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    Battle of the Ten Thousand Fists

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    Battle of the Ten Thousand Fists

    Post by Aiyana on 13th April 2017, 03:12

    Before the Fury pilots, who were on opposite sides of the battlefield from each other, was a temple made completely of fists. Why was this so? For the God of fists, of course! Punching and any other use of a closed fist were what he was worshiped for, or so said the travel guide that brought people in when it was not being used for Zoid battles or being repaired! Thousands upon thousands of large fists covered the otherwise empty plateau made of solid stone. Each fist, all of which were made to face in nearly all directions if you paid attention to each individual one, was the size of a large Zoid and was almost strong enough to take on the brunt of a medium Zoid's charge before erupting into a cloud of stone debris.

    It wouldn't be long before the judge capsule would rain down from above to land off to the side of the battlefield, to remain out of possible damage, and begin the fight after the usual theatrics and speech!

    Notes; Action count total wasn't discussed in the topic so that will be up to Valkyrie, who is going first. Post order alternates each turn.

    Each fist can take 75 DP of damage before shattering.

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    Name: Valkyrie
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    Re: Battle of the Ten Thousand Fists

    Post by Valkyrie on 15th April 2017, 20:02

    Advancement Points: 31,000
    Growth Level: 13
    Skill Points: 47

    Mental: 16
    Reflex: 18 (14 +4 OPS)
    Proficiency: 21 (18 +4 OPS)
    Melee: Rank 4 - 10 (+20 DP)
    Rifles: Rank 4 - 10 (+20 DP)
    Cannons: 0
    Machine Guns: Rank 1 - 1 (+5 DP)

    Konig Wolf EX type “Fenrir”
    Speed: 25 (20 + 5 SC) (Max)
    Agility: 60 (50 + 15 SC) (Max)
    Heat Index: 50

    Base Armor
    Head: 40
    Body: 160
    Legs: 64 (x4)
    Tail: 32

    Current Armor
    Head: 140
    Body: 260
    Legs:164 (x4)
    Tail: 132

    Internal Slots: 4/10
    CPU Slots: 6/7 (5 base + 2 IPU)
    External Hardpoints: 12 (Chest x2, Back x4, Front Left Leg x2, Rear Left Leg x1, Front Right Leg x2, Rear Right Leg x1)

    Armor Plating and Coating:

    NanoTech Armor
    This barely there armor proves that less is more and more is not always better. Unlike other armor platings NanoTech is bonded to a zoids base armor and does not require any external hard points. The unique properties of this armor allow it to regenerate damage and alter its physical properties.
    This armor can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round. NanoTech armor is also able to alter is physical structure to harden it self against certain types of damage (Heat, Energy, explosive, slashing or stabbing damage, etc). A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%.
    Armor Points: 100 per section
    Note: The NanoTech bonuses are negated when other armor platings are applied regardless of where it is. Only the additional armor is granted.
    When set to Heat Resistance, Heat Index damage is also reduced by 40%.

    Enhancive Coating 4 - (Used 1/5 battles)
    Reduces damage to armor by 50%, protects all areas of armor.



    M-97 “Widow” Sniper Rifle (x2)
    The M-97 Widow rifle is the upgraded version of the original Sniper Rifle, completely redesigned to incorporate advances in projectile weaponry, specifically electro-magnetic “Rails”, allowing the weapon to fire a larger round with increased penetrating power. Other enhancements include upgraded optics and a targeting prediction system which gives the user the anticipated point in space the target will occupy after factoring in distance between the gun and the time it takes for the round to reach the target, allowing greater accuracy.
    Can fire twice in a single feat.
    95dp (60 Base +15 scope + 20 Prof)
    GA:125dp (60 Base + 30 GA +15 + 20 prof)
    Can be used 6x per turn for 3 rounds.
    External Hardpoints: 1

    Infinite Repeaters (x2)
    A large energy weapon with three barrels, the weapon itself fires a particle stream that when the particles impact on matter create small-scale explosions, a single burst roughly equivalent to an exploding popcorn kernel. However due to the nature of the weapon a constant stream is fired, saturating the target with the high-energy particles.
    Use: Three times per round, up to three rounds
    Aimed: 75 DP (60 base + 15 SCOPE)
    GA:[color=Red]105 DP (60 base +30 GA + 15 SCOPE)
    Sweep: [color=red]30 DP per part/location hit (15 base + 15 SCOPE) [judge determines]
    GA: 60 DP per part/location hit (15 base + 30 GA + 15 SCOPE) [judge determines]
    External Hardpoints: 1

