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    Edward Brooks

    Edward Brooks
    Edward Brooks

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    Edward Brooks

    Post by Edward Brooks on 11th August 2017, 17:08

    Pilot's Name:
     Edward Brooks

    Monetary Credits:

    Starting stats
    1000 AP
    7 Skill Points

    -Mental Ability: 2
    -Reflexes: [2 points] Double Attack, After Image, Intercept
    -Proficiency: 3 [+10DP Cannons]


    Character Description:

    Age: 25
    Gender: Male

    Physical Description:It’s been a while for Edward, time has passed and it is obvious. He is 25 now with a faint five o'clock shadow that attempts to get unruly but an electric razor keeps it under control for the most part. His short cropped hair has grown out to the point where he can tie it back into a sleek black ponytail. His body it a deep tan from countless hours outside for months on end. For those who remember his torso is still riddled with scars from a battle long past. Long and broad they have faded slightly making for a more natural look and feel but still feeling like scars. He stands a total 5'10" now having grown to his full height and gained weight totaling at 180lbs of solid mass.

    As an overall build he is set up similar to that of a gymnast and regularly trains himself to maintain that kind of flexibility that it would require. Finally his face, while squared and rugged is always smiling and never lets on what kind of crappy mood he may be in.

    Personality:  On his best of days Edward is energetic, responsive, and often overpowering in conversations leaving others annoyed with being unable to get a word in. Regardless of this though, he is still widely liked by the general populace due to his overall friendliness. He will go out of his way to see his friends and will more often than not buy them things because he enjoys it. Oddly enough though he has a tendency to get physical in this mood, wanting to wrestle others and roughhouse.

    Despite his good nature he absolutely hates being left alone for extended periods of time. If left alone where he does not want to be he develops a cant work attitude and becomes extremely counterproductive. It’s during these times that he will go through his entire call list because he is bored and call almost everyone he knows until he finds someone that will talk to him. During his lows though, he prefers to be alone if not just to be able to vent without being judged by others. When like this he can remain like this until days have passed confusing many people that know him.

    During an average day though he spends a good deal of his time just quietly watching and listening, taking everything he sees. He generally won’t speak until someone brings up a topic that he at least knows a little about. Once he is going though he can go on and on until he has expended all his interest in the conversation.

    Backstory: While he leaves his childhood behind him Edward does try to share a few facts about himself for the general public. His Shadow Fox, Roric, was claimed as a young man by selling his brand new college gift car, a ZX F511. It was a huge deal to him and he spent many weeks celebrating while he touched up some major repairs. Soon after though he was sent across the ocean to a war he was not truly committed to and had an accident that he would regret for the rest of his life. Coming back to Zi he is more than happy to leave that life behind him only stopping for the occasional military request for assistance.

    From that point he joined the High Guard and made a small name for himself. He bought a small home and began to work primarily for the team, not taking any jobs from the military anymore. He was more than happy with his new life, he had a girlfriend and they lived together until she left to go to school abroad. Making close friends with several other pilots, Miss D, Kael, Lance and his own captain he moved on as best he could leaving the hurt behind. The world turned and turned and something happened that no one could stop. Wild Zoids began to attack the country, sparsely at first but more as time went on from a series of what seemed like randomly opening portals.

    Assisting in the resistance of the portals with the teams all around the globe Zi survived with a decent amount of losses. Returning home from the long exhausting mission he gets back to find a request to go overseas and help all the foreign countries in their resistance. He accepted and it was amazing, he travelled from place to place leading a special team on the assault against the portals.

    He enjoyed everything he did he felt like he was really accomplishing things while he was doing it. Then something happened that he could never prepare himself for, Roric was destroyed.

    It was supposed be a routine mission, everything was going as planned. They showed up and took out the small gate. The team became relaxed and was caught off guard. Shelling from a faraway unit began to pelt like rain. Everyone scattered. Roric and Edward did the only thing they could, they begin to intercept fire with machine gun. It slowed down the explosion but it did not stop them. Even with all the fire coming from the camp it was destroyed.

