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    Thoria vs Chesha (The Guild)

    Takeshi Kimari

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    Thoria vs Chesha (The Guild)

    Post by Takeshi Kimari on 12th April 2017, 06:17

    Battlemode: 0099

    Battlefield: Hero’s Folly

    The battlefield known as Hero’s Folly is mostly only remarkable for its history, it takes the shape of an enormous mountain, snow capped with craggy sides that can be climbed, battles have been fought here for countless years and despite the treacherous footing and the mountain’s propensity for avalanches, it is a fan favourite.

    On a floating platform that circled the precipice a lone Judge Capsule opened its door, “The following area is a designated Zoids battlefield, danger, all others must leave at once.” It began its usual rhetoric, the light of the early morning sun lancing off its glossy white carapace.

    “This battle is between the Freelancer Thoria and Chesha of The Guild, battlemode 0099,”



    Post order is Thoria followed by Chesha, will set a post limit of 1 week. Battlefield is fully destructible so go nuts, however if you trigger an avalanche it will do damage to all caught in its path.

    "There's an art, or rather a knack to flying, in learning to hurl oneself at the ground, and miss."

    Battle Record: 2/0/1


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    Re: Thoria vs Chesha (The Guild)

    Post by Thoria on 13th April 2017, 22:29

    Advancement Points: 5000
    Growth Level: 5
    Skill Points: 14

    Mental: 6
    Reflex: 8
    Proficiency: 0
    Melee: 0
    Rifles: 0
    Cannons: 0
    Machine Guns: 0


    Genobreaker Jet

    GL 5 Required

    Land Speed: 13
    Flight Speed: 14
    Land Agility: 20
    Flight Agility: 15
    Heat Index: 40

    Internal Slots: 0/6

    CPU Slots: 0/5

    External Hardpoints: 6 total – Back x2, Chest x1, Tail x2, Head x1 (chin)
    -Chin: 0 / 1
    -Body: 0 / 2
    -Chest: 0 / 1
    -Tail: 0 / 2

    Basic Armor:
    Head: 50
    Body: 160
    X-Breakers: 55 (x2)
    Legs: 70 (x2)
    Tail: 45

    Current Armor:
    Head: 150
    Body: 260
    X-Breakers: 155 (x2)
    Legs: 170 (x2)
    Tail: 145


    Armor Plating and Coating:

    Protective Coating IV
    Reduces damage to armor by 50%, protects all areas of armor.

    NanoTech Regenerative Coating (NTRC)
    Intended for those with an eye towards healing any damage taken, the NTRC offers the user the fantastic ability to regenerate their damaged armor mid-battle. Outfitted with the standard NanoTech package including armor treatment and the on-the-fly defensive modifications, the NTRC will allow you to absorb hit after hit, only to shrug it right off and keep on fighting.
    +100 Armor to All Parts
    Can regenerate 30 armor points to any damaged section each round, up to two sections can regenerate each round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is also able to alter its physical structure to harden itself against certain types of damage(Solid Rounds, Melee, Energy, Heat, Explosive, Light, Dark or Elemental). While active this feature will reduce damage from the chosen type by 40%. A charging feat must be used to activate this feature and the type of damage must be stated. You can change the type of damage at any time during battle but no more than twice per round.
    NanoTech Regenerative Coating is fully compatible with any and all armor coatings but is incompatible with attached armor platings. If armor coatings are applied, the NTRC retains its ability to regenerate and alter itself against varying damage types.






    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Claws
    Teeth and claws meant to tear through armor in melee attack.

    Hardened Alloy Forehead Spike
    Energy possible
    A rather long sharp blade that flips forward for ramming. Can be charged with energy to do more damage.
    60DP normally; 80DP when charged (requires one charging feat)

    Hardened Alloy X-Breakers
    The two panels that extend from the sides contain extremely sharp, powerful pincers that can attack in any direction from a longer range than most melee weaponry.

    140mm Cannons
    Located in the weapons pod on each leg of the Zoid; meant for close-range slow targets. The pod can rotate 45 degrees vertically.

    80mm Beam Rifles
    Also in the pod with the 140mms. Made for moving targets due to increased accuracy.

    Concealed Missile Pods
    Also in the rear of the weapon pods, each pod holds 24 rockets and can shoot 4 at a time, no tracking ability.
    25DP per missile

    Dual Grappler Arms
    The arms can fire out on 50m cables and be used to swing small Zoids into some object or, if charged with electricity, to shock them into submission.
    20DP plus swing damage (at judge’s discretion)
    30DP and stunning for one action if charged for one feat

    Frontal Force Shield
    To activate both pincers need to be active and clamped together in front of the Zoid. It blocks indefinitely but only the missiles can be used by the Breaker while in use so ... not practical to use for more than a short time.
    Reduces all damage by 40%

    Supercharged Particle Gun
    The Breaker has advances in stability that allow for less time to charge and no footlocks required. The Breaker can actually leap and fire the SCPG in a circle around the entire battlefield at a drastically reduced damage but with more spread. Charge for three feats in separate actions; usable twice per battle.
    180DP to body; completely disables any other limb with direct hit.
    Can deal random damage or stunning on a near miss due to shockwave
    Can deal random damage to any Zoids hit if used in midair in a spin (at judge’s discretion)

    Jet Boosters
    Large thrusters located on the back of the Zoid make the Geno Breaker Jet capable of short term flight. The thrusters allow full hovering as if in flight and while the Zoid cannot perform too daring of feats it is basic flight, a huge advantage.
    The Jet can remain airborne for up to 4 actions per round

    “Five minutes from dropzone Anvil. Standby.” barked the radio as Thoria opened her eyes, the heavily armored cockpit of her mighty war machine bumped and rattled around her as she started the power up sequence.