    “Sirius” Ex-Force Cannon Projector
    The original Ex-force Cannon, reworked into the very fabric of the newly designated Fenrir subclass of Konig Wolves. Rather than a standard cannon arrangement mounted externally, the actual firing chamber of the cannon is now mounted on the forward shoulders with a variable size “barrel”, in the form of a toroid, unofficially referred to as a Halo. When the weapon is activated the ring is released from a holding point, rises several meters from this position and expands to a diameter of four meters, the firing chamber then directs energy into the ring projector causing it to glow, the projector then uses a directed magnetic field to fire up to four bolts of lesser power at a target.
    Requires 1 feat to charge, can fire ONE blast at 300dp or FOUR blasts @ 75dp each. (can be fired at up to 4 targets in a single action)
    GA: 330dp (300 base + 30 GA) or FOUR blasts @ 105dp (75 base + 30 GA) each.
    External Hardpoints: 1
    CPU Slots: 1

    Runic Glaive - “Thunder Edge”
    The first set of Nanotech Blades underwent considerable changes during the Fenrirs evolution. Unlike the original weapon set that this evolved from the Runic Glaive, more commonly known as the Thunder Edge, is represented in a single large blade formed of what appears to be a dark blue colored metal, the center of the blade lined with a number of runic impressions that appear to glow with some kind of internal light, when not in use or combat these runes glow a peaceful azure, flickering with pulses of light, however when the weapon is to be used these runes glow a firey red and the whole weapon emits pulses of lightning that arcs between the Zoid and the weapon.

    The Blade itself appears visually similar to a weapon a human might wield, apart from its immense size, in addition the hilt of the weapon appears to break apart into eight segments, the blade, grip and six pieces that would be a cross guard on a normal weapon, contained within these is an orb of unknown material which seems to be the focus. If the weapon is disengaged the blade dissolves into the series of runes etched into the material and “vanish”, the runes themselves appearing along the edge of the Fenrirs armor plating.
    197dp (112 base +20 prof +65 chips)
    GA: 227dp (112 base + 30 GA +20 prof +65 chips)
    Can be used 3x per turn.

    Runic Daggers - “Demon Fangs”
    The second set of Nanotech Blades that Starstrike had originally carried were evolved into something more than a mere set of two blades. The Runic Daggers themselves are a set of four “short” blade like weapons similar in construction to the Runic Glaive, each blade bearing a series of runes on their surface. Each Demon Fang blade is formed from a material similar to the armor plating of the Fenrir, though considerably hardened, when not in use the blades dissolve to form several spikes of armor with the runic coating until needed.

    An interesting ability of note is that the Demon Fangs themselves can be used as ranged weapons, being fired at a target from some range, though these projectiles are not guided in any sense of the word, interestingly the blades automatically return to the Fenrir without any form of guidance, this has puzzled scientists studying the zoid for possible upgrades elsewhere.
    110dp per blade (25 base +20 prof +65 chips)
    140dp per blade (25 base + 30 GA +20 prof +65 chip)
    (Up to 4 may be used in one attack) in Melee. Can throw up to 4 at an enemy (unguided projectile) in a single action for damage minus proficiency. Can be used 3x per turn.)
    External Hardpoints: 2

    Melee Chip
    Most useful against enemies that do not resist Physical Damage.
    +25DP to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.

    Shock Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 10 energy based damage. Requires one feat to charge. Stuns opponent for two actions.

    Energy Chip
    (Most useful against shields that don’t block energy damage.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 energy based damage.

    Heat Chip
    (Most useful to overheat opposing zoid.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 20 heat based damage. Heat Rating of 15.

    Ice Chip
    (Most useful against speedy opponents.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Does base damage plus an additional 20 ice based damage. Using this will lower your Heat Index by 10. In addition, this will lower your opponents Agility by 5 and Speed by 2 for a full round (Stackable if used twice in the same round).

    Explosive Chip
    (Most useful when you are in a jam and need additional damage, even if the blades do not hit the splash damage might.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 60 explosion based damage. Heat Rating of 5. After use the user must purchase a new blade, or two depending on how many blades exploded (only the blade which is used explodes, meaning that you may use it twice, once per blade in a battle.). Once both blades are used they may not be used again in the battle. The chip stays in tact, however, and does not need to be purchased again. (Price to replace exploded blade: 900 credits per blade.)