    One shell came through the exploding hail, unseen flying like a harbinger of death. It was unlike anything they had ever experienced. The shell collided with the canopy of the Zoid shattering the hardened crystal turning into a rain of death. Days later he was found, bleeding near death. He was taken to a medical unit and the Zoid was left behind. With time though he went back and collected all the parts he could find. But it wasn't enough, the black box and Organoid that were the whole of Roric had become absolutely unsalvageable.

    Edward felt defeated, weakened and broken he had to go home to rest. And so the story begins...


    Zoid Stats

    Shadow Fox Fox

    Speed: 27
    Agility: 45
    Heat Index: 45
    Internal Slots:

       1 – Stealth System
       2 –
       3 –
       4 –

    CPU Slots:

       1 – Stealth System
       2 –

    External Hardpoints:

       CAS – Radiance Armor

    Stock Armor – Head: 25 / Body: 95 / Legs (x4): 30 / Tail: 20
    Total Armor – Head: 125 / Body: 295 / Legs (x4): 130 / Tail: 120

    CAS Specials

       Radiance Armor
       This Armor is white in color. Classified as Light Tech, this armor provides a decent arsenal with heavy defenses. The armor for this system is specifically designed to resist Dark Tech weapon systems. It will behave normally against standard weapons.
       Damage from Dark Tech weaponry reduced to 50%.
       +200 to body, +100 to other limbs
       Hover Cargo Requirement: 3 Internal Slot

       Radiant Light
       The armor is installed in panels that produce a bright, white, light that makes it difficult to view the Zoid, thus reducing the opponent’s accuracy.
       Last for 5 actions, twice per battle
       Opponent’s accuracy is reduced by 50%

       Light of Heavenly Judgment
       This is very advanced technology that generates a field that affects all allies; the field this unit creates boosts the abilities of allies and yourself in combat as well as enhances their Zoids and yours.
       Lasts for one round, once per battle
       +2 Speed/+5 Agility, +10 DP to attacks

       White Particle Cannon [Elemental: Light]
       Located on the back, the cannon fires bullet-like white plasma; this has a high firing rate and has no charge time.
       70 DP

       Stun Beam [Elemental: Light]
       Can be mounted anywhere on the armor as configured by the owner. Shoots a stream of white electrical particles that disrupts a Zoid’s system.
       Once per round, 3 times per battle
       90DP, renders its target immobile for one action

       This armor system can be used on any Zoid.
       10,000 Credits


    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and Claws meant to tear through armor in melee attack.

    Strike Laser Claw ]Energy]
    The hallmark of the Liger Zero, it has been copied for use in the Shadow Fox. The computer system siphons energy to the claw for a super heated, super fast, hard to avoid pouncing strike.

    30mm Omni-Directional Vulcan Machine Gun LOCKED
    Long-ranged weapon that can fire in LITERALLY any direction.

    270mm Electromagnetic Net Gun
    Concealed in the tail, the net gun fires at pursuing Zoids and unravels them with a powerful shock. However, due to the position of the net, it can only fire at Zoids behind the Fox. There is only one canister for use.
    Brings Zoids to the ground, stuns foe for 2 actions

    Smoke Dischargers
    The Shadow Fox is capable of covering itself in a cloud of smoke from these shoulder-mounted vents, or for more creative use, sprinting by an opponent and covering it in smoke instead. In this second method you are prone to attack, but once by, the opponent is the only one who loses accuracy and you know where they are.
    Method 1: Lowers accuracy of Fox to 50% and enemies to 25%
    Method 2: Lowers accuracy of opponent Zoids to 40%
    Lasts for the entire round or until all Zoids leave the cloud; usable once per round, every other round

    Leg Anchors
    Anchors on the feet act as grips and allow the Fox to run up any incline or surface barring sheer vert.
    Fox can run up any incline up to 80 degrees

    After Markets

       Misc. Components
       Stealth System
       Makes the Zoid it is installed in undetectable by radar, heat, and sound patterns, and therefore invisible.
       This is usable by any zoid, for one round per battle, during which time the opponent will only have a 25% hit rate.
       Internal Slots: 1
       CPU slots: 1

       Simulex Components LP (Land Package)
       Simulex components precisely replicate the locomotive systems of living animals with the increased durability and stress tolerances that come with synthetic materials. In addition to the internal modifications this package also includes 2 thrusters to provide a boost in speed. This land package provides four and two legged zoids a boost to their land combat stats.
       Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +20 agility and +10 speed
       Currently None
       Currently None


    Sample Role Play:

    Edward climbs off the stairs, crutches underneath both arms he limps along. He is a mere shadow who he used to be but he will not be slowed down. It has been a few years since he has set foot on this ground but he is more than happy to be home. No one is there to greet him at the gate but he feels no sorrow for it. He makes his way to the baggage claim. Hiking his huge bag over his shoulder he move to flag down a taxi.

    Its been while but he knows that his apartment is long since leased out to someone else. Even though he had no expectations of coming home when he did he at least tried to keep an eye on everything that was back home. The bills were racking up and he decided just cut his losses and get rid of the apartment. But now that he's hurt he has to find somewhere to stay and his old apartment was looking nicer as time goes on. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a small piece of paper looks out the window. The zipping taxi weaved its way through the traffic like a mouse getting him to the destination as quick as possible. The tall buildings cutting the sky and the shorter ones lining the horizon.

    Looking at the small piece of paper he tells the taxi driver the address. He had a little money saved up but not a whole lot, it was just enough to make sure he had somewhere to stay and somewhere to keep what was left of Roric. Now that Roric was out of commission the garage that he had chosen would look more like a graveyard, everything left that he could find of Roric littering the floor. All a painful reminder of what he had left behind and what his negligence had done to him.

    Sitting down in the taxi was painful to say the least, with all the casts covering his body he had next to no mobility and was by far in the worst condition he had ever been in his life. The taxi came to slow halt outside the garage doors, half open he could already see small parts scattering across the floor. If he ever really wanted to get Roric back up and running he would have to at least find a whole other Zoid and start from the ground up using nothing but hard time and labor to get everything up and running.

    By this point Edward began to call people, he knew everyone he needed to call and all the parts he needed to get the job done. The only thing he lacked now was the physical ability to do it and possibly the money. He knew a couple of people that he could probably get a loan from, but that would be sketchy and dangerous to say the least. His best bet what to be joining a team that had all of the necessary equipment to get everything accomplished. He had been in high guard before and he very much enjoyed the team but times have changed and he knew that he needed a fresh start. Picking up his phone he pulls out an old tattered piece of paper with a number and a single letter indicating who it was "K"

    Dialling the number his mind drifts away the ringing in the phone bringing back horrible memories... Rorics dashboard begins to beep warning of incoming danger. Edward's eyes start slightly staggering open from his near conscious sleep. Raising his head he looks over to the indicator, it says that there is a large amount of artillery coming in from the north. That was impossible though, his radar had to be malfunctioning, and he was sure of it...until the shells started hitting the ground around him.

    Immediately Edward darts to action, grabbing the controls power surges through Rolex limbs like a wave through the ocean. In a flash work is darting left and right weaving between explosions, living up to the name was given to him as shadow Fox. The resounding clicks of all the shrapnel bombarding his armor ring and Edwards in years, Where's all this coming from? How could he possibly miss this? Even at his best a shell lands to close to one Roric's legs, shrapnel splintering one of the hydraulic lines controlling the leg.

    The evidence of the damage was showing instantly, his mobility dropping 33% and falling. The shockwave from exploding shells now rather than simply shaking it the frame began to rock Roric from left to right. Aiming his weapon upward the 33 mm Gatling on his back begins to whir. In a flash it begins to spew energy rounds into the sky pouring out so fast it looks almost like a laser rather than the gun. Soon the sky is filled with fire as the rounds explode from being intercepted by the Gatling Gun. But even with the inhuman accuracy of a computer some shells were able to make it through appearing through the smoke and falling like bats out of hell.

