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    Showdown! Aiyana versus Chesha!


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    Showdown! Aiyana versus Chesha!

    Post by Valkyrie on 25th April 2017, 17:28

    The time is right.
    The place is right.

    The reason we're all gathered here isn't. But nobody cares!

    Because here at the KO corral, its a duel to the death! Out on this dusty plain, in the run down frontier town, two pilots take things just a little too far!

    The problem? After a valiant fight, they have but 6 rifle bullets left each, and just like the gunfighters of old, its a high stakes show down at dawn!

    And for reasons...the battle commission is not involved!
    Which means its...THE DARK JUDGE!

    The rules?
    6 Rifle shots left.
    Headshots: The Dark Judge has no time for fancy rules about not almost killing an opponent. Dark Judge gives no $#*% about incidental death.
    Oh...and despite the inhabitants caring, DJ doesn't, if you want, flatten the town!

    Coin of destiny decries...Chesha as first up.

    edit: Because brain word finger thing not super good, fixed Chesha's name! Sorry!


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    Re: Showdown! Aiyana versus Chesha!

    Post by Chesha on 5th May 2017, 00:03

    Pilot Attributes
    Growth Level 1
    Skill Points: 4

    Mental Ability: 1
    Reflexes: 2
    Proficiency: 1

    • Rifles: 0
    • Cannons: 0
    • Machine Guns: 0
    • Melee: L1 [+5DP] (1P)

    Known Reflexes:
    -Double Attack


    GUN SNIPERMagazi
    Type: Velociraptor

    Speed: 12
    Agility: 30
    Heat Index: 25

    Internal Slots: 0/6
    CPU Slots: 0/2

    External Hardpoints: 8 – Body: 4 (2 on each shoulder), Limbs: 4 (2 on each leg)

    Right Shoulder [2]:
    Left Shoulder [2]:
    Right Leg [2]:
    Left Leg [2]:

    Base Armor - Head: 30 / Body: 90 / Legs (x2): 40 /Arms (x2): 30 / Tail: 40

    Head: 30
    Body: 90
    Right Leg: 40
    Left Leg: 40
    Right Arm: 30
    Left Arm: 30
    Tail: 40

    Armor Plating:


    Other Components:



    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Talons
    The arms, having guns equipped, are not meant for melee, but the killer claws on the feet are as well as the teeth.
    50DP (45+5)

    50mm Cannon
    Mounted on the chest and forward firing only with a slight degree of motion to hit moving targets.

    Twin 20mm Beam Gatling Guns
    Mounted on the arms, they can be aimed anywhere and fire at an amazingly quick clip.

    Twin 8-Shot Missile Pods
    Mounted on the back boosters, each pod can fire up to 2 missiles at a time.
    40DP per missile

    144mm Sniper Cannon
    To fire, the GS must spin, lock its feet and extend the rifle (taking about a second), and then lock on (another 2 seconds or so). Extremely (and deadly) accurate; can punch through armor.

    After Market Weapons


    ’Only six shots.’

    A fact that set the pressure skyrocketing to perform hard and fast, this fact only seemed to cause Chesha’s blood to rush. The notion that her opponent hailed from a well-renowned team in the official scene wasn’t completely lost on the girl, though the up and downs of the league likely had to do with a bit of their fall too. How this girl and her wolf became embroiled in this fight mattered little though, the raven haired pilot willing to accept anyone in these underground fights if they were willing.

    After all they stood in equal danger here.

    People might go so far as to shout for blood too where the bets were being placed on what would happen, who’d go down, who’d sustain what damage, and so on so forth. Chesha’s aim wouldn’t be to kill necessarily, but if it happened then so be it. Her death would merely mean less worry in the end after all, but being here and accepting the rules likely meant her opponent couldn’t care less either. How wonderfully ruthless of them she decided.

    Confusion sprung up like a sudden goldmine of oil in the town as that questionable judge mentioned a battle about to go down. All too quickly they were scattering, many heading for cars and anything mobile to get their asses out of town, a few jumping haphazardly into their zoids to also get out of town. Nobody wanted to be caught in a high noon showdown.

    The signal went out to both pilots and Magazi whipped around immediately at her behest. Except rather than locking down immediately the zoid sprang to the side a few steps, Chesha hoping to bait out either a shot or attempted escape on her foe’s side. The seat swiveled, claws sinking into the ground as the golden-eyed girl found herself at the secondary set of controls. One eye closed as the other focused on the cross-hairs produced from the side, fingers locking down on the buttons as the bent-eared head came into focus. One. Two.

    And then three.