    Organic Chip
    (Most useful when health is needed.)
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 10 solid melee damage. Heals 10dp per round if used. The blades do not have to hit to get this benefit but they must be used. The health may be applied to any section. Does not heal past the initial armor value.

    Shadow Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 30 shadow based damage.

    Light Chip
    +5dp to Base Damage of Nanotech Blades.
    Deals base damage plus an additional 30 light based damage.



    Designed to bring tactics and teamwork in battle to a new level, Heartlink is a CPU upgrade that allows all current battle data from your zoid be transmitted to a teammate's HEARTLINK. However, understanding of said teammate's piloting style is required to make the most of the raw data. Requires 1 feat to activate and both pilots involved to possess HEARTLINK; The effect lasts until end of turn. Restriction: A HEARTLINK equipped teammate is only compatible if you have either taken part in a FQ with them or have fought together previously.
    When linked with a compatible teammate's system, HEARTLINK provides a +30% Dodge bonus if both of you dodge in the same action, and +30% accuracy if you both attack the same target during the same action.
    Requires 1 CPU slot

    Guardian Angel
    This new technology was brought about near the discovery and widespread usage of organoids. The Guardian Angel is an AI trained sphere that aids the pilot while in battle. A vocal wireless uplink is maintained between the pilot and angel when activated. The angel can be commanded away from the zoid, but has a default hovering status above the center of the zoids back. Many small laser cannons are covering the body of the hovering angel, which it uses to shoot down incoming projectiles and aid the pilot in offensive attacks. It is trained to store data on each faced weapon to learn its characteristics. After the first time a weapon is used, the chance of it being negated by the angel goes up by 20%.
    +30 dp to every attack from the pilot. Protection from incoming objects (bullets, energy, rockets etc) is up to the judge, but chances of negating the attack increases by 20% every time the attack is used after the initial attack. Can remain active for an entire round, must rest one round before activating again.
    CPU Slots: 1

    Simulex Components
    Simulex components precisely replicate the locomotive systems of living animals with the increased durability and stress tolerances that come with synthetic materials.
    Provides increased maneuverability in combat. +15 to agility and +5 speed for land based zoids.

    SCOPE (Self Calculating Optical Precision Equipment)
    This tech device increases the accuracy of all fire armed based equipment on the zoid by magnifying the weapons' sights in ranges of 50x's up to 5000x magnification.
    Adds +15 DP to all firearms attached to the zoid
    Requires 1 CPU slot
    Zoid must have firearm-based weapons (Machine guns and rifles. Cannons do not apply.)

    Organic Psycom System
    Modifies a Zoid's control systems and allows for a direct link to the pilot's mind.
    +4 to reflexes | +4 Proficiency
    Requires 1 CPU slot

    Stealth System
    Makes the Zoid it is installed in undetectable by radar, heat, and sound patterns, and therefore invisible. This is usable by any zoid, for one round per battle, during which time the opponent will only have a 25% hit rate.
    Internal Slots: 1
    CPU slots: 1

    Internal Processing Units (x2)
    Additional Processing Units are fitted into available space within a zoid, and linked up with the zoid's core CPU to increase data storage and performance.
    +1 available CPU Slot
    Requires 2 Internal Slots



    Mono-Molecular Teeth and Claws
    Visually similar to the original alloy teeth and claws of the Konig Wolf, however on closer examination, the surfaces of these weapons are lined with small blades held in place by incredibly powerful magnetic fields, allowing them to be “sheathed” when not in use. When in use however, the blades are effectively able to disrupt the bonds holding molecules together, giving them unprecedented penetrating ability, however the size of the cutting surfaces means that their effect is more or less lost amidst the general carnage inflicted by bites or swipes.
    84 DP (64 base + 20 prof)
    114 DP (64 base + 30 GA +20 prof)

    Savage Electrostatic Bite
    The upgraded version of the Electrostatic Bite attack, featuring a greatly improved charging system, more efficient energy storage as well as a managed stun field, designed to enhance the overall effectiveness of the attack.
    132 DP (112dp + 20 prof)
    [color=#FF0000]162 DP (112dp + 30 GA +20 prof)
    Can stun for 2 actions, requires 1 feat to charge.

    Shatter Claw Strike
    The upgraded version of the Konig Claw Strike. During its evolution the Konig Claw strike underwent some curious modifications, namely that the electricity now flows into ball of energy held in the claws, similar to a ball of lightning, when the attack is executed the ball ruptures, sending a massive pulse of energy outward from the impact site, the heat released causes a small overpressure wave capable of crushing some of the hardest armor known to Zi.
    116 DP (96 base + 20 prof)
    [color=#FF0000]146 DP (96 base + 30 GA +20 prof)
    Requires 1 feat to charge.

