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    Khongol Halasian


    Monetary Credits : 2,000
    RPC : 0
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    Character sheet
    Name: Khongol Halasian
    Team: Fury
    Primary Zoid: Shamshir Liger

    Khongol Halasian

    Post by Khongol on 16th March 2017, 11:05

    Khongol Keras Halasian
    Team Fury's Berserker

    RP Credits: 0
    Monetary Credits: 1,500

    Advancement Points: 31,000
    Growth Level: 13
    Skill Points: 55 (47 + 8 OPS)

    Mental: 18
    Reflex: 14 (10 +4 OPS)
    Proficiency: 23 (19 +4 OPS)

    • Melee: Rank 5 - 17 (+25 DP)
    • Rifles: Rank 2 - 3 (+10 DP)
    • Cannons: 0
    • Machine Guns: Rank 2 - 3 (+10 DP)


    Character Description
    Age: 30

    Khongol stands at five foot, nine inches tall. He has blue eyes and blonde hair which is cut short. What little length there is tends to be messy but this is how it lays naturally. On the right cheek is a green line that goes from under his chin up to his nostril, going beside his mouth. This tattoo is about an inch and a half wide. He wears a black jacket with a white circle on each of his shoulders, hunter green fingerless gloves, black trousers and boots, and a hunter green shirt under the jacket. Each boot has a pair of straps and square buckles to latch them in place.

    His attitude is normally one of free-spiritedness, but will not turn down someone in need. He has the qualities of a great leader although, doubts do claw at his mind in the wake of the ZBC's collapse and Fury's final disbanding. While gifted with a “heart of gold”, he is brash, headstrong and is known to act without thought.

    Also, it should be noted that he loves good food... so the fastest way to his heart is via his stomach.


    What has come and gone
    Not much can be said of Khongol as a boy, he grew up in Betaru City since he was able to walk. His father was an arms merchant that supplied many warriors and for years the boy watched the Zoid pilots come to town. Every one of them made him dream for that life. The life of a warrior. Rumor has it his blood line goes back to a legendary team of warriors once known as the Blitz team. This is unconfirmed as his father passed away shortly after Khongol left on his personal quest and his mother died birthing him, the truth was much worse. Khongol would eventually learn that she was murdered in her sleep by an enemy of his parents.

    As Khongol grew, his father read to him tales of a chaotic century that was filled with war and death. Tales of a boy named Van and his Organoid, Zeke. The young Khongol fell asleep dreaming of finding his own Organoid as well when he became a Zoid warrior. These bedtime legends were what convinced him of his partner Zoid, having also preferred the Liger-type over all other kinds of Zoid anyway. In the few years before they settled in Betaru they traveled. His father was at that time only a mere transporter. This changed when he found out one of his suppliers was selling his business, being friends for nearly a decade then Khongol's father bought the business and moved them in.

    During his teen years he spent large amounts of time of time in the Zoid simulators. At first he was by far the least skilled but as he played he seemed to improve. So much so that his scores filled the top slots, which got him more attention over time. One day he challenged a former pilot to a game and was defeated faster than the match took to load. From that day until recently he never played the game again.

    Life after his quest began was far from easy. He lived off noodles and broth more often than not... when he could afford the food. Eventually he returned to his father empty-handed and shamed, to find his dad was dead from a virus. Searching their home he located the 1500 credits inside his father's safe, with this money he purchases his green Blade Liger, intent on honoring his parents by becoming one of the best Zoid Warriors on planet Zi and a legend like those his dad would tell him. From this point on it is just him and his green Blade Liger... at least until a woman named Chevelle Bentley came to him about joining Team Fury.

    He did join Fury although it was after his first exhibition match. Chevelle met him in the bar he visited after the battle, she then took him to the base where he met most of the team and even got involved in the plans for a new headquarters. However, the return of the team's captain heralded in a new mission: to stop a large group of bandits. The battle was fierce but Fury not only came out on top but ushered in new members to easily replaced the teammates who had seemed to abandon the others before the mission. One of these was a woman that Khongol would eventually begin a relationship with, Valkyrie Blackstone.

    In the days and weeks that followed the mission to Sorsea Bay, Fury underwent more changes as they began to construct a new base of operations; then convert the old base into an indoor training ground, which Drakron could run the new pilots through their paces. Shortly after this conversion, Khongol received word that the man that killed his mother was found. Without hesitation, Khongol pursued the man called "Viper" and battled him. Thinking that the murderer was dead, the Liger pilot returned to his team and acted as if nothing happened, choosing to explain the days he was away as "simply closing a chapter in my past".

    Training came and went, and with each of these challenges, Khongol and his Blade Liger continued to strive to become the best duo on Fury. A couple weeks after some battle training, paired with Valkyrie, against Chevelle and her Shadow Fox and a gauntlet run, Khongol and Valkyrie set off to pick up groceries and supplies for the team. While shopping in Betaru City, the pilots encountered an odd old man who had a much more odd tale. Chosing to find out it the story was myth or truth, the pilots dropped the foodstuffs off at Fury HQ and set out to find the "legendary vending machine". Not much of the adventure was known to any but those involved, but the pair returned as a couple.

    Not long after the adventure with Val, the Fury base received a message from Viper, proving Khongol wrong and challenging him to a duel "where it all began". Not wanting his enemy to learn of the woman he loved, Khongol went to face Viper alone. The search took nearly a week before he was attacked by a Berserk Fury, unbeknownst to him was piloted by Viper's Organoid. The Organoid, fittingly named "Lucifer", drove the Fury to its limits in an attempt to slay the pilot in the Blade Liger. Khongol fought the Zoid off to only face Viper himself and his Genosaur. This battle was more fierce than the one before, and Khongol lost. With his revenge only begun, Viper chose to leave the younger man alive this once to torment him with the thoughts that he was inferior to Viper, thoughts he dare not speak to any on the team... not even his girlfriend.

    Not long after the Liger's repairs were complete, Khongol and Val were watching the news. There was a report that a small Zoid was attacking travelers and merchants as they came and went from Betaru City. Khongol, not one to simply stand on the sidelines, promised to be back soon and set off to stop whatever it was from harming anyone else. The small being turned out to be a small tiger Organoid. The Organoid bound itself to Khongol when the Blade Liger was almost completely destroyed while trying to keep the small Zoid from being taken by a band of mercenaries. The "reborn" Blade Liger, Khongol, and Organoid defeated the trio who had attacked. After naming the Organoid "Claw", Khongol returned home... it took some work, but Valkyrie forgave him for running out earlier that day.

    Eventually, some idiot decided to mess with reality and ripped pen not one but many holes into space-time. Through these wormholes, one could pass through to an alternate universe. It goes without saying that the military did as it normally does and charged in, which resulted in a catastrophic war that shook both versions of Zi to their core. The Rift War caused countless deaths on both sides of the Gate and obscene amounts of money in damages, many cities were leveled after being turned into a war-zone... and Fury was at the front lines as always.

    This was about the same time Chevelle's unknowing tie to Viper's targeting of him. The young man left the team and cursed his best friend swearing to kill her for her betrayal. Amazing what a small planetary war can do... he would rejoin his team by a few missions until the Captain of Fury and the berserker had it out and the truth came out. There was never a betrayal of trust, she had told the monster to shove it and ignored his call. Sadly, the man would not be ignored and made an assault on the once-hidden fortress after the Rift War had ended.

    The personal war raged until it claimed the life of Khongol's girlfriend. The Viper's fang-bladed glove impaled her, leaving her to bleed out. Her tale would not end there, but this pushed the Furian to hunt the murder down for a final battle where Viper did not walk away from. With his trophy in hand, Khongol returned to the base and gifted Chevelle with the bladed glove that was still soaked in the killer's own blood.

    Free of the specter of the past, Khongol was able to begin his life again. Now, he, with his evolved Shamshir Liger, and his wife, resurrected by futuristic tech, lead the team. There had been a window where it was re-branded Veritas in tribute to his parents, but the Zoids Battle Commission would disband the teams for half a decade. Once again, Fury is needed.

    Who knows how history will unfold.


    Organoid Information
    Name: Claw
    Organoid Level: 10
    Organoid Points: 900

    Repair: 100%
    Stamina: 10
    Speed: 5
    Agility: 10

    Organoid Genus: Tiger

    Three feet tall to shoulder, seven feel long from nose to tail tip.
    A steel grey Organoid with gun-metal grey and jade armor and a small booster on its back for its speed-based ability as well as flight long enough to fuse with a Zoid. The armor-plates are accented by gold tiger-like stripes. The "wings" of the anti-lift stabilizers on the sides are gold and the base where it connects to Claw is the same shade of navy blue as the join pegs on its legs.


    Upon fusion, the host Zoid's body is hardened due to the innate toughness of the Organoid's body; thus improving the natural armor as well as covering the claws, teeth, and blades. This hardening reduces received damage as well as provides an improvement to the damage given by these weapons as a reflection of the untamed personality of the Organoid. The strengthening is accomplished by the energy of the Organoid's fusion to the Zoid core causes a reaction with the miniscule robots coating the armor of the Zoid which over clocks them into a higher resistance.
    20dp damage negation while Organoid is fused (requires Nanotech Armor Coating, after all other bonuses), bonus of 15 dp to natural melee weapons. Affect lasts for the duration of the fusion.


    Organoid 2 Information
    Name: Airazor
    Organoid Level: 10
    Organoid Points: 900

    Repair: 100%
    Stamina: 10
    Speed: 5
    Agility: 10

    Organoid Genus: Peregrine Falcon

    Brown back, head and wings, white stripe on bottom of the tail, white about the neck, golden talons. Wing's "feathers" are razor sharp. Tiny booster rocket hidden in back.
    Size: Body - 2 feet long, Wingspan - 4 feet long

    Eyes of the Hawk
    Airazor has the uncanny ability of precognition. She is able to see an attack and react before the attack actually happens, much like in Chess when you are more moves ahead of your opponent.
    When fuzed, the host-Zoid gains a 50% chance to evade incoming attacks before additional feats/gear bonuses to evasion. (Lasts for duration of fusion.)


    Zoid Information

    Shamshir Liger

    Speed: 25 (20 base + 5 FSC)
    Agility: 60 (50 base + 15 FSC, max of 60)
    Heat Index: 40

    Max Speed: 406 km/hour
    With Booster: 455 km/h

    Internal Slots: 6/8
    --Zero Temperature System
    --Internal Processing Unit #1
    --Internal Processing Unit #1
    --Stealth System
    --Internal Processing Unit #2
    --Internal Processing Unit #2

    CPU Slots: 7/7 (5 Base + 1 IPU)
    --Guardian Angel
    --Stealth System
    --EMP-Force Cannon (FIXED)
    --Integrated Psycom (FIXED)
    -- Lock-On System

    External Hardpoints: (10 total, 3 Body, 2 per Front Leg, 1 per Hind Leg, 1 Tail)
    -Body: 1 / 3
    --EMP-Force Cannon (FIXED)
    -Front Left Leg: 1 / 2
    --Tri-Eye Laser Clusters (FIXED)
    -Rear Left Leg: 0 / 1
    -Front Right Leg: 1 / 2
    --Tri-Eye Laser Clusters (FIXED)
    -Rear Right Leg: 0 / 1
    -Tail: 1 / 1
    --Integrated Anti-Missile System (FIXED)

    Basic Armor:
    Head: 40
    Body: 185
    Legs: 70 (each)
    Tail: 35

    Total Armor:
    Head: 140
    Body: 285
    Legs: 170 (each)
    Tail: 135

    External Hardpoints: 10 total – Body x3, 2 per Front Leg, 1 per Hind Leg, Tail
    Body: 1 / 3 - EMP-Force Cannon
    Front Left Leg: 1 / 2 - Tri-Eye Laser Clusters
    Rear Left Leg: 0 / 1
    Front Right Leg: 1 / 2 - Tri-Eye Laser Clusters
    Rear Right Leg: 0 / 1
    Tail: 1 / 1 - Integrated Anti-Missile System

    Height: 15 Meters
    Length: 32.4 Meters
    Weight: 150 Tons

    What can only be described as the Blade Liger's bigger, meaner form, the Shamshir Liger is larger than all Zoids in the Liger family. Sporting a set of four blades, two on the outside of the front legs' ankles while the second set it mounted where the Blade Liger's originally were. The canopy is now armored with a plate that gives the appearance of now having eyes. Overall the Shamshir clearly resembles its former form as well as hinting at another possible evolution, the Liger Zero, including the crimson gyro caps sported by the Zero.  

    Armor Plating and Coating:

    NanoTech Regenerative Coating
    Intended for those with an eye towards healing any damage taken, the NTRC offers the user the fantastic ability to regenerate their damaged armor mid-battle. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTRC will allow you to absorb hit after hit, only to shrug it right off and keep on fighting.
    --Armor +100 to All Parts
    --Can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round.

    --NanoTech Regenerative Coating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage. While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at anytime during battle but no more than twice per round.
    --NanoTech Regenerative Coating is fully compatible with any and all armor coatings, but is incompatible with attached armor platings. If armor coatings are applied, the NTRC retains its ability to regenerate and alter itself against varying damage types.

    Protective Coating IV - (Used 0/5 battles)
    Reduces damage to armor by 50%, protects all areas of armor.


    Zero Temperature System
    Cockpit system that keeps the zoid’s heat system cooled to 32 degrees making it immune to heat related effects.
    Use: Two times per battle, lasts for the entire round. Requires one feat to activate.
    Requires 1 Internal slot

    SCOPE (Self Calculating Optical Precision Equipment)
    This tech device increases the accuracy of all fire armed based equipment on the zoid by magnifying the weapons' sights in ranges of 50x's up to 5000x magnification.
    Adds +15 DP to all firearms attached to the zoid.
    Requires 1 CPU slot. Zoid must have firearm-based weapons (Machine guns and rifles. Cannons do not apply.).

    Lock On System
    Used for missiles and cannons only; Locks onto enemy Zoids to recalculate trajectory and flight path. Turns any missile system into a smart system.
    +15dp to Missile and Cannon Weapons.
    Requires 1 CPU slot.

    Guardian Angel
    This new technology was brought about near the discovery and widespread usage of organoids. The Guardian Angel is an AI trained sphere that aids the pilot while in battle. A vocal wireless uplink is maintained between the pilot and angel when activated. The angel can be commanded away from the zoid, but has a default hovering status above the center of the zoids back. Many small laser cannons are covering the body of the hovering angel, which it uses to shoot down incoming projectiles and aid the pilot in offensive attacks. It is trained to store data on each faced weapon to learn its characteristics.
    +30 dp to every attack from the pilot. Protection from incoming objects (bullets, energy, rockets etc) is up to the judge, but chances of negating the attack increases by 20% every time the attack is used after the initial attack. Can remain active for an entire round, must rest one round before activating again.
    CPU Slots: 1
    GL 5 Restriction

    Designed to bring tactics and teamwork in battle to a new level, Heartlink is a CPU upgrade that allows all current battle data from your zoid be transmitted to a teammate's Heartlink. However, understanding of said teammate's piloting style is required to make the most of the raw data. Requires 1 feat to activate and both pilots involved to possess Heartlink; The effect lasts until end of turn. Restriction: A Heartlink equipped teammate is only compatible if you have either taken part in a FQ with them or have fought together previously.
    When linked with a compatible teammate's system, Heartlink provides a +30% Dodge bonus if both of you dodge in the same action, and +30% accuracy if you both attack the same target during the same action.
    Requires 1 CPU slot

    Internal Processing Units (x2)
    Additional Processing Units are fitted into available space within a zoid, and linked up with the zoid's core CPU to increase data storage and performance.
    +1 available CPU Slot
    Requires 2 Internal Slots

    Stealth System
    Makes the Zoid it is installed in undetectable by radar, heat, and sound patterns, and therefore invisible. Requires an activation feat. This is usable by any zoid, for one round per battle, during which time the opponent will only have a 25% hit rate.
    Internal Slots: 1
    CPU slots: 1


    Mega Thrusters
    Mounted between the shoulder blades of the Liger, these Thrusters provide an enhanced short-term boost in speed and evasion when activated.
    +3 to speed; 30% increased evasion
    Lasts for three actions; usable once per round

    Force Claws and Sabres
    (Energy) possible
    No longer resorting to using mere metal to cause damage the claws and teeth feature a specially crafted shield generator that sheaths the weapons in an envelope of energy. When charged, these claws are able to stun a foe for one action.
    Uncharged: 90 DP (65 base + 25 proficiency)
    GA active: 120 DP (65 base + 25 proficiency + 30 Guardian Angel)
    Charged: (Charge requires 1 Charge Feat.) 115 DP (80 base + 25 proficiency) (Energy-Based) and Stuns for 1 action.
    GA active: 145 DP (80 base + 25 proficiency + 30 Guardian Angel) (Energy-Based) and Stuns for 1 action.

    Volcano Impact Cannon
    This double-barreled shock cannon now is enhanced with liquid fire, burning the armor of any Zoid struck as well as causing explosive damage.
    90DP (75 base + 15 Lock-On)+ 10 Heat Rating
    GA active: 120 DP (75 base + 30 Guardian Angel + 15 Lock-On) + 10 Heat Rating

    Quadruple Force Blades
    (Energy) possible
    The Shamshir Liger has evolved two additional blade's which are found mounted on the front legs' ankles, these blades can be angled in a range of three hundred sixty degrees. When not in use the front blades rest from the ankle upward, the rear blades back in the typical Blade Liger fashion. Unlike the original blades the leading edge that is only 1 molecule thick, but like the original blades, these four can be enveloped in energy for even more brutal attacks.
    Can be used in tandem.
    Uncharged: 120 DP (per blade) (95 base + 25 proficiency)
    GA active: 150 DP (95 base + 25 proficiency + 30 Guardian Angel)
    Energized: 170 DP (per blade) (145 base + 25 proficiency) (Energy-Based)
    GA active: 200 DP (145 base + 25 proficiency + 30 Guardian Angel) (Energy-Based)
    When used in tandem both blades do only 75% each of their separate damage.

    Beam Lance Laser Rifle
    Mounted on the back of the front set of blades are the evolution of the original Laser Blade Snipers designed again for long range combat. High beam power prevents attenuation at range, making the weapon ideal for use against aerial threats and long distance opponents. However, it does not mean that close range foes are safe as the rifle can swap to a machine gun mode to fill the air with energy particles.
    Machine Gun Mode: 55 DP (30 base + 10 proficiency + 15 SCOPE)
    GA active: 85 DP (30 base + 10 proficiency + 15 SCOPE + 30 Guardian Angel)
    Sniper Mode: 120 DP (95 base + 10 proficiency + 15 SCOPE)
    GA active: 150 DP (95 base + 10 proficiency 15 SCOPE + 30 Guardian Angel)

    Hyper Electric Pulse Dome
    The Hyper Pulse Energy Dome is a shield like no other. It encompasses the entire Liger from harm yet is still allows the Zoid to move. The shield works as well as it had when the Zoid was a Blade Liger, however it can now defend against even missiles.
    Reduces all damage by 60%, does stop missiles.
    Totally negates all charged particle and ion field weaponry targeted at or in close proximity to the Shamshir Liger
    Lasts for six actions; usable once per round

    Evolved Weapons:

    Tri-Eye Laser Clusters
    With the changes made to the Blades the laser repeaters were altered into two sets of laser clusters mounted on the forward shoulders of the Zoid. Each cluster consists of three laser "eyes", which through light warping gravity fields are directed at their target. These can also be swept to pepper moving enemies over several armor locations.
    Use: Five times per round, up to five rounds
    Aimed: 120dp (95 base + 10 proficiency + 15 SCOPE)
    GA active: 150 DP (95 base + 10 proficiency + 15 SCOPE + 30 Guardian Angel)
    Sweeping: 50dp (25 base + 10 proficiency + 15 SCOPE)
    GA active: 80 DP (25 base + 10 proficiency 15 SCOPE + 30 Guardian Angel)
    Fixed External Hardpoints: 1

    EMP-Force Cannon
    The EX-Force evolved into a true beast. Still retaining all its power, the weapon now inherited the power of an Electromagnetic Pulse. This allows the shot to overload any Zoid that survives the blast, forcing it to Freeze mometarily.
    The EMP-Force is ineffective against magnetic forcefields, however it can stun for 2 actions.
    265 DP (250 base + 15 Lock-On) and Stuns for 2 actions.
    GA active: 295 DP (250 base + 15 Lock-On + 30 Guardian Angel)
    (Charge requires 1 Charge Feat.)
    Fixed External Hardpoints: 1
    Fixed CPU Slots: 1

    Evolved Equipment:

    Integrated Anti-Missile System
    A pod of hundreds of tiny projectiles installed in the tail of the Liger. When an opponent fires a barrage of missiles at your zoid this system kicks in and automatically counters the missiles.
    Use: Thrice per round, up to 5 rounds
    Fixed External Hardpoints: 1

    Fused Simulex Componets
    Due to the extreme use of the Simulex and the evolution of the Blade Liger, the system permanently fused with the Liger aid in the unnatural speed and agility borne from the evolution.
    Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +15 to agility and +5 speed for land based zoids.

    Integrated Psycom
    Due to the nature of their bond, the once burned out Organic Psycom System is now permanently integrated into the Zoid's Core uniting man and machine for life.
    +4 Reflexes | +4 Proficiency
    Fixed CPU Slots: 1

    Unique Abilities

    Vehement Rage
    The Shamshir Liger is possessed by a frenzy, enabling it increased accuracy and power every time it attacks with its natural weapons during this period. This frenzy lasts as long as the pilot is mentally able to maintain control.
    10% Accuracy and 10DP bonus for each attack with the Zoid's natural/evolved weapons. (Maximum increase of 90% Accuracy and 100DP.
    Lasts for Action number equal to the Mental Ability stat number.

    Requires 1 Activation Feat.
    Usable once per battle.

    Shamshir Strike
    The Shamsir Liger extends all of its blades and charges them, they then emit the charge into the front-half of the energy shield, which focuses into a point. While the Liger uses the “flaming” shield to ram the foe and send them reeling before the pair of blades on one side strike true. This brutal attack is nearly unavoidable (when correctly performed).
    Usable once per round, every other round, and only twice per battle; can't be used the same round as the Hyper Pulse Energy Dome.

    Requires 1 Charge Feat.
    Usable twice per battle.


    Storm Sworder

    Speed: 25 (19 base + 10 SCA)
    Agility: 60 (45 base + 20 SCA)
    Heat Index: 25

    Max Speed: Mach 3.2

    Internal Slots: 0/4

    CPU Slots: 0/3

    External Hardpoints: 6 total – Back x2, 2 per Wing (1 Top, 1 Bottom)

    Basic Armor:
    Head: 35
    Body: 100
    Wings: 50 (each)
    Tail: 35

    Total Armor:
    Head: 110
    Body: 175
    Wings: 125 (each)
    Tail: 110

    Armor Plating and Coating:

    NanoTech Stealth Treatment (NTST)
    Designed with stealthy pilots in mind, the NTST is unique in its application of next-gen stealth technology pioneered on the Ishikawa Technical Industries "DX01 Strafe Dragon." Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTST will allow you to avoid the enemy’s attacks and and get the drop on them yourself.
    --Armor +75 to All Parts
    --Reduces enemy accuracy by 25%.

