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    Custom Mech Description

    Edward Brooks
    Edward Brooks

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    Custom Mech Description

    Post by Edward Brooks on 2nd September 2017, 17:58

    Zoid Stats

    Shadow Fox – Fox

    Speed: 25
    Agility: 60
    Heat Index: 45
    Internal Slots:

    1 – Stealth System
    2 –
    3 –
    4 –

    CPU Slots:

    1 – Stealth System
    2 –

    External Hardpoints:

    CAS – Radiance Armor

    Stock Armor – Head: 25 / Body: 95 / Legs (x4): 30 / Tail: 20
    Total Armor – Head: 125 / Body: 295 / Legs (x4): 130 / Tail: 120

    CAS Specials

    Radiance Armor
    The Radiance armor is the standard white, classified as Light tech. The CAS is a heavy defense, providing a decent arsenal for offensive purposes. Designed specifically to counter the Dark Tech CAS, it provides decent performance against mundane equipment, excelling against the Dark System.
    Damage from Dark Tech weaponry reduced to 50%.
    +200 to body, +100 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 3 Internal Slot

    Radiant Light
    The armor plating installed in this system is dotted with evenly distributed 100w LED bulbs. Individually each bulb produces 900 lumens apiece, as a whole the bulbs producing over 900,000 Lumens over ten times the intensity of the sun if looked at directly from ocean level. Each of the bulbs are covered with a tinted white Ballistic glass that allows them to be protected from damage however enough damage to the plating can disable individual plates leading to decreased functionality. The inability to look or lock directly onto the Zoid with visual system makes accuracy reduced.
    Last for 5 actions, twice per battle
    Opponent’s accuracy is reduced by 50%

    Light of Heavenly Judgment
    This system uses a light based wireless connection to interface with allied Zoids and use excess processing power to enhance productivity of the energy generation systems leading to increased performance. Due to the increased drain on the CAS weilders energy reserves it can only be used once before the Capacitors that fule the system are drained, having to be trickle charged for a day before being able to be reused.
    Lasts for one round, once per battle
    +2 Speed/+5 Agility, +10 DP to attacks

    White Particle Cannon
    [Elemental: Light]
    The White partical cannon uses a burst of high intensity atomic particals, damaging the target by over loading the target with energy, effectivly melting the impact location with white bullet like projectiles. As it fires ammunition of negligable weight there is no recoil to speak of and no drop in accuracy at range due to gravity or wind. On the Shadow Fox this is mounted where the 30mm Gatling Gun was located giving it the same range of movement and agility. To solve the rapid over heating that weapons of this nature suffer there is an integrated cooling system, hoses running down the inside of the mounting system into the cooling system of the Zoid it is mounted to. Also by using a quick charge capacitor the weapon has no charge time on its initial shot and by shaving a small amount of energy from the shot to start a chain reaction it becomes self sustaining not needing an outside source of energy to continue firing. The fire rate on this weapon is at max 120 rounds per minuet but it most effective rate of fire is like that of a rifle, each round being aimed and fired.
    70 DP

    Stun Beam [Elemental: Light]
    The Stun Beam System fires a shell 45 degrees backwards and upwards from the Shadow Foxes right shoulder. This shell once airborne uses a series of small rocket bursts to orient itself to face the target where it unloads a single use high volume capacitor into a positively charged beam of light that upon impact causes severe static in the struck Zoids system forcing a full system lock as too many digital signals a received at once. Three rounds are stored in the shoulder, an auto loading system preparing the next round but due to the tight confines of the armor the reload process can be lengthy. The shell fired is cylindrical and six inches with with a eight inch length, small holes in the side being where the Rocket rotation system fires from. Height wise the round can fire anywhere from three meters above the zoid all the way up to 75 meters into the air in an arch.
    Once per round, 3 times per battle
    90DP, renders its target immobile for one action

    This armor system can be used on any Zoid.
    10,000 Credits


    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and claws formed from a combination of Gold and Titanium, Beta-Ti3Au. This metal is harder than standard titanium by a factor of four and can shatter diamond without negative feedback.