    The second shot came quickly after the first, the third given a bit more time for correction before she hit the command to release both the tail and legs. They couldn’t stand still too long, not when a single shot could undo them. It was simply better to assume the worst in anyone and everyone she fought.

    Surely morals could slip even on the “golden” teams of yore.

    Already down half her allotted shots for this high stakes match, but them were the breaks. This wasn’t destined to last long either, eyes darting for a moment to the timer counting down on her right hand side as she all but shoved the red Gun Sniper into running past some houses. Who was she to care what happened to their homes? They could rebuild. Besides it’d perhaps say a lot about her opponent if they hesitated to fire simply because of these nameless folks’ livelihoods and homesteads. Maybe they shouldn’t have become involved in this kind of fight if they hesitated?

    Regardless she tried to keep the wolf at her side if only to reduce some of the turnabout time. With so many limited options she’d opted to keep the tail stocked above all else, knowing her chances laid stronger there than anywhere else. The missiles would’ve been nice, but the mercantile pilot agreed to the terms for the money. Anything besides her long-range gun, teeth, and claws found itself empty and able to only puff air at best.

    Keeping to the circular pattern Chesha counted down in her head until she reached the theoretical point someone would try to line up a shot. ’Now!’ Her mind shouted, yet hands already jerked hard on the controls to send the saurian zoid leaping backwards and away from a bullet hopefully. Let someone’s pasture or home take the hit instead. That barbershop looked particularly bad anyways so they could use the insurance money to replace everything. Win-win!

    Turnabout could be fair-play though as the seat swiveled again and the girl found herself hanging upside down with a scope sliding right into place. Everything slid like beautiful clockwork that already she found herself taking aim at the beast, though this time it might do her well to cull its movement or start going for the heart of the situation. Whump! As the shot left the barrel the seat spun to force Chesha back at her proper controls. If she’d stricken a leg maybe it’d stumble in its movements. If the shell lobbed itself into the side of the beast then maybe she could hope it’d fallen over if only for a second. Sometimes a second was all one required.

    Someone somewhere in some dark and grungy bar likely yelled for her to take another shot, on the edge of their seat with the timer racing ever closer to the finish line. And yet despite knowing she might’ve set the canine off its balance the girl’s intent to capitalize on that potential veered a different direction. Feet thumped against the ground, likely leaving sizeable impressions as she tried to kick up some dirt and dust and make things a bit harder for them both to see. Claws even lashed out, sending a building on either side exploding with wood as she sought to send debris sky-high.

    And then Magazi slid and whipped about, heading right into the cloud they’d just setup.

    With visibility lower she wanted to be nothing more than a red blur, a trick on the eyes amidst all this dust and dirt. Maybe the other person would even second guess if she was there if they weren’t already hiding in a personally made cloud themselves? Who knows at this point? It could all come down to sheer luck and guts.

    Chesha took the final two shots with her cannon-like rifle. The shot rang out through the air and two seconds later she heard the buzzer.

    Time was up.

    All they could do was let the dust settle and see who fell in this tense moment of combat.

    *~ Summary ~*

    1 a) Dodge: Hippity-hop goes the dinosaur!
    1 b) Reflex/Attack: Double attack Sniper Tail – 90DP x2 (towards head)

    2 a) Attack: another sniper tail at that pretty head! – 90DP (towards head)
    2 b) Dodge: Run away with house cover!

    3 a) Dodge: Running when spontaneous jump backwards is spontaneous!
    3 b) Attack: Sniper Tail – 90DP (towards leg/body, wherever it may hit!)

    4 a) Dodge: Making a dust cloud
    4 b) Attack: Claws towards houses to send debris up – 50DP (towards houses)

    5 a) Dodge: Hiding in the cloud as a dust bunny
    5 b) Reflex/Attack: double attack Sniper Tail – 90DP x2 (head/body aimed)
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    Re: Showdown! Aiyana versus Chesha!

    Post by Aiyana on 9th May 2017, 02:48

    Stats n Zoid:
    Pilot's Name: Aiyana Shuer

    0 AP
    11 Skill Points

    -Mental Ability: 4
    -Reflexes: 4
    Learned Reflexes:

    Double Attack
    Counter Attack
    -Proficiency: 3
    Rifles: 3 (lv2, +10DP)

    Type: Wolf

    Speed: 14
    Agility: 35
    Heat Index: 25

    Internal Slots: 5
    CPU Slots: 3

    External Hardpoints: 6 - Body: 3 (chest, each side), Limbs: 3 (each front leg, tail)

    Base Armor - Head: 25 / Body: 100 / Legs (x4): 40 / Tail: 20


    Hardened Alloy Claws
    Sharp claws meant to crush armor in melee attacks.

