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    LQ Organoid

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    LQ Organoid Empty LQ Organoid

    Post by Edward Brooks on 2nd September 2017, 22:29


    Female organoid, artificially created to replicate the effects of a natural organoid.  Appearance wise she is a processor based on reflective light moving through a crystal.  The crystal itself is only five inches long and two inches wide, mounted to Edwards back with a bio-mechanical adapter that simulates being able to 'plug' Lexa into his back.  Inside the crystal small flashes of light are visible, nearly invisible to the naked eye.  However when Edward's brain activity raises the lights grow in intensity until it appears to glow a bright blue.  Due to the bond between Edward and 'Lexi' there is a connection between the two where Lexi is able to 'project' an image of herself in his sight so that she exists in his eyes.  She in no way is real but could almost be considered an imaginary friend save for she is really a super advanced piece of technology.

    Forced Upgrade
    With a mass dump of energy from Lexa she is able to run energy from her gem to any weapon system held and or wielded upgrading it in many facets.  Cooling, fire rate, range, precision, efficiency all get advanced to the peaks of existing technology.  Through this any weapon can go from a simple shell and barrel weapon to a rail cannon assisted mortar.
    A single weapon gains a +30 damage and the double shot ability. [MAX damage 100]
    Please note: The double shot option on a 'Force Upgraded  Weapon' still counts as one use. However, if the double shot is taken twice by way of employing the Double Attack Reflex, that would count as two uses.

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