    Storm Walker
    During the evolution Starstrike altered the Booster Discharger system, creating a new enhanced version, now called the Storm Walker system. The SWS features two usage modes, the first is to emit a curious cryogenic field which within ten seconds causes a large snow storm to come into being by freezing any moisture in the air and artificially inducing large wind gusts to create what is effectively a blizzard, in addition to this the armor plating on the Fenrir becomes mottled, causing the Zoid to fade out in the snow, the wind gusts also help to mask the heat emissions from the zoid.
    In the second mode, the SWS creates directed wind flows designed to create a slipstream effect ahead of the zoid, increasing its maximum speed, as well as allowing unparalleled feats of agility.
    1: Create large area blizzard to cloak the Fenrir (Reduces Foe Accuracy to 25%)
    2: Gives a boost in agility by altering airflow around the Fenrir (increases dodge rate by 32%)
    Usuable once per round, every other round.

    Visions of Ragnarök
    Above each eye of the Fenrir is a second set, however when not in use they are covered by armor in order to prevent damage to what are extremely sensitive optical systems, when in use the armored cover slides into a recess and all four eyes glow with a baleful light, forming a composite image with the ability to switch between night vision and infrared modes, along with targetting scopes so accurate it is claimed they are capable of allowing a standard Zoid rifle the ability to shoot the wings off a fly at a thousand yards (as yet no evidence exists, though wingless flies are on the rise)
    1: Nightvision/Infrared vision (RP only),
    2: Increase Accuracy by 32%; lasts 5 actions
    3: Reduces effectiveness of accuracy reductions by 50% of the effect.
    Selected effect lasts for one round

    Warriors of Fenris, Geri & Freki
    Following Starstrike's evolution the unique type of Konig Wolf, dubbed the “Fenrir”, fought and then took control of two previously feral Konig Wolves, bonding with and upgrading each in what could best be termed a mini-evolution. The result of this is the EX's ability to call these two bonded zoids to fight alongside it in combat. Following a look into ancient mythology Valkyrie named the two zoids Geri and Freki, after the wolves that accompanied the Norse god Odin.
    Can call one or both Wolves into battle to assist. Geri & Freki each have 50 armor on all locations and can assist in melee attacks (dealing an additional 20dp) or attack singly for 50dp each, in conjunction with Starstrike's own attacks.
    Each wolf must be “charged” for 1 feat before being summoned, lasts for 1 round, must “recharge” for 1 round afterward. If armor is depleted can be repaired for an additional charge feat while on cooldown

    Combat Limiter System, Gleipnir
    Named for the silken ribbon that binds Fenrisulfr in Norse mythology the Combat Limiter System controls the true power of the Fenrir. The system is designed to regulate the amount of energy used by the zoid, this relates also to the amount of control the pilot has over the zoid, unfortunately since the Fenrir has exhibited some degree of reverse connection through the Organic Psycom System the pilot is also in danger. As a result engineers installed the Gleipnir system, installing a series of lockouts designed to be released in combat if the need should arise. At level one there is a minor increase in combat power, essentially increasing from there to Level 3, also known as Full Release, which more-or-less gives the zoid freedom to behave how it wishes.
    May activate in second round. Must unlock each level, can unlock once per round. Must use activate feat to unlock.
    Level One: 10% increase in damage dealt. All weapons available. 5% increase in damage taken.
    Level Two: 20% increase in damage dealt. Ranged weapons locked. 10% increase in damage taken.
    Level Three: 30% increase in damage dealt. All weapons locked, excludes natural weapons (Savage Electrostatic Bite, Shatter Claw Strike and the Teeth & Claws. 15% increase in damage taken.

    I will be using 5 actions only, no organoid.
    narrative to follow.


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    Re: Battle of the Ten Thousand Fists

    Post by Valkyrie on 18th April 2017, 19:43

    “Oooookay...this is a thing now.” muttered Valkyrie as the transport rocked to a halt overlooking a sprawling pile of masonry, bedecked with streaming fabric banners and scaffolding, evidence of ongoing repairs. “So I know you were like 'hey lets do a thing' and all Ari...but jeez....” the woman shook her head as her zoid stepped off the trailer unit and onto the ground, the sizable boulders that were strewn across the landscape had been carved, sometimes quite cleverly, to resemble stone fists punching upward towards the sky.

