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Talented: A Superhero Roleplay


Talented: A Superhero Roleplay Empty Talented: A Superhero Roleplay

Post by Ozymandias on 6th May 2017, 13:38

Talented: A Superhero Roleplay Banner-corporate

As humans continue to evolve, their potential evolves with them. Sometimes certain humans rise above the rest, whether it be with superior knowledge or strength. Many of these humans are what are known as 'the Talented.' But who are 'the Talented?'

The Talented are a group of people who have superior abilities to their peers, whether it be in their intellect, strength, durability, or whatever the case may be. Various Talented beings have been seen running about throughout history, but little is known about who they truly are. The term 'Talented' is just a blanket statement, grouping anybody with special abilities together. In reality there are three sub-groups of Talented: mutants and metahumans.

The public got their first taste of just how powerful the Talented really were. On November 7th, 1980, a group of metahumans, known as the Revolutionaries, rallied and attacked the White House in an effort to take control of the United States of America. They were eventually taken down and arrested, but the amount of casualties were severe. The event, modernly known as 11/7, changed the public opinion of the Talented. The Revolutionaries ruined everything for mutants and metahumans alike, and nobody was happy with the result.

In retaliation, humans sped up their production of technology and equipment specifically tailored for dealing with the Talented. Law enforcement across the globe improved their weapons and armor, allowing them to deal with some of the biggest known threats. Every major country built a prison in a nigh-indestructable material to handle even the most powerful of beings. As technology rapidly improved, mechs and security improved along with it. There was even a device created that could scan people to detemine whether or not they had abilities. The world was done taking risks with the ticking time bombs known as the Talented.

On January 1, 2000, dozens of Earth's strongest mutants and metahumans gathered in Time Square of New York City, NY. While they were originally there to have a diplomatic discussion, law enforcement tried to intervene. In their efforts to detain all the threats, thousands of lives were lost. Y2K took on a whole new meaning after that.

To make matters worse, NASA made first contact with alien life on December 21, 2012. To prevent mass panic, they hid their encounter from the public, but they went on high alert. The surge in power Earth had from all of the metahumans was attracting a lot of unwanted attention, whether anybody liked it or not.

So here we are. In 2018, the world still does not know how to feel about the Talented. With looming threat of alien invasion on the minds of NASA and other US officials, the planet has never experienced a state of more tension. Many mutants still despise the metahumans. That just leaves one question:

Where do you stand?
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