    Strike Laser Claw ]Energy]
    A toned down replica of the Liger Zero Strike Laser Claw, it has been copied for use in the shadow fox. The computer siphons energy from the reserves and routes them through the claws the gold acting as a conductor but the Titanium acting as a resistor causing the claws to super heat giving the Shadow Fox a super fast hard to avoid melee attack.

    30mm Omni-Directional Vulcan Machine Gun LOCKED
    Long-ranged weapon that can fire in LITERALLY any direction as it is mounted to a three jointed hydrolic lift system, capable of agile and quick movements. Buffers in each of the joints reduce the effect of recoil but the Shadow Fox still feels the effect of the recoil and most effectively fires in short bursts. However once hunkered down and the barrel rotation gets up to speed the spray of bullets goes from a splash pattern to that of a laser like beam. An internally mounted ammo storage container contains enough munition for the mech to endure sustained fire for the duration of nearly any combat.

    270mm Electromagnetic Net Gun
    Concealed in the tail, the net gun fires at pursuing Zoids and unravels them with a powerful shock. However, due to the position of the net, it can only fire at Zoids behind the Fox. There is only one canister for use.
    Brings Zoids to the ground, stuns foe for 2 actions

    Smoke Dis-chargers
    The Shadow Fox is capable of covering itself in a cloud of smoke from these shoulder-mounted vents, or for more creative use, sprinting by an opponent and covering it in smoke instead. In this second method you are prone to attack, but once by, the opponent is the only one who loses accuracy and you know where they are.
    Method 1: Lowers accuracy of Fox to 50% and enemies to 25%
    Method 2: Lowers accuracy of opponent Zoids to 40%
    Lasts for the entire round or until all Zoids leave the cloud; usable once per round, every other round

    Leg Anchors
    Anchors on the feet act as grips along with manipulable claws allow the Fox to run up any incline or surface barring sheer vert or inversion.
    Fox can run up any incline up to 80 degrees

    After Markets

    Misc. Components
    Stealth System
    Makes the Zoid it is installed in undetectable by radar, heat, and sound patterns, and therefore invisible.
    This is usable by any zoid, for one round per battle, during which time the opponent will only have a 25% hit rate.
    Internal Slots: 1
    CPU slots: 1

    Simulex Components LP (Land Package)
    Simulex components precisely replicate the locomotive systems of living animals with the increased durability and stress tolerances that come with synthetic materials. In addition to the internal modifications this package also includes 2 thrusters to provide a boost in speed. This land package provides four and two legged zoids a boost to their land combat stats.
    Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +20 agility and +10 speed
    Currently None
    Currently None

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    Re: Custom Mech Description

    Post by EvilRaven on 17th March 2018, 18:57

    Blaze Dragon
    type: dragon

    Speed: 10/24
    Agility: 18/32
    Heat Index: 50
    Weight class: Light

    CPU Slots:
    1: Thermal Vision sees in low light and bad weather conditions
    2: Multi-Targeting can hit up to 4 targets simultaneously, 3 turn missile reload after use

    Internal Slots:
    1: Heat Sink-at start of turn heat is reduced by 3 (passive)
    2: empty
    3: empty
    4: empty

    1: 30mm AP gatling gun ammo count 1000
    2: 50mm AP missiles ammo count 20
    3: empty
    4: empty
    5: empty

    Base Armor: Head 30, Body 95, Legs x4 25, wings x2 20, tail 15

    Specials and equipped weapons:

    Ballistic Deflection vs 30mm and smaller non armor penetrating rounds, takes only 1 damage when hit

    Blaze Claw: strikes target with super heated front claws, raises enemy heat by 5, 60DP

    Napalm Thrower: hits target with sticky napalm, deals 20 D.O.T and raises enemy heat by 2 per turn

    30mm armor piercing gatling gun: 25 DP

    50mm armor piercing missiles: hard to evade, 45 DP, max salvo 4

    Shield: Blocks most ballistic and energy weapons from front and sides, durability 150, ballistic resistance 10, energy resistance 2, cannot use while flying

    Flying: gains speed and agility, its own heat rises by 5 per turn while active, cannot fly while using shield.

    Integrated Organoid System: Learns enemy's move patterns, increases evasion and parry by 35%, places high demand on pilot, must have MA greater than 5 to use, if lower Blaze Dragon will at random dodge or parry

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