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    Chiya Shishido

    Chiya Shishido
    Chiya Shishido

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    Character sheet
    Name: Chiya Shishido
    Primary Zoid: Lightning Saix

    Chiya Shishido

    Post by Chiya Shishido on 15th March 2017, 11:51

    Pilot's Name: Chiya Shishido

    Starting stats
    0 AP
    4 Skill Points

    Apply your skill points to the following Pilot Attributes:  (See the Stats Defined page in the rules for the break down)
    -Mental Ability: 1
    -Reflexes: 2
    -Proficiency: 1

    Cannons: Rank 1-1 (+5 DP)


    Character Description:

    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Physical Description:
    Chiya has rather long, raven hair, and big black and red eyes. She is not tall, nor is she short, but average in height, and slightly underweight. She wears regular civilian clothes, usually just plain black pants and shirt, and cares little how other view her appearance. She has a rather childish body, not very curvy, with small breasts.

    Chiya is seemingly rather emotionless, the type of person who isn't easily ruffled. However, one thing gets under her skin every time: flirting. If flirted with she is like to punch the guy flirting with her and run for it, rather than tell them to stop. She is fairly brave, able to do what needs to be done with little resistance. Chiya is also a fairly mysterious person, talking little of her past or herself.

    Chiya has a great love of sweets, for unknown reasons, but she eats them more often than anything else. Chiya enjoys peace and quiet, often choosing to be by herself rather than around others, and rarely let's people stay close to her. Chiya does not like physical contact, and has a great aversion to it, though nobody understands why. She hates dresses, because they restrict her ability to move, and she greatly enjoys having a bit of freedom. Chiya has always loved running, and the freedom it can provide.

    Backstory: N/A


    Zoid: Lightning Saix


    Sample Role Play: N/A

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