    The current situation was thus, while grousing about the general lack of opponents taking her up on the offer of facing down the glorious engine of destruction that is the Fenrir, Valkyrie had put her foot in it, when her younger team mate floated the idea of having an official practice match, Fenrir versus Beserk Fury....and she had said yes. Oh sure it wasn't as satisfying as crushing highguardian metal beneath blade and bullet, but it held a thrill of its own, presenting a teachable moment for her compatriot to engage a powerful foe, without the need of the go-for-broke mentality that existed in the normal battlesphere.

    The fact they'd be fighting in the grounds of a temple to the way of the fist was just icing on the cake. Having taken off down to the local battle commission office (because why handle things over the phone right?), Valkyrie had vocally gone up the wall at the seeming disinterest of the staff until she'd gotten exactly what she wanted...well almost, nobody actually got turned into a pretzel, a trial battle with her team mate. Perhaps it was a last laugh thing by an annoyed petty official, perhaps it was written in the stars (Valkyrie still didn't quite understand that...and she was a licensed astrogator!), but this was the selected battlefield. But enough about the off-field shenanigans! It was about the glory of combat! Two fighters going head to head to see who would take the honor of victory, the sting of defeat, the constant ringi.. you get the idea.

    Only not! Because everyone here was friends. This was more about seeing how her comrade could stand against Valkyries monster. Even if Valkyrie had to pull her punches somewhat!. The judge capsule landed with a spectacular crash and cloud of dust, as usual, then ran though its own set of rules and blah-blah-blah. Ready, set, go!.

    “Aaaaand now I'm going to see how you do with someone who can hide like a cowardly thief!” cried Val over the radio as her zoid shimmered from sight, the armor which contained the material for the runic daggers flowing and seperating as the weapons deployed to readiness, the stealth field hiding them from sight as they floated to the cardinal points of a compass. “Lets see if this works...” muttered the pilot as she sent the mental command to the blades, which began to rotate, slowly at first but rapidly picking up speed until they were a near visible blur when the first intersected with one of the boulder fists, that promptly erupted as the buzz-saw like contrivance of blades turned it into finely dispersed powder, throwing dust up into the air, the Fenrir lurching forward into a ground eating lope, blades howling like gods own power tool.

    The the immense wolf loped across the battlefield, shrouded by dust and shimmering light fields Valkyrie began the first step of her plan (Yep. Definitely pre-planned all this. No winging it here, no siree!) , energy coursing through power runs to charge the capcitors that fed the electrostatic bite, readying the savage bite attack for use. The Fenrir swept out wide, blades still singing as they split the air and rock, a warning flashing briefly as the weapons were nearly reaching a critical damage point, the blades dulled by repeated impacts...luckily they were self repairing, when stowed anyway...

    Between steps the Fenrir slammed its claws into the earth, carving deep furrows as the zoid slammed to a halt, throwing its pilot against her restraints as the zoid struck one of the boulders, uprooting the mighty stone and hurling it a short distance to rest on its side...ish...bit. The Zoid, still swathed in its cloak raised its head to the sky and let loose a blood curdling mechanical howl, the loud note rising to crescendo as a response came floating back across the battlefield. For anyone who was familiar with the Fenrirs abilities, this would be the moment to start praying to whatever deity they chose, for it had begun to call upon its pack. Head still raised the howl changed slightly, another timbre peeling out across the land, the casual observer may think “Oh its just keeping it going, which really ought to stop”, however Valkyrie and anyone truly familiar with the Fenrir, would recognize as the call for the second of the two pack mates of the mighty zoid, the new reply rolling back across the battlefield.

    The hounds of war had been called to the hunt.

    The Fenrir lowered its head, ceasing its haunting cry as it started forward once again, the runic daggers withdrawn from their spinning configuration as the massive Thunder Edge was raised aloft, morphing from the very armored hide of the Fenrir as the huge weapon was drawn back, the Fenrir having had just enough time to close the distance to where it could pounce upon a hopefully unsuspecting opponent.

    “Hope you're ready for this Ari!” called Valkyrie as the glaive swept forward, the huge blade cleaving apart boulders to raise a mighty dust cloud, the stealth system shutting down to reveal the Fenrir and its pair of outriders poised to attack in a savage mauling. As one, the trio attacked, Fenrir driving forward, jaws wide and crackling with lightning, seeking the very essence of the other Furian's Beserk Fury, while Geri and Freki, named for the hunting beasts of the norse god Odin, lunged forward to attempt to cripple the opposing zoid, each focussing on raking the armored flanks with claws before closing powerful jaws about the vunerable legs in the classic hunting method of the wolf.