    --NanoTech Stealth Treatment is also able to alter is physical structure to harden it self against certain types of damage (Heat, Energy, explosive, slashing or stabbing damage, etc). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at anytime during battle but no more than twice per round.
    --NanoTech Stealth Treatment is semi-compatible with attached armor platings, but is incompatible with any and all added coatings or the Stealth System. If armor platings are attached, the NTST loses its ability to alter itself against varying damage types.


    Simulex Components AP (Air Package)
    Simulex components precisely replicate the locomotive systems of living animals with the increased durability and stress tolerances that come with synthetic materials. In addition to the internal modifications this package also includes 2 thrusters to provide a boost in speed. This air package provides air class Zoids a boost to their air combat stats.
    Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +20 agility and +10 speed[/color]

    Compatibility, Applications, Limitations
    -This component is designed to enhance air combat and will not offer any benefit to other forms of combat.
    -Not compatible with older versions of Simulex Components
    -Not compatible with Land or Water Simulex Package


    Hardened Alloy Iron Claw[b]
    The talons on the Sworder are extremely sharp and able to cut through most of today's available armors.
    60 DP (35 base + 25 proficiency)

    [b]Twin Dual 40mm Pulse Cannons

    Can be used on any target in front, above, or below. Concealed in the elbow joints, four barrels provide maximum power, accuracy, and automatic fire.
    50 DP

    Hardened Alloy Forehead Blade
    (Energy) possible
    This blade is capable of extending up or forward, though in practicality should really only be used upwards for going under other air targets (unless the pilot has a death wish). Can be charged for one feat with energy to provide maximum cutting power.
    Uncharged: 85 DP (60 base + 25 proficiency)
    Charged: (Charge requires 1 Charge Feat.) 120 DP (85 base + 25 proficiency) (Energy-Based)

    Twin Hardened Alloy Wingtip Laser Swords
    The main kill weapons on the SS these blades extend from the wingtips and charge almost instantly with energy. Perfect for deleting those senseless parts on opponent zoids such as wings and legs.
    115 DP (90 base + 25 proficiency)


    Known Reflexes:

    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Like all animals, the instinct of fight or flight is in every Zoid. Sprint may be used to run away from or at your opponent.
    Increase for 2 actions the evasion and accuracy rates by 20% and speed by 1.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Shoots out of the air any missile or bullet. Only good on frontal attack single shots (if you use a missile to intercept, then a spray of machine gun fire can be shot down as well due to the explosion damage).
    Use a projectile to destroy a bullet or missile in front of you or a missile to destroy machine gun fire.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    Quicker than the Eye:
    [Must be used BEFORE the feat you want to go unnoticed. Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Use this feat to catch your opponent off guard - it will make the following feat a stealth attack. Can be used once per round. (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    After Image:
    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    The Zoid dodges at such a high speed that an image of the Zoid remains to confuse the aiming pilot and make them miss.
    Allows near-auto-dodge of one attack feat, once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    Counter Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    An attack directly after an opponent's attack, not giving them enough time to defend themselves or dodge the attack.
    Attack right after an opponent's attack for 95% chance of both of you taking clear damage.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Some pilots know they can't escape certain attacks. Their human instincts allow them to position themselves in the safest possible stance to brace for the attack and minimize damage, while allowing a quick counterstrike.
    Reduces melee damage to your Zoid by half and throws foe off balance temporarily due to upending the attack.
    Only usable by land Zoids.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Causes your Zoid to revert back to its wild state for a short period. Only melee attacks can be used during this period. Upon activation lasts 3 actions.
    +25 DP to melee attacks; only melee attacks usable for the attack feats of the next 3 actions.
    (Uses 3 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Half your actions]
    Can be used once per battle if you get a temporary system freeze. You can reboot the Zoid early by rewiring, allowing you to be able to use half of your actions on that turn you were supposed to be frozen.
    Reboots a temporary system freeze early; instead of freezing one turn, you get half of your actions instead of none.
    (Uses 5 Reflex Points)

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