    Edward assists as best he can acting as a secondary lockon for any targets that the computer might have missed spotting them through the hundreds of falling shells. Even though he was doing his best he was only human and was hardly helping. Through the smoke and debris in the sky above him a single shell is spotted coming directly for them. Rorics weapon rotates to adjust fire of this shell. Round after round misses the shell flying off into space just inches from the shell. A single round clips the shell sending it into a weird spin giving it a corkscrew fall pattern. Even with its odd flight pattern it was still on track to collide with Roric. If it found its mark it would be more than enough to shred anything underneath it. He kept firing as it got closer and closer it was too late dodge. One singular round sank home into the shell but it was too late the shell was a mere 25 feet from the cockpit. The impact of the round triggers the explosion. The shockwave and shrapnel combined shatter the hardened canopy. Broken glass and a massive concussive wave pelt Edwards’s body hurtling him into a darkness that he could not recover from. Shell after shell impact the ground around his Zoid, detonating each one taking a little more away from Rorics body. Several lands square in the middle of the chest rending parts away, ripping them off and leaving leaving nothing but a shredded torso.

    Edward slowly wakes from a deep slumber only to wish that he never had. His body was riddled with pain and the cold feeling of a drying liquid. The cold was quickly replaced with the warmth of fresh blood dribbling to the surface. The dark skies above gave no indication what time it was other night and possibly clouded as he looks up through the shattered canopy. Reaching across he attempts to touch the console on his right and realizes that he is turned on his side. The feeling of sadness and horror settles in as he touches the console and feels nothing but jagged metal sharp pieces of glass sticking up. Laying his arm back down he winced a little as a single piece of glass underneath his arm pierces into his side again settling in for the long night. He didn't care though, he felt so exhausted that all he wanted to do was sleep. A deep wave of unconsciousness rolled in and swept his mind away again.

    It was warm outside now. Resounding sounds of Zoids walking through a ravaged battlefield met his ears. That sound, more than anything, will be enough to wake him from almost any kind of slumber. With what little energy he could muster he turned his head looking upward less than 200 yards away, a mixture of Wilde's Zoids ravenously eat and tear away at the destroyed remains of one of his fellow Gate Monitors. It was all he could manage to not yell out in anger and disgust but he knew that if he got their attention he would wish he hadn't because they would not look away from him until they were done doing the same. The continued sound of shredding metal echoing through the day the only sound in the area.

    One of those Zoids breaks away from the group slowly trotting over to the remains of what used to be a proud and regal Shadow Fox called Roric. Bending down it scoops up one of Rorics's removed legs. tearing into the leg it eats with a ravenous hunger more savage than any beast that he had seen before. Edward wanted to, more than anything, reach out and grab the controls. He knew he couldn't do anything but he would just feel a bit less horrible if he could just wrap his hand around the controls. He couldn't though, in the light he could see that his whole right side was speared through and pinned down by the orange of the canopy. His arm was no where to be found. Several minutes passed before the Zoid drops what's little left of Rorics leg and turns to the cockpit slowly edging its way forward. Dropping its head down a deep rumble resounds in his ears as it finds him looking back weak and injured. Accepting it he lets go and concedes that its only fair that he die here with Roric.

    From far away he could hear it, the whistling sound. For some reason it always brought him comfort but right now he could not place his finger on what it was, but it did what it always does and calmed him down. It was unusual but it made him slightly happier to hear. And then it struck him, he realize what it was. It was the sound of incoming missiles. The falling cry, and the shrill shriek of missiles ends abruptly with the deep boom of the explosion. Missile after missile strikes the side of several Zoids sending them reeling. Too weak to look up Edward lays there and tries to comprehend as much of battle as he can. One of the explosions too close to him sending Roric's cockpit and torso into a roll throttling Edward inside the cockpit. Unconsciousness takes him once more. At least he take the comfort in knowing that whatever attacked him is currently being showered with missiles from somewhere.

    Monetary Credits : 2,000
    RPC : 0
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    Re: Edward Brooks

    Post by Khongol on 14th August 2017, 10:09

    I see that you found your old data and added the updated Radiance. Just a heads up, you do get the newbie amount of cash so... I guess that is an improvement. lol

    Also, go ahead and take a moment to edit the stats to match how they are supposed to look so its easier to read. (And welcome back, RL hit us all hard so it is quiet.)


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