    Electron Bite Fangs
    Similar to Strike Laser Claw, the computer system siphons energy to the teeth for a super heated strike.

    Twin AZ50mm Beam Cannons
    Mounted on the back on a turret, these cannons fire long range and anywhere from centered to 90 degrees to either side.

    Quad Smoke Dischargers
    Quad smokestacks, two on each hind leg, emit a thick cloud of black smoke to provide cover for the Wolf.
    Reduces foe accuracy by 40%
    Lasts for the round; usable once per round, every other round

    Aftermarket Parts:

    NanoTech Regenerative Coating (NTRC)
    Intended for those with an eye towards healing any damage taken, the NTRC offers the user the fantastic ability to regenerate their damaged armor mid-battle. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTRC will allow you to absorb hit after hit, only to shrug it right off and keep on fighting.
    +100 Armor to All Parts
    Can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage(Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is fully compatible with any and all armor coatings but is incompatible with attached armor platings. If armor coatings are applied, the NTRC retains its ability to regenerate and alter itself against varying damage types.
    1200 credits

    Compatibility, Applications, Limitations
    -NanoTech is not compatible with any armor coatings or treatments. (Unless otherwise noted.)
    -NanoTech is not compatible with the Electromagnetic force field defensive component.
    -If you install hardpoint attached armor on top of NanoTech it's special properties are negated. (Unless otherwise noted.)
    -You may only have one type of Nanotech Armor on a Zoid at one time.
    - The NanoTech can not be transferred to another Zoid.
    - Nanotech Armors are not Compatible with the CAS armor and systems.

    Sniper Rifle
    Can fire twice in one action, at a single target. Increased hit percentage against long range targets.
    Usable 4 times per round, up to 3 rounds
    Please note: The double shot option on the Sniper Rifle still counts as one use. However, if the double shot is taken twice by way of employing the Double Attack Reflex, that would count as two uses.
    External Hardpoints: 1

    Double 80 cal. Rifle
    Usable twice per round, up to 3 rounds
    External Hardpoints: 1

    Battle RP
    The desert town of McCreeVille was a quaint little place from what Aiyana had seen thus far. It was just a pit stop for the small batch of exploring she had been doing while trying to find more information on her own people to try and see just what all had happened to bring about their doom. Surely they could have done SOMETHING against the Deathsaurer! There had been research ongoing for the issue at hand, so there must have been something else that caused the downward spiral. Had it been the warring between the groups? Or maybe greed got the better of the race as they tried to keep progressing on technology? Even her own experiments had been questionable. Look what it had did to her body, the changes were not exactly standard for what the test had entailed. It was as she got back into her Command Wolf that the judge pod would rain down from the sky and land near the town, much to the surprise of everyone that was there.

    The judge would not be the normal color, and from what she heard this was not exactly a sanctioned battle. Was this a setup? Six shots, no rules other than that? The only Zoid she could see as she looked around was a raptor-like Zoid that seemed to be one of the sniper variants. She was not sure which kind, but it seemed suspicious that the other seemed ready for a fight when Aiyana had no clue what was going on.

    "I can't just let this happen, and I refuse to be attacked without defending myself. Guess I'll just have to get this over as fast as possible. I should probably follow that rule too, just in case it has some unknown drawback for not doing so since this is not a sanctioned match that I know of." She most definitely had not signed up for any battles, and this was not an official battleground anyway. It was a real town with real people, and those people were not running as they heard the blaring that was the beginning of a Zoid's battle. A quick aim would put her where the heard of the enemy Zoid was before pulling the trigger twice. The double eighty caliber rifle was a hard hitting weapon, one that could easily destroy the head of just about any Zoid, and if she managed to hit she would hope and pray that she did not kill the pilot in the process. Aiyana Shuer was not a murderer, and never wished to kill another even by accident, and thus would simply try to knock the systems out with the hit rather than obliterate the entire head completely. Avoiding remaining out in the open, the Command Wolf would be piloted to put a desert house between her and her new opponent.

    From that house, she would bring her Zoid into a full run to get to another house to avoid getting the house she was behind shot too much than what was needed as she tried to end this as soon as possible. The house she had moved to did not remain as cover for long before she did a running leap out from behind it and took aim at what looked like the Zoid she was supposed to be up against. A single shot would be let loose from her sniper rifle, an odd thing to do when it was standard to fire a double tap with it more often than not, before she began to line up another shot.

    Her first two shots had been for the head, and if she had missed those it was no use trying to aim for such a small target again. In fact, it was probably easier to just take out a leg instead. Hell, it was probably easier for her to aim low and hit the pinky toe of the Zoid. With that silly thought in mind she would take aim for the left leg of the enemy raptor before letting off another single shot of the sniper rifle. The echo of the shot could still be heard as she ran and got behind a boulder just large enough for her to put the entirety of the Command Wolf behind.

