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    Emerald Belladonna

    Emerald Belladonna

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    Character sheet
    Name: Emerald Belladonna
    Primary Zoid: Gun Blaster: Muerte

    Emerald Belladonna Empty Emerald Belladonna

    Post by Emerald Belladonna on 1st September 2018, 01:13

    Pilot's Name: Emerald Belladonna (translation from native language)
    Birth Name: Onokuqx Zoqquxippu
    Team: Freelancer

    1,500 Monetary Credits (Starting Credits)

    Starting stats
    0 AP
    4 Skill Points

    Apply your skill points to the following Pilot Attributes:  
    -Mental Ability: 1
    -Reflexes: 1
    -Known Reflexes:  
    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)
    1 cannons (+5% dp)
    1 melee (+5% dp)


    Character Description:  
    Age: 35
    Gender: female

    Physical Description:
    7 feet 9 inches tall, Emerald is clearly not Human or Zoidian with caramel colored scales covering her entire humanoid body.  If the scales aren’t enough, the two-inch claws on fingers and toes should be.  Or perhaps the emerald green knee-length dreadlocks that match her eyes and six-fanged outer jaw. Her standard attire for both casual wear and hunting is an emerald green leather loincloth over a fishnet body stocking made from a rare metal native to her home world.  On her arms are a pair of bracers made from the same metal as the fishnet concealing wrist blades, a micro factory and launcher for throwing stars, a wrist computer, and a 20-megaton nuclear explosive for when you can’t afford to let the enemy win no matter the cost. In addition to the suicide bomb, the wrist comp is used for translation, programming smart weapons and reading sensor data from pre-existing or otherwise prepositioned satellites.  The only marking of any kind on her athletic body is a ritual scar resembling a gem on her forehead though that can only be seen if she isn’t wearing the helmet that goes with her bracers and provides alternate vision modes.

    Emerald is a bit of a lone wolf possibly because her mother died in childbirth the night she was born.  Growing up, she made few friends but the group is extremely loyal to each other. Besides enjoying the option to go without clothes that the adults of her people have, Emerald can be very stubborn, wearing minimal clothing no matter the temperature and even seeking out cold areas despite the difficulties it causes with her infrared vision typical of her race.  Her likes are spicy food and hunting big game.  Her favorite prey when hunting is the 100-meter-long queen of an insect swarm that has molecular acid for blood.  As proof of her skill and loner nature, Emerald usually hunts these hives on her own despite most of her birth race only hunting the giant insect queens in hunting parties of no fewer than 20 warriors.  Her hobbies since arriving on Zi are hunting, smithing and sparring with a pallid Gun Blaster she has taken to calling Muerte.  Her dislikes are centered on behavior she considers dishonorable such as child abuse, murder, theft, etc.  

    Backstory: (Optional, +500 monetary credits)


    Type: Ankylosaurus
    Name: Muerte

    Speed: 4
    Agility: 10
    Heat Index: 50

    Internal Slots: 9
    CPU Slots: 7

    External Hardpoints: 8 – Body: 3 (chest, back x2), Limbs: 5 (tail, each leg)

    Base Armor - Head: 50 / Body: 190 / Legs (x4): 75 / Tail: 65


    Hardened Alloy Body Spikes
    These are the several hardened alloy spikes situated around the Gun Blaster's body. Each spike is very sharp and pointed, making them very capable of leaving sizable gashes in the armor of Zoids who dare touch the Blaster. There are two on each side of the neck, five on each side (between the legs), three on each side of the rear, and two on each side of the lower tail for a total of 24 spikes. In addition to being excellent melee weapons, these spikes are also defensive shield generators which provide the Gun Blaster with a high-strength, omni-directional shield.

    Hardened Alloy Crasher Horn
    Perfect for ramming.

    Hardened Alloy Crusher Tail
    The tail can be used as a spiked club.

    Omni-Directional Shield
    Energy pours out of the body spikes and forms a dome around the Gun Blaster, protecting the whole Zoid.
    Reduces physical damage by 40% and energy by 50%
    Last for four actions; usable once per round, every other round

    Heavy Weapons Array
    All of the following are forward facing only and can move 15 degrees horizontal and 25 degrees vertical.  

    Lower Array: High Accuracy – Two weapons of two different sizes can be fired at once (for a total of four weapons)

    Two 50mm Cannons: 15DP each

    Two 60mm Cannons: 25DP each

    Two 70mm Machineguns: 15DP each

    Two 80mm Beam Rifles: 35DP each [Energy]

    Middle Array: Low Accuracy – Two different sizes of weapons may be fired at once (for a total of two weapons)

    250mm Mortar Cannon: 20DP to legs of targets within 20m; 70DP on direct hit [Explosive]

    70mm Pulse Cannon: 60DP [Energy]

    150mm Mortar Cannon: 30DP to legs of targets within 10m; 55DP on direct hit [Explosive]

    Dual Shotgun: 75DP (close range only)  

    High Array: Average Accuracy – Only one may be fired at a time, except for the twin cannons, which may be fired simultaneously

    Heavy Beam Cannon: 90DP [Energy]

    Twin 120mm Cannons: 75DP each

    Light Particle Cannon: 100DP (usable once per round) [Energy]


    Sample Role Play: (Optional, allows Team Captains to see how you will play and may help you get on a team you're wanting to get on.)
    An in-character RP to display your skills.
    Many moderators prefer that you include a bit of battle RP in your sample.

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