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    Loud Noise and Warm Pie (Open)

    Kara Yun Sei

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    Loud Noise and Warm Pie (Open)

    Post by Kara Yun Sei on 13th June 2017, 13:26

    Friday nights at The Phoenix Rises were loud and bright, which was perfect for both annoying Kara and letting her blend into the crowd unnoticed. She found it sordid that the atmosphere where she was least likely to be singled out was exactly the sort that she’d hate the most. Well, legally at least.

    “I’m not going into an opium den.” she said, taking a dollop of whipped cream and placing it on her blueberry pie. The warmth and sweetness sent her in shivers – she preferred her pies chilled, but she was on an empty stomach and wasn’t willing to wait.

    She grimaced at the bills and coins she’d left on the table, pre-emptively. When she was a young girl, she didn’t need to pay for pies. She had butlers and kitchen staff to make them for her! Her parents could probably have bought all the restaurants on this street at a whim. All of them!

    Kara reflected on that thought.

    “…I miss Mother and Father.” she said to no-one under her breath, when she thought that no-one was looking. Her face turned sullen, downcast – it brought back painful memories. The past was such a worrying, anxious place, and the now was so much more fun to be in. She took another scoop of cream and put it on a slice, patting off the crumbs of the one she’d scarfed down with her napkin.
    “Excuse me, miss?” said a brown-skinned woman on the seat next to her. Kara turned back. If this was another reporter, she’d deck one out to…

    Kara mustered a fake smile. “Yes?”

    “What’s that you’re eating?” Oh.

    “Oh, this? It’s blueberry pie.” Kara said. She knew that the lighting made it hard to tell, but it was the only pie they sold in this joint! Resisting the urge to point this out, she patted her chin again and continued to eat.

    Why was it even named the Phoenix Rises, anyway? She’d probably ask when she paid the bill, or when she cared – whichever came first.

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