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    Basic Rules


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    Basic Rules

    Post by Admin on 24th February 2017, 01:45

    Basic Rules

    This is a game for the true Role-Player. You must want to Role-Play with others and be prepared to be involved in plot with others. If you are joining just to brag about how good you are, will not have fun here. Help is available if you do not understand something in the rules.


    Code of Conduct

    • Respect the staff and your fellow players.

    • Participate often. If the Captain of a Team feels that you are too inactive for their group they may request that you be removed from it. If there is a reason why you can't email or PM us ASAP so that we may let them know, or post a message so that they know you will be away.

    • No more than one character per account. And all alt characters must be earned using the rules later on in this topic. If we catch anyone with more than the amount allowed we will ask you to freeze one until it is earned.

    • Before starting any official battles, obtain a judge. There is a topic set aside on the Battle Request board for this purpose. Battles done for plot and socials do not need to be posted in the official battles area.

    • Captains, remember, there is no recruiting in Join threads. Private Message pilots you wish to invite and let them decide.

    • If an issue crops up, please, talk to a Moderator or an Admin. We are here to help you enjoy your time on Zi.



    Please include your Team's name in the subject of your post.
    To buy Zoids or other items, create a post in the store board. List all the items you wish to buy with their full stats (the name, price, damage points, slots used, and any other information included with an item on the parts page).

    To sell an item or items, simply create a post and list the item(s) you wish to sell. You need only list the name and price for each item.

    You will be given 25% value for used parts. A part is considered used when it has been in 2 battles or more. Coatings of any kind are not sellable. Parts not considered used sell back at full price.

    Your purchase request will be locked when your stats are updated.

    A member of a team may buy parts for the team bank, which may then be loaned out temporarily or used with team Zoids. These can not be sold back to earn the team more monetary credits.

    100words = 1 RP Credit = 50 Advancement Points, 2 Hatching Points or 50 Monetary Credits



    To take out a loan simply start a thread on the store board.

    Team captains may take loans of up to 5,000 monetary credits.

    Captains may take out multiple loans without paying back previous ones.

    Individual pilots may take out a loan of up to 1,500 monetary credits. They must pay the loan back completely before taking out another.


    Alt Characters

    GL3 requirement on main character to gain access to first alt.

    Main character must be GL6, and alt character must be GL3, to gain access to second alt.

    Upon hitting GL9, GL6, and GL 3, with your three characters you may create a fourth character!

    Your characters can not be on the same team, but Freelancers are not limited in this fashion.

    Alt characters are allowed to become Mercenaries, so long as they themselves fulfill the requirements.

    No shared pools of any kind; one character's Zoid, Organoids, etc. are their own. You may, however, share RPC and Monetary Credits across your accounts.

    Your characters can not be in the same battles as each other. They may be in RP together, so long as another person is posting in it as well.

    Before creating the account for the character, it must be put up for approval. Approval must be given by the Team Captains of the team it would be on plus a staff member.

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