    “Anvil copies, five minutes to drop.” replied the woman as the displays flicked to life, showing the dimly lit cavernous space around her Genobreaker Jet. The space was the hold of a whaleking transport, operated by her erstwhile employers, Taylors Terrors, and it was carrying the hulking zoid deep into the mountains where two pilots would meet in glorious gladiatorial combat!. But first however, was getting things juuuust right. From her armored cocoon Thoria watched as several crew scurried about unfastening the heavy duty chains from lock points on the heavy armor of the Genobreaker, a smile twitching the corners of her mouth upward. “I think we need a little music...something suita...no. Just no.  Hmm...something that could be inspiring...Aha! Got it!.".” As the minutes counted down the aircrew left the cargo hold, the lighting switching from white to red as the pallet atop which the Genobreaker stood began to slowly clank forward. Near the cargo ramp several solid red lights began to flash.

    “Drop in sixty seconds! Standby.” crackled the pilot as music began to boom, as the seconds counted down a line of daylight appeared around the edge of the cargo door as it cranked open, the sudden rush of air rushing into the bay buffeting the imposing bulk of midnight blue and teal dazzle camouflaged Akula, the riotous angular patterns based on ancient sea-faring paint for warships (or so the history books said), the zoid rocking back slightly as Thoria gripped the controls tightly. With a lurch at the top of the ramp the pallet came to a halt, cargo ramp had dropped fully and thousands of feet below the gnarled ancient peaks rose like twisted teeth towards the sky. It wasn't a view that Thoria found entirely comfortable, she much preferred the other extreme, still...it was impressive as hell for viewers. The flashing red lamps snapped green and with several thundering steps the huge zoid was in freefall, twisting and flailing through the air as the bulk of the sand colored whaleking quickly dwindled.

    “Three....two....on..” Thoria grunted as a quartet of small drogue chutes unfurled, wrenching the falling mecha around so its feet pointed groundward, her eyes locked on the rapidly shrinking altimeter and quickly rising granite and ice surfaces that raced upward like a pair of long lost lovers seeking to embrace. “Boosters...engaged!” cried the woman as the zoids jumpjets roared, exhaust streaming out and away as they rapidly arrested the descent, however that wasn't all that Thoria had planned, the battle was declared underway as the automatic safeties released and weapons control was handed over. The still descending (not falling! It's totally controlled! Honest) Genobreaker was briefly engulfed in a cloud of rocket exhaust as four missiles popped free of their housing and streaked groundward towards the vicinity of the opposing Gunsniper, not aimed at directly, but aimed at the ice and snow above and around Thoria's opponent, her intent to give The Guild's Chesa a close encounter with some form of water (well...the solid form of it anyhow)...also rocks...and ice...maybe the odd tree and yeti (you never quite know around these parts).

    Akula pivoted, bringing its weapon pods to bear as Thoria cycled from missiles to beam rifles, with a brief pause on the 120mm cannons. “There is not such thing as overkill but...not from here.” mused Thoria as the music changed. As the sights settled on the Gunsniper Thoria made a small adjustment, changing her focus to the deadly tail of the zoid. She knew people who'd run afoul of Gunsnipers who had prepared for long range duels, and despite its armor, Thoria also knew that the Genobreaker was not designed for long range slug fests, her heavier weaponry intended for close range combat, not sniper duels...of course the particle cannon may come in handy if it came down to it. With a double tap of the triggers the beam rifles spat high energy rounds that flashed through the mountain air like lightning, at the range they were fired from, it was up to lady luck to see if they struck true, which didn't give the pilot much time to get her oversized zoid behind cover.

    Akula dove towards the ground like an avenging angel, albeit one that had packed on a few pounds, then decided to wear a few dozen shipping containers as armor. So not so much diving as plummeting.
    Which would have been followed by a mighty crash and bits and pieces of zoid flying in all directions, possibly even a fireball. Except for that it was a mighty Genobreaker JET, its boosters saving it from the ignominious fate that would have befallen any other zoid. As Thoria quickly changed her location, hovering just out of ground effect, she popped up, firing the beam rifles again, this time aimed at what she hoped was the left arm of the Gunsniper, before dropping over a nearby ridgeline and out of sight. The charge warning light flashed as Thoria popped up once again, firing the rifles before doing something outlandish.

    The huge X-breaker panels extended the pincer claws which clamped together, completing the circuit for the frontal shield projector as Akula rocketed skyward one last time, arcing towards its opponent and a meeting of war machines. An audio alarm blared as Thoria dropped the zoid back towards the ground, coming down a steep cliff she guided her mighty zoid and rode the surface, the weight shattering small boulders to dust as the speeding hulk of metal practically skied towards its confrontation, the body angling up slightly as the Xbreakers suddenly released, shield shimmering into nothingness as the Grappler arms suddenly flared and rocketed away, high tensile cable singing as it unspoiled. “I should make a rocket punch joke but...” muttered Thoria as the cables began to retract rapidly, sparks flying from the cable spools from the speed, a certain tug seemed to be a good thing, prompted a cry from Thoria as the Xbreakers both snapped forward as the woman hoped to tear her opponent into metallic confetti.

    It should be noted that something as large as the Genobreaker, travelling as fast as it was, downhill, on loose material, was not going to stop easily. And it was this unfortunate series of events which lead to the what could be hoped was a brief, victorious encounter, before Akula slid off a nearby cliff as its pilot desperately tried to engage the boosters to save their paