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    Black Clover RP



    Black Clover RP

    Post by Shen on 31st October 2017, 23:48

    A Forum RP based upon the Manga By Yuuki Tabata and Anime Series by Studio Pierrot

    Welcome to the Clover Kingdom, a peaceful and prosperous land under protection of the Order of Magic Knights and all-powerful Magic Emperor. A magical society, all citizens in the land have magical abilities, granted by magical tomes called Grimoires. However, only the strongest among them become Magic Knights, brave and powerful mages who stand as protectors of the people and defenders of the peace!

    Begin your adventure and join one of the nine elite squadsthat make of the Order of Magic Knights! Earn Gold Stars for yourself and your magic squad, ranking up to Grand Magic Knight or earn black stars and become more infamously known... Wield powerful spells and magical items, either bought at the Curio Shop or discovered in a deadly Dungeon!

    With a friendly staff and always growing community, we're ready to welcome you to the newest RP based upon the Shonen Jump Manga and Studio Pierrot Anime Series! Come by stop by our discord for a chat too!

    We hope to see you in the Clover Kingdom!

    Discord | Black Clover RP

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