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    Casual Confusion (private)

    Alana Taylor
    Alana Taylor

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    Casual Confusion (private) Empty Casual Confusion (private)

    Post by Alana Taylor on 26th September 2017, 18:23

    Alana was currently being chased by someone, she usually wasn’t the type to run, but at the same time, she simply wanted to get away from this mess, she didn’t even know what she done, she was simply taking a stroll while the sun was going down with Jisung, something she hasn’t done in a very long time. Suddenly, she was being chased down for no reason.

    Looking behind her, she bit her lip. She needed to get away from whoever was chasing her.

    “What or who the fuck is chasing me…?!” Alana mumbled to herself as she continued to urge her zoid on, she needed to find a safe place, she was just glad that not many people are around at this time of night. Why couldn’t things be much smoother?! She hasn’t been out in a very long time.

    “Time for plan two… bye bye, motherfucker!” Alana exclaimed to herself as she turned herself around, and dashed right past him. This confused her pursuer that's for sure, but she wasn’t done yet. Not until she found a little alleyway or anything of the sort. It didn’t take long for the female to do so, and with little effort, she turned Jisung to the left into an alleyway, which was connected to a few other alleyways… She may need some help here, she may have chose a decent alleyway, but she knew the chase wasn’t over. She needed to hide herself and Jisung for the night, but where could they go?? Or even better, is there a safe place to get back to hers??

    Hopping off Jisung, she yawned slightly and hugged petted the zoid as if it was a real animal, praising it and grinning. “I must admit, we done a good job if the bastard hasn’t found us yet. But god fucking damn, where the fuck do I go now??”

    Shaking her head, she hears footsteps nearby, and Alana simply looked to Jisung once more. “No rest yet it seems, we may have company and not the good kind, time to give them a warm welcome…”

    She was now ready and waiting for whoever was going to even come close to her, will she have to run off again?? Is it even the pursuer in the first place?? The only way she can find out is if she waited in the first place, which is unfortunately what she must do.

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    Total Word Count: 403

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    Izak Hirsch
    Izak Hirsch

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    Casual Confusion (private) Empty Re: Casual Confusion (private)

    Post by Izak Hirsch on 30th September 2017, 23:24

    “Dammit,” Izak said walking through the barely lit street. He had been out much later than intended, drinking with several local pilots at a bar. While he had reached his limit well over an hour ago, he left them to their devices – and potential hangovers. That said; waltzing around after dark in a three piece suit was not the best way to spend a night. As some would say, he was “asking to get robbed at gunpoint.” What only enforced his uneasiness is that his hotel (and his Hammerhead) was on the far side of the city.

    At least he didn’t have to take the alley forever he only had to duck through two, and the first one was behind him. The main roads were somewhat better lit, but only somewhat. As he looked around before crossing the street, Izak let himself get lost in the stars for a moment.

    It was a beautiful evening, though it was a little cold for his liking, but not horrible. His mind drifted off to his home again as he stepped onto the opposite curb before turning left and following the street downhill for a few blocks, as he turned into the final alley before his hotel. This one was much darker than the first. He paused and whistled.

    “I should’ve brought a flashlight,” he said aloud. So he carefully began his walk down the alley, though he was somewhat ignorant of the Gun Tiger at the end…until he heard something move.

    “Shit,” he whispered. “Who’s there?”

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