    A: Activate Stealth System (Reduce enemy accuracy to 25%)
    B: Deploy Runic Daggers around Fenrir, spinning them like a buzz saw blade : 110dp to anything getting hit by said shield (Like them fists!) : primarily as a dodge.

    A: Approach Ariana under cover of stealth, shrieking blades and eruptions of dust from exploding fists. (Dodge. Sort of)
    B: Charge Savage Electrostatic Bite. (ES Bite available)

    A: Dodge (Rapidly stop, plow into rock, knock fist over)
    B: Call forth Geri (Charge feat, Geri available)

    A: Call forth Freki (Charge feat, Freki available)
    B: Dodge

    A: Use Runic Glaive to throw dust and fragments of Fists at Ariana as cover for impending strike (Dodge, no damage intended (given it deals almost double of the fists health I imagine it'd just smash them to itty bitty pieces)
    B: Attack: Savage Electrostatic Bite : Body : 132dp, stun for 2 actions. Geri : Left Leg : 50dp. Freki : Right Leg : 50dp

    Reflexes: 18/18
    Stealth System: Active.
    Storm Walker: Inactive, Ready.
    Guardian Angel: Inactive, Ready.


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    Ari Phoenix
    Ari Phoenix

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    Re: Battle of the Ten Thousand Fists

    Post by Ari Phoenix on 26th September 2017, 20:54

    Advancement Points: 5,000
    Growth Level: 5
    Skill Points: 18

    Mental: 5
    Reflex: 7
    Proficiency: 6
    Melee: Rank 3-6(+15 DP)
    Rifles: 0
    Cannons: 0
    Machine Guns: 0

    Type: Tyrannosaurus
    GL 5 Restriction

    Speed: 12
    Agility: 23
    Heat Index: 50

    Internal Slots: 6
    CPU Slots: 3

    External Hardpoints: 7 - Body: 4 (Chest x2, back x2), Limbs: 3 (tail, each leg)

    Base Armor - Head: 50 / Body: 180 / Legs (x2): 75 / Tail: 60


    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and Claws meant to tear through armor in a melee attack.

    Strike Laser Talon
    Using the Buster claws as generators, the Fury absorbs energy and routs it to the talons. It must leap to use it and balance making it less accurate and more unwieldy than the Liger Zero's since the Fury has an abundance of other weaponry.

    Hardened Alloy Strike Tail
    The armor on the tail is more than powerful enough to be used as a club on rear foes.

    Buster Claws
    Two claws with three blades each that can be used like fingers to pick up and throw light class Zoids or clenched together and charged to act like the Blade Liger's Blades, only mobile.
    80DP blade mode
    Random damage in throw mode (at judge’s discretion)

    [s]185mm Beam Cannons
    By closing the fingers on the Buster Claws, it creates 2 powerful beam cannons that can aim anywhere and target two targets at once. Can fire simultaneously or separately.
    55DP each[/s]

    [s]Energy Shield
    By charging the claws and opening them into equilateral pyramid form a powerful shield is generated. It lasts four actions but removes the main weapons of the Fury leaving only after-market attacks or melee attacks open for use.
    Reduces damage by 60% from the front and sides
    Last for four actions; usable once per round, every other round[/s]

    [s]Triad Focused Particle Cannons
    Ah the CPG... only powered up. This version has the Zoid charge up for 4 feats in separate actions (during the charging sequence the Buster Claws cannot function). The Zoid then locks down and opens its Buster Claws fully and extends them away from the body. It opens its mouth and tail fans and sends out three separately targeted blasts of FOCUSED energy. As such they can only target one Zoid per beam (for a total of three Zoids altogether), or all can be fired at the same Zoid to increase the chance of a successful attack. Usable once per battle.
    200DP for direct hit (does NOT stack if fired at same target); random damage for partial hit (no shockwave created)
    Increased accuracy if fired at same target[/s]

