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    Changeable Armor System (CAS)


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    Changeable Armor System (CAS)

    Post by Admin on 4th March 2017, 04:32

    Changeable Armor Systems (CAS)

    A one-time cost of 500 Monetary Credits is required to strip your Zoid's existing armor and convert its internal systems. This cost must be paid again if you wish to transfer the armor to another Zoid. You will not be reimbursed for your existing armor. Additional weapons can not be used when the armor system is equipped. When the armor system is not equipped base armor will be used. Platings cannot be used with CAS.

    • Note: The Claws/Talons/Teeth/Fangs, as well as any non-damage based special abilities, of the Zoid will still function with any CAS armor attached. Weapons such as blades and firearms, even if they're native to that Zoid, are removed and unusable when CAS is implemented.
    • Note: CAS Armor can be equipped and evolved with a Zoid, but all currently removed weapons become permanently unusable. Also, an evolved Zoid can be equipped with CAS.
    • Note: CAS does not take up Internal/CPU slots and may be used for purchased items.
    • Note: CAS is not compatible with Nanotech Armor or any other kind of coating from the shops.

    Hover Cargo:
    This is a transport unit that can be used to travel around with the Zoid in storage, but it is also essential when using CAS. This transport system holds the CAS units and is required for the armor to be usable during battle. There is a roof panel for aerial Zoids to enter. The Hit Points work like an armor plating during battle to protect the unit; opponents may target the Hover Cargo to disable it by bringing its HP down to zero (0). The owner would then be stranded in whichever CAS unit they have applied at the time of disablement.
    Internal Slots are how many CAS units a Hover Cargo can hold.
    Current Internal Slots: 3
    Max Internal Slots: 5
    Hit Points (HP): 300
    5,000 Credits

    Transport Upgrade
    Adds one additional Internal Slot to the Hover Cargo unit.
    1,000 credits

    Standard Armor
    The first of the CAS effectively. This armor allows a Zoid access to all its standard weaponry with the added bonus of armor and a pair of boosters to aid in speed.
    +75 armor to all areas.
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 1 Internal Slot

    Natural Abilities
    The Standard Armor gives a Zoid access to all natural weapons and abilities

    A pair of boosters concealed behind an armor plate rest on the back of the Zoid. These bare similar properties to the typical Liger booster system.
    Once per round, last two actions
    +2 speed, +20% Evasion

    This armor can be used by any Zoid.
    3,000 credits

    Schneider Armor
    This Armor is orange in color. The Schneider Armor is built for melee combat, with seven high-density alloy blades.
    +150 to body, +75 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 1 Internal Slot

    A strong frontal force shield that aides the Zoid when executing melee combat maneuvers.
    Lasts for 5 actions, every other round.
    Reduces all damage by 50%; +30 DP [Energy] to any Blade attack

    Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon
    Mounted on the Zoid's chest, this gun is made to supplement the blades.

    Twin Laser Blades [Energy]
    These blades are the longest on the Schneider unit and function similarly to the Blade Liger. They can swing out on the sides to slice or face forward to stab the opponent.

    Five Face-Mounted Blades
    Forward-facing only, these blades are as mobile as the head they are mounted to. They are for stabbing the opponent.
    Twice per round

    Seven Blade Attack
    All seven of the blades are engaged to severely damage the enemy.
    Once per round, up to two rounds

    This armor system can be used on land-based Zoids with 2 or 4 legs and a tail.
    3,500 Credits or 2,000 credits if used with a Liger Zero

    Jager Armor
    This Armor is blue in color. The Jager Armor is strictly for speed. It is structured to make optimal use of air flow and includes a pair of Ion Boosters. Can you handle it?
    Speed and agility hit the maximum for the Zoids weight class.
    +100 to body, +50 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 1 Internal Slot

    Ion Boosters
    Mounted on the back of the Zoid, these boosters greatly enhance the Zoid's natural speed and dodging capabilities.
    Lasts for 5 actions, every other round.
    Increases dodge rate by 50%

    Vulcan Pod
    The Jager’s standard run-and-gun weapon mounted on the face; they are extremely accurate. They have no recoil and a high rate of fire.

    Micro-Missiles [Explosive]
    A small pod of missiles, located on the back and only revealed when about to be used. Contains 10 missiles.
    Fires up to 3 in one feat
    20DP per missile

    High-Power Gattling
    Mounted on the Zoid's chest, this weapon is best used on targets in front of it. The weapon's ammo moves at extreme velocity, and cannot easily be dodged.
    3 times per round, up to 2 rounds
    80DP, unblockable by shields

    This armor system can be used on land-based Zoids with 2 or 4 legs and a tail.
    3,500 Credits or 2,000 credits if used with a Liger Zero

    Panzer Armor
    This Armor is green in color. The Panzer Armor is all about power, with it's twin buster rifles, repulsion armor and it's multitude of guns. Purely an offensive system it is sure to turn a few heads on the battlefield, and knock a few off too.

