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    Angelus Ignis

    Angelus Ignis

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    Angelus Ignis

    Post by Angelus Ignis on 14th April 2017, 04:26

    +++Accessing Confidential File+++
    +++Assessing Access Rights+++
    +++Clearance Granted+++

    Pilot Name: +++Information Redacted+++
    Alias: Angelus Ignis

    Gender: Male
    Age: +++Information Redacted+++


    Recently appearing on the league scene, this mysterious individual has been spotted in press shots at several high-profile events since the ZBC returned. Eye witnesses report seeing a man, incredibly tall in stature, dressed in a black pilot’s suit and helmet. The visor mirrored so the face cannot be seen. Speculation has been rife with who this mysterious figure is affiliated with. He stands roughly just over six and half feet tall. If one had to guess, they would say he had muscular build. Most likely from working with heavy machinery or a strict workout regime, possibly both. He holds himself with the ease of a man who is comfortable with his lot in life and his movements betray his whip-crack reflexes.


    Many have tried to approach this mysterious figure. Few have managed to get near him who he didn’t want to. Even fewer still have managed to speak with him. His helmet appears to modulate his voice so as be unrecognisable. However, the those that have spoken to him have said he seems to be polite, courteous and friendly. They find that they simply feel like if he wanted them to know his identity then they would.

    It is known that he is a pilot. He has been seen approaching a Liger-type zoid of dark obsidian. Many observers have searched the records for any information on this zoid. There have been several black liger zoids over the many years of the ZBC but there is no proof that any of them may be this particular zoid and pilot. However, in battle, those quick reflexes are seen. The few battles that have been observed involving this pairing are short, brutal affairs.


    Nobody is quite sure where this mysterious pilot came from. He first appeared in a small town competition under the name Angelus Ignis three years ago. While the world of Zi is no stranger to people battling under pseudonyms and nicknames, this one was strange. But only because this pilot was clearly extremely skilled. Although the only footage captured from that first appearance is poor to say the least, it looked as if the other pilots simply couldn’t get near this black liger. Shortly after this, the ZBC announced its comeback although it took a while to get traction.

    Since then, the obsidian Liger has appeared in many competitions across Zi. Where and when he appears seems to be totally random. Sometimes larger cups, sometimes simply showcase events. But whenever he shows up, he quickly draws a crowd. Strangely, other than that first competition, he has pulled out of every single one. Interviews with organisers after the fact show that he pays twice the regular entrance fee then leaves without collecting any winnings that may be due to him.

    The rumours and videos quickly circulated. Any attempt to track him as he leaves the events as been met with failure. His zoid seems to have some form of stealth system leaving the journalists stumped. The latest rumour is that this pilot has registered with the ZBC. On questioning, the ZBC’s official statement is, “The pilot known as Angelus Ignis has broken no laws nor rules of competition that we are aware of. As such, he is welcome to participate in league matches as part of a team or otherwise.”

    The next question on everyone’s lips is which team this fighter will join and who exactly is he?

    +++File Ends+++
    +++Closing File+++
    +++Additional Information Found+++

    Additional Information:

    Pilot Name: Blake ‘Blaze’ Angelos

    Gender: Male
    Age: 39


    Blake, or as he is known to the rest of Zi, Blaze is an imposing figure at first glance. He stands a little of six and half feet tall. His shoulders are broad and strong from the life of a zoid pilot and mechanic. But he is starting to show his age now. His once auburn hair has started to grow pale with age but his emerald eyes are still as youthful as ever. He walks with a relaxed and sure stride and generally wears a constant smile.

    When not playing the part of Ignis, Blaze can be seen wearing comfortable clothing. Usually seen in trainers, blue or grey jeans and a white t-shirt. He still carries with him the blue jacket that every Highguardian is given. The black and red Geno Flame symbol of the team on the back. He has taken to wearing a black bandana on his head as of late and seems reluctant to speak about it.


    Blaze is the epitome of a gentle giant. He has an easy-going manner that puts others at ease. He enjoys practical jokes and making others laugh. He also enjoys teaching others. In his spare time, he makes trips to Zoid Repair Shops and works for free for a few hours, showing the mechanics there a few tips and tricks. Age clearly hasn’t phased the man, if anything, it’s made him even more grounded. But those that knew him past will notice that there is a pain hidden behind his smiles. Something he refuses to speak about and avoids when questions are asked.

    In the pilot’s seat, Blaze changes little. He enjoys the challenge that they provide. But rather than becoming serious like many pilots to attain that sort after focus that lets them perform, his methods are different. If one were to cut to the cockpit mid battle, they’d find him grinning like a Cheshire cat, laughing with every toss of the dice.


    Blaze’s history like everyone else is pockmarked with tragedy, love, happiness and wonder. Born to a loving Mother and Father, Blaze was raised in relative bliss. A small village a long way from anything. His Father was a zoid pilot. His Mother was a mechanic and scientist. It’s no secret that they were where he got his knowledge and skills from. But Blaze took in to the next level. Blaze has always had a natural ability to pilot and repair zoids. His Mother called it ‘mechanical sympathy’, the art of innately understanding the limits of the zoid.

    Blaze soon left the village to go and participate in the leagues. On application to the ZBC, he was snapped up by Team Highguard. Even then, they were an old team. But Blaze quickly rose through the ranks. His skills and dedication led to him becoming Captain in record time. Not long after attaining Co-Captain status though, Blaze answered a distress call from his village. He didn’t know it on the time, but it was an attack orchestrated by his Mother. His Father died in defence of the village that day and his Mother disappeared in the attack.

    As time went by, Blaze’s search for answers led him to leave Highguard for a long time. When he returned for the second time, the ZBC and Highguard were very different places. But echoes of his past continued to show up. He was stalked by two Berserk Fury. Calling themselves only Brother and Sister, they hounded Blaze resulting in the death of his life long companion, the Shadow Fox, Fusion. It was only through the intervention of the organoid Hunter that Blaze didn’t perish as well. Blaze found Hunter’s pod many years earlier in an old zoidian ruin and took him under his wing.

    In this time, Blaze met his soulmate in a girl by the name of Rhianna. They became close while he mourned the loss of his friend. A call of a favour from someone within the ZBC Special Division led to Blaze meeting Aurora, the Liger Zero. The last true Ultimate X Liger Zero as the rumour goes. They saved each other from the despair they were in and have become fast friends and partners. Aurora beat and slew one of the Furies in defence of Blaze.

    Blaze continued to battle for Highguard in Aurora. He even took an apprentice, one Takeshi Kimari who would later become Captain himself. But Blaze’s story far from ends there. The then Captain, Miyozaki Motonaga joined Blaze in hunting down a lead. They traced it back to a hidden facility on an island out to sea. Protected by dense fog and an evolved form of Geno Breaker the pair battled to rescue his Mother from the evil clutches of the corporation.

    What they found there tore apart Blaze’s life. His Mother was not a captive, but the head of the organisation. The Furies were an experiment gone wrong. Only having Doctor Angelos to go on, they naturally were drawn to the well-known and famous pilot. To make matters worse, the pilot’s mind was forcefully merged with the organoid inside the core of the zoid. The pilot inside Sister was none other than Rhianna. The woman who Blaze hoped to marry one day.

    Before Blaze could question his Mother further. Sister attacked the facility, allowing his Mother to escape again. It took both Miyozaki and Blaze’s Ligers to bring down the grieving zoid and its tortured pilot without harming either. Rhianna had no idea what was happening to her. It was like there were two different people inside of her.

    Before Blaze could give chase of his Mother, war erupted across the Zi. Blaze fought in the war, specifically fighting in defence, never attack. He never wanted to leave Rhianna for too long. When the war ended, Blaze left in search of his Mother once more. Joining up with pilots from his childhood, they took her down and she was sent to prison. Shortly after, she took her own life after sinking into depreciation.

    Blaze was supposed to have been the one who took part in the program. He should have been captured the day his Father died. But she had underestimated how skilled he was. Blaze took time away from the world to spend time with Rhianna. Despite his best efforts, to comfort her after she found out what she had become, Sister took Rhianna and initiated a self-destruct sequence. Blaze was devastated for a long time.

    Now, under request from the ZBC, he has returned to the world. But under a disguise for now, although deep down, he is still the same Blaze. He has a few people to check up on before he lets the world know he has returned.

    Pilot Stats and Zoid:

    Blaze Angelos
    Veteran Mechanic
    Advancement Points: 31020
    Growth Level: 13
    Skill Points: 55 (47+8 OPS)

    Credits: 2000
    Roleplay Credits: 0


    Mental Ability: 18
    Reflexes: 27 (23+4 OPS)
    -Known Reflexes

    • Know It All

    Proficiencies: 10 (6+4 OPS)

    • Rifles: 0 Lv. 0 (+0dp)
    • Cannons: 1 Lv. 1 (+5dp)
    • Machine Guns: 6 Lv. 3 (+15dp)
    • Melee Weapons: 3 Lv. 2 (+10dp)

    The Blue Dragon


    Organoid Level: 10
    Organoid Points: 900
    Repair: 100%
    Stamina: 10
    Power: 30
    Speed: 5
    Agility: 10

    Lightning Disruption Field
    Hunter’s natural ability is to absorb energy. When he chooses to use it, energy sources are drained of their power and it transfers into Hunter, usually by way something resembling a lightning strike. When he fuses with a Zoid, this ability comes in to its own. Hunter’s field encompasses the Zoid, stealing energy from the attacks and substantially reducing their power.
    Reduces all energy damage by 60% for the duration of the fusion.

    Liger Zero

    Heat Index: 20
    Internal Slots: 3/3
    CPU Slots: 4/3

    Speed: 25
    Agility: 60

    External Hardpoints:

    • Forehead: Empty
    • Chin: Empty
    • Back: Empty
    • Left Side: Empty
    • Right Side: Empty


    • Head: 120
    • Body: 190
    • Front Right Leg: 140
    • Front Left Leg: 140
    • Rear Right Leg: 140
    • Rear Left Leg: 140
    • Tail: 125

    NanoTech Regenerative Coating (NTRC)
    Intended for those with an eye towards healing any damage taken, the NTRC offers the user the fantastic ability to regenerate their damaged armor mid-battle. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTRC will allow you to absorb hit after hit, only to shrug it right off and keep on fighting.
    +100 Armor to All Parts
    Can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage(Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is fully compatible with any and all armor coatings but is incompatible with attached armor platings. If armor coatings are applied, the NTRC retains its ability to regenerate and alter itself against varying damage types.

    Enhancive Coating 4 (0/5)
    Reduces damage to armor by 50%, protects all areas of armor.


    Organic Psycom System
    Modifies a Zoid's control systems and allows for a direct link to the pilot's mind.
    +4 to reflexes | +4 Proficiency
    CPU Slots: 1

    Stealth System
    Makes the Zoid it is installed in undetectable by radar, heat, and sound patterns, and therefore invisible.
    This is usable by any zoid, for one round per battle, during which time the opponent will only have a 25% hit rate.
    Internal Slots: 1
    CPU slots: 1

    Internal Processing Units
    Additional Processing Units are fitted into available space within a zoid, and linked up with the zoid's core CPU to increase data storage and performance.
    +1 available CPU Slot
    Requires 2 Internal Slots

    Guardian Angel
    This new technology was brought about near the discovery and widespread usage of organoids. The Guardian Angel is an AI trained sphere that aids the pilot while in battle. A vocal wireless uplink is maintained between the pilot and angel when activated. The angel can be commanded away from the zoid, but has a default hovering status above the center of the zoids back. Many small laser cannons are covering the body of the hovering angel, which it uses to shoot down incoming projectiles and aid the pilot in offensive attacks. It is trained to store data on each faced weapon to learn its characteristics. After the first time a weapon is used, the chance of it being negated by the angel goes up by 20%.
    +30DP to every attack from the pilot. Protection from incoming objects (bullets, energy, rockets etc) is up to the judge, but chances of negating the attack increases by 20% every time the attack is used after the initial attack. Requires an activation feat. Can remain active for an entire round, must rest one round before activating again.
    CPU Slots: 1

    SCOPE (Self Calculating Optical Precision Equipment)
    This tech device increases the accuracy of all firearm based equipment on the zoid by magnifying the weapons' sights in ranges of 50x up to 5000x magnification.
    CPU Slots: 1
    +15DP to all firearms attached to the Zoid. Must have firearm-based weapons (Machine guns and rifles. Cannons do not apply.)

    Simulex Components LP (Land Package)
    Simulex components precisely replicate the locomotive systems of living animals with the increased durability and stress tolerances that come with synthetic materials. In addition to the internal modifications this package also includes 2 thrusters to provide a boost in speed. This land package provides four and two legged zoids a boost to their land combat stats.
    Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +20 agility and +10 speed
    Compatibility, Applications, Limitations

    -This component is designed to enhance land combat and will not offer any benefit to other forms of combat.
    -Not compatible with older versions of simulex components or aerotech coating.

    Natural Abilities

    Strike Laser Claw
    This is the hallmark of the Liger Zero. The Zoid siphons laser energy into the claw for a superheated, super-fast pouncing strike.
    130DP (120DP +10DP Proficiency)

    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and Claws meant to tear through armor in melee attack.
    45DP (35DP +10DP Proficiency)

    Double Barrel Chest Cannon
    Light cannon taken from the Shield Liger with two barrels that fire forward at once.
    55DP (50DP +5DP Proficiency)

    High Density Beam Gun
    Fires extremely dense rounds from a customized tail mount. Fires where the tail points.
    90DP (60DP +15DP Proficiency +15DP SCOPE)

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    Re: Angelus Ignis

    Post by Valkyrie on 15th April 2017, 17:18

    Welcome back Blaze, or rather, Angelus Smile

    Given any particular thoughts as to where you'd like to go? or wanting to go mercenary?


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    Angelus Ignis

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    Re: Angelus Ignis

    Post by Angelus Ignis on 15th April 2017, 17:32

    Very Happy

    I'll go Freelancer for now as I think I need to do a loot quest for Merc?

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    Re: Angelus Ignis

    Post by Valkyrie on 15th April 2017, 18:31

    I believe there is also a battle and GL requirement (I'm 95% positive on like...5 wins?)


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    Re: Angelus Ignis

    Post by Angelus Ignis on 16th April 2017, 07:50

    Yes, that too. Though I think I technically qualify for the wins. Freelancer works for now anyway.
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    Re: Angelus Ignis

    Post by Takeshi Kimari on 17th April 2017, 03:38


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    Re: Angelus Ignis

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