    Known Reflexes
    Double Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    This feat will allow you to attack twice in the same time frame as the normal Attack feat. The pilot rapidly attacks using the same weapon twice at the same Zoid, though different targets on the Zoid may be attacked.
    Note: The "usage" of the weapon is counted in the use limit of weapons.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Like all animals, the instinct of fight or flight is in every Zoid. Sprint may be used to run away from or at your opponent.
    Increase for 2 actions the evasion and accuracy rates by 20% and speed by 1.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Shoots out of the air any missile or bullet. Only good on frontal attack single shots (if you use a missile to intercept, then a spray of machine gun fire can be shot down as well due to the explosion damage).
    Use a projectile to destroy a bullet or missile in front of you or a missile to destroy machine gun fire.
    (Uses 1 Reflex Point)[/s]

    Quicker than the Eye:
    [Must be used BEFORE the feat you want to go unnoticed. Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Use this feat to catch your opponent off guard - it will make the following feat a stealth attack. Can be used once per round. (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    After Image:
    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    The Zoid dodges at such a high speed that an image of the Zoid remains to confuse the aiming pilot and make them miss.
    Allows near-auto-dodge of one attack feat, once per round.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    Counter Attack:
    [Takes the place of Attack]
    An attack directly after an opponent's attack, not giving them enough time to defend themselves or dodge the attack.
    Attack right after an opponent's attack for 95% chance of both of you taking clear damage.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Dodge]
    Some pilots know they can't escape certain attacks. Their human instincts allow them to position themselves in the safest possible stance to brace for the attack and minimize damage, while allowing a quick counterstrike.
    Reduces melee damage to your Zoid by half and throws foe off balance temporarily due to upending the attack.
    Only usable by land Zoids.
    (Uses 2 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Activate/Charge]
    Causes your Zoid to revert back to its wild state for a short period. Only melee attacks can be used during this period. Upon activation lasts 3 actions.
    +25 DP to melee attacks; only melee attacks usable for the attack feats of the next 3 actions.
    (Uses 3 Reflex Points)

    [Takes the place of Half your actions]
    Can be used once per battle if you get a temporary system freeze. You can reboot the Zoid early by rewiring, allowing you to be able to use half of your actions on that turn you were supposed to be frozen.
    Reboots a temporary system freeze early; instead of freezing one turn, you get half of your actions instead of none.
    (Uses 5 Reflex Points)
    OOC: Will also use 5 Actions and no Organoid. Scratched out are because they are not able to be used due to the agreed rules.
    She had found out that the one known as the Valkyrie of Fury was bored. It was understandable. The team had not been very active in the past few months. It was not like Ari even remembered what it was like for it to be active. She was an almost different person, but it came to her mind. She needed experience, and who better to get experience from, then one of the ones that was known for her battle capabilities. This was it. So she proposed an official training match. It was surprising how fast that the older pilot had reacted to it. That was what lead to the Fury being loaded up and taken out to this odd place.

    It was an odd place. Still, oddly poetic. It was fitting. The rules decided on for the match had been that they would be limited to melee, something that Ari was apparently really good at. This would make it a bit easier, since she was not certain if she was any better at range than she was before. This also was to give her a bit more thorough practice at controlling the Fury. She realized from an old picture, that she had piloted a command wolf that had been equipped with a lot of blades, so she was used to being in something smaller and possibly faster than this. "This is the only way for me to get the experience I need to recover as a pilot." she would say quietly. She did notice her Fury was a little bit more agile, being a bipedal zoid allowed some movement to come easier than when in a Wolf. That was her own feelings.

    At the proverbial ring of the bell, she would hear her higher ups taunt. 'Hide like a cowardly thief?' She questioned before seeing the Fenrir disappear. She knew she had to be ready to dodge. This would be bad. She would consider her position for a moment, before kicking up a bunch of sand with her tail to try to reveal the hidden wolf. She had to hope to reveal, but would be even better if she hit. Still that was not the only reason she did such a move. It was not all that great of a move to be honest, but her actions were not one of someone who was fully up to her training. It was of someone making a move with the instincts but not the knowledge.

    She would then cause the Fury to launch itself backwards from her position, hopefully dodging anything coming her way. She knew that though Valkyrie was a sniper, that ignoring the heavy wolf zoids armaments and strength was a big mistake. She was not going to make such a mistake if she could help it. She had to learn how to battle again, and this was the best way. She could hear something on the air, and could only make a guess as to what it was. It kind of reminded her of the Spinosapper she had to deal with when she got this Fury. Did Fenrir have a saw on it? She did not recall seeing one, but it could be possible.