    While behind the boulder the Command Wolf pilot would get another weird idea. The sniper Zoids used tail cannons as their main weapon of use. What if she aimed for the tail and shot it off to keep her enemy from shooting at her anymore? With that in mind, the girl would run out from behind the dust covered rock and take aim at her best guess of where the tail of the Gun Sniper was. A shot from her sniper rifle would go for, what would hopefully be right up the butt of the Zoid and remove the tail from play. The recoil from the sniper rifle was usually easily adjusted for, but this time Aiyana used it as a type of movement. Leaping just after firing allowed the recoil to push her backward further than just a simple jump back would have done. With luck it would keep her from taking any more damage than her faithful Zoid needed to take right now.

    A quick aim for what she thought was the head of the opposing Zoid would be made before the sixth shot would ring out in the town. It was another shot aimed for the head, a shot she did not like making, as it felt necessary to try and take out the Zoid before trying to help the people around her out. A small building to her left would find itself being jumped over as the Command Wolf used it as a hiding space until she could determine what all had just happened. What HAD happened? She would need to talk to Takeshi about all of this and figure out why a judge would start some random fight and endanger people, let alone force her into a fight she had not signed up for!

    Action Summary
    1a. Reflex! Double Attack: Double 80 cal. Rifle @ Head (80 DP x 2)
    1b. Dodge: Go behind a house!

    2a. Dodge: Dart to another house!
    2b. Attack: Sniper shot aimed for head of the Gun Sniper (40 DP)

    3a. Attack: Sniper shot aimed for pinky toe (left leg) of the Gun Sniper (40 DP)
    3b. Dodge: Find a large boulder and use it as cover.

    4a. Sniper shot aimed for butt (tail) of the Gun Sniper (40 DP)
    4b. Dodge: Use the recoil from the shot to slide backward while also kicking up dust to block the view.

    5a. Attack: Sniper shot aimed for head of the Gun Sniper (40 DP)
    5b. Dodge: Jump over a small building.

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    Re: Showdown! Aiyana versus Chesha!

    Post by Valkyrie on 18th May 2017, 21:23

    End of Match!!
    the victor, having landed the most hits and rendered their opponent incapable of action...

    CHESHA! (I got it right this time!)

    Thanks to some stunningly bad coin flips, Aiyana wound up missing far more often, though when a hit was landed, it was certainly felt.

    The two gunfighters blasted away like professional duellers as some kind of stereotypical western gunfight theme blared over the judges speakers. The bounce of the Gunsniper threw of both its own and Aiyana's aim, making all shots go wide (to the relief of the townsfolk), Aiyana taking the opportunity to duck behind cover (being the mayor's house no less, its owner having a meltdown over the possible threat to her abode), as she darted to another house Chesha fired, blowing apart an outhouse with a very surprised occupant (who escaped harm, thankfully).

    The reply from Aiyana put a hole in the towns water tower which will need to be fixed soon, the two fighters continued, their fire striking home, however it wasn't a mortal blow!. The gunsniper suffered severe damage to its left leg rendering it inoperative, while the Command Wolf suffered a body blow which left it precariously close to shutdown.
    What saved the day was Chesha's creative use of a building and turning it into a cloud of debris which provided juuuust enough cover that Aiyana couldn't land a hit and gave the plucky gunsniper one more chance, which was rewarded by the deities of fate when the double attack aimed at the body of Aiyana's command wolf struck true, ending the battle with neither pilot splashed across the ruined cockpit of their zoids.

    Head: 25 / Body: 0 - OFFLINE / Legs (x4): 40 / Tail: 20

    Head: 30
    Body: 90
    Right Leg: 40
    Left Leg: 0 - CRIPPLED
    Arms (x2): 30
    Tail: 40

    With a growl of disapproval that nobody got killed, the Dark Judge closed up his capsule and roared back off into the sky, before promptly exploding, and raining down cheese flavored puffed snacks.

    rewards are:
    Standard winnings + 5 for Chesha (12 RPC + 5 for round,+3 because wheee!): 20 RPC
    standard loss + 5 for Aiyana (5RPC + 5 for round, +3 for RAISINS! yum): 13

    Edit: Bumped things up cause I did enjoy this, so tropey, much lulz, very western.


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    Re: Showdown! Aiyana versus Chesha!

    Post by Chesha on 19th May 2017, 00:47

    Updated us both, thank you for judging!

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    Re: Showdown! Aiyana versus Chesha!

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