the increased durability and stress tolerances that come with synthetic materials. In addition to the internal modifications this package also includes 2 thrusters to provide a boost in speed. This land package provides four and two legged zoids a boost to their land combat stats.
    Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +20 agility and +10 speed

    SCOPE (Self Calculating Optical Precision Equipment)
    This tech device increases the accuracy of all fire armed based equipment on the zoid by magnifying the weapons' sights in ranges of 50x's up to 5000x magnification.
    Adds +15 DP to all firearms attached to the zoid.
    Requires 1 CPU slot. Zoid must have firearm-based weapons (Machine guns and rifles. Cannons do not apply.)

    Stealth System
    Makes the Zoid it is installed in undetectable by radar, heat, and sound patterns, and therefore invisible. Requires an activation feat. This is usable by any zoid, for one round per battle, during which time the opponent will only have a 25% hit rate.
    Internal Slots: 1
    CPU slots: 1

    Internal Processing Units
    Additional Processing Units are fitted into available space within a zoid, and linked up with the zoid's core CPU to increase data storage and performance.
    +1 available CPU Slot
    Requires 2 Internal Slots

    Napalm Missile Pod
    When these warheads explode they release a fiery napalm like substance. This substance sticks to a zoids armor and heats it up. Due to the excessive heat from this substance, a zoid's internal systems may suffer a system freeze. Holds ten missiles. May fire two missiles per feat.
    Use: Three times per round, up to 3 rounds
    DP: 20 per missile
    Heat Rating: 10 per missile

    External Hardpoints: 1

    Electromagnetic Force Field x2
    Charges a Zoid's armor, increasing its molecular stability.
    Reduces damage from energy based weapons by 50%. Damage from solid matter weapons is reduced by 75%.
    Cannot be used with the ANY Armor Coatings. Cannot be used with a shield.
    Use: Good for one round, twice per battle. Requires a cool down period of one round between each use. Requires one charging feat.
    Internal Slots: 1

    Lock On System
    Used for missiles; allows for a 100% hit rate if the opponent does not try to dodge. Turns any missile system into a smart system.
    Requires 1 CPU slot

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