    Spinning the buster claws on the Fury's back, to each side. She would aim the left one, hoping to clash with the wolf, but knowing she was likely to miss, being all the sand in the air, and also the stealth system on the Fenrir. She would have to accept that she was not on even footing. Still, Valkyrie had more experience than her, even if she had not lost her memories. She needed to be calm, and so she focused on maintaining a form of calm, and keeping her eyes and ears open. She would aim her strike and unleashing it with hopeful precision. She let it fly.

    After her attack, she would do a quick move to the left, hoping to dodge a potential attack. She was not moving much, so she would start moving around, trying to keep away from any potential falling structures, but she was not certain where one would be falling. She just had to keep on her toes. This was just how things were in battle, and she could feel the pressure, even if it was just a training match. She let the instincts of the fury guide her as well. She had to hope between her new partner, and her instincts, even if not fully there, would guide her.

    The right claw would ring out as she would aim for another strike. This time she aimed low, hoping for a better hit if there was something in the way. She was known as the Berserker, but she did not know if she still was. She just had to trust that she could handle this well enough, but could not give up. She would not want to make the team feel down if she could not keep up. Fury had honor and prestige from ages past. She needed to live up to that, and that meant recovering from her lost memories, and her mental issues, and problems of seeing ghost zoids. She needed to become a better version of herself.

    She would leap forward, in an attempt to predict an attack, and prepare for her next attack. She could not know if it would be effective, but she had to hope. She felt a smile start creeping onto her face. "I hope you know that your stealth has me on edge, but I am not going to be daunted, what kind of Furian would I be, if I let something like stealth stop me!" She would cry. She realized... she was having fun.

    Turning at a moment, and leaping back, using the spinning claws she had on her back to channel energy to the forward claws, she would shout. "STRIKE LASER CLAW!" She would feel it flow through her fury as she would go through the air, and aim for the spot she thought the body would be of the Fenrir. She would notice that the two lesser wolf zoids had appeared. It had switched from one on one to one on three. This was becoming harder by the moment. "No fair, three on one with that stealth? How am I supposed to play tag with you, if your friends show up?" she would tease quietly.

    Taking a moment, she would leap into the air, and bounce off a fist, to try to land on the other side of where the wolves had appeared. She realized that she had heard the howls, but had not taken note of them because of how in her own head she was. She felt silly, but knew she had to adjust that thought process, otherwise she could be taken down a lot easier than anyone else. She could not allow herself to get trapped in her own head. 'Why not?' a thought asked, but she shook that out of her head. She had something worse to ready herself for.

    She put her back to a fist, and would prepare her bladed claws on her back as if they were swords. She needed to calm her breathing. She did not know why, but she remembered something about swordsman doing these kind of things. She did not close her eyes, but instead focusing them. She looked for any sign of movement from the big wolf, or anything coming at her. She needed to strike with her claws at the right moment. She could rely on the other wolves. She then heard another call from Valkyrie. "I am ready, do your best for I will only learn my best, by taking it all." she would say calmly.

    She would see the three of them coming. She would see the giant blade. She could only hope it worked out, as she thought she felt the blade meet her's, and the Buster claw would move the blade up she hoped as she would strike with the other one towards the core of the other zoid. She just needed to cause a System freeze. How better to do this than to stand against her in a possibly final stand. This would have to be the best response she had. She just had to hope her pulse had not gone crazy or her heart. The feeling in her veins as adrenaline would release. This was the time to wait and see. She just knew that something had happened. It could very well be that she mistook the weapon, or maybe hit one or both of the other wolves with her attempt to parry, who knows. She just hoped that when the dust settled, that it was a good enough learning experience.

    Action 1
    A: Attack) Melee. Harden Alloy Strike tail (65+15) If hit. I guess aiming for the Body.
    B: Dodge

    Action 2
    A: Attack) Melee, Buster Claws(80+15) Hoping to attack the Fenrir's Left Leg
    B: Dodge

    Action 3
    A: Attack) Melee, Buster Claw (80+15) Again, aiming for the Fenrir, but this time Right Leg.
    B: Dodging forward in a leap.

    Action 4
    A: Attack) Melee Strike Laser Talon, using a leap before hand, and aiming for the body of the Fenrir.(105+15)
    B: Dodge) Using the maneuverability and Agility of the fury, bouncing off a fist and into a new position.

    Action 5
    A: Feat/Dodge) Parry, using 2 Reflex points. Using the Fury's Buster claws to prepare for the incoming attacks, readying for an attack on the opponents.
    B: Attack) Buster Claws, taking advantage of the moment to strike at the body of the main wolf,(80+15) if hits.

    Reflex: 5/7

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