    Physical damage and solid ammo is reduced by 20 DP.
    Speed and agility are reduced to 8 and 20, respectively. Cannot be changed.

    +250 to body, +100 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 1 Internal Slot

    Hybrid Cannons [Energy]
    Mounted on each side of the armor; when not in use, they can be folded in and concealed within the armor. These cannons are the newest in energy-based weapons and do not suffer from heat build-up.
    Twice per round, up to 3 rounds

    Triple-Barreled Grenade Launcher [Explosive]
    Mounted in place of the chest cannons, this weapon launches cluster grenades that do a significant amount of damage over a 20-meter radius.
    Can be used once per turn, up to four turns.
    100DP for direct hits, splash damage at the judge’s discretion.

    Multi-Situational Missile Pods (x4) [Explosive]
    Contained in a compact pod which is then mounted on each of the Zoid's legs. These have no homing capabilities.
    Fires one full pod per attack. Once a pod is fired it is unusable for the rest of the match.
    20DP per missile, 5 missiles per pod

    Vulcan Gun
    Mounted on the back of the armor; can spin 360 degrees with a tilt of 30 degrees up or down.

    Heat Beam [Energy]
    Mounted on the tail; fires an intense laser-like beam.
    2 times per round
    60DP and 5 heat damage

    Burning Big Bang
    The Panzer unit fires off all of its weapons and missiles at once.
    Once per battle
    Requires one feat to lock-on, 300 DP; use of this attack causes overheating to the Panzer unit, causing it to eject.

    This armor system can be used on land-based Zoids with 2 or 4 legs and a tail.
    4,500 Credits or 3,000 credits if own Liger Zero

    Radiance Armor
    This Armor is white in color. Classified as Light Tech, this armor provides a decent arsenal with heavy defenses. The armor for this system is specifically designed to resist Dark Tech weapon systems. It will behave normally against standard weapons.
    Damage from Dark Tech weaponry reduced to 50%.
    +200 to body, +100 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 3 Internal Slot

    Radiant Light
    The armor is installed in panels that produce a bright, white, light that makes it difficult to view the Zoid, thus reducing the opponent’s accuracy.
    Last for 5 actions, twice per battle
    Opponent’s accuracy is reduced by 50%

    Light of Heavenly Judgment
    This is very advanced technology that generates a field that affects all allies; the field this unit creates boosts the abilities of allies and yourself in combat as well as enhances their Zoids and yours.
    Lasts for one round, once per battle
    +2 Speed/+5 Agility, +10 DP to attacks

    White Particle Cannon [Elemental: Light]
    Located on the back, the cannon fires bullet-like white plasma; this has a high firing rate and has no charge time.
    70 DP

    Stun Beam [Elemental: Light]
    Can be mounted anywhere on the armor as configured by the owner. Shoots a stream of white electrical particles that disrupts a Zoid’s system.
    Once per round, 3 times per battle
    90DP, renders its target immobile for one action

    This armor system can be used on any Zoid.
    10,000 Credits

    Shadow Armor
    This Armor is black in color. Classified as Dark Tech, this armor provides a good arsenal with good defenses.

    Speed and agility are reduced by 3 and 8, respectively
    +250 to body, +75 to other limbs
    Hover Cargo Requirement: 3 Internal Slot

    Black Sun Filter
    The armor is fitted with the system to combat Radiant Light from the Radiance Armor and the visual aids used are protected as the light is reduced and negated. Also provides a full spectrum sensor suite that can be activated to assist during battle.
    Negates the effects of Radiant Light
    Grants +50% accuracy for one round when activated, usable every other round

    Smoke vents located on each limb. A dark smoke is released onto the field to provide cover and conceal the Zoid.
    Lasts for the entire round, every other round.
    Reduces foe's accuracy by 75%

    Dark Sonar Wave
    A dark sound wave is emitted onto the field that disrupts the opposing Zoid’s system that controls their Zoid’s movements, effectively restricting its capacity to move.
    Last for the entire round, once per battle
    All opposing Zoid's speed and agility is halved

    Dark Pulse Gun [Elemental: Dark]
    Located on the tail is a gun firing dark energy. No charge time and good firing rate.
    60 DP

    Dark Ionized Cannon [Elemental: Dark]
    This is Dark Tech’s latest creation and one that should be feared. It is located on the back and is quite the heavy arsenal. It fires an unknown dark beam and because of its ionized nature, can disable systems. It has a slow charge time.
    Once per round, three times per battle
    150 DP, stuns the opponent for 1 action. Requires one charging feat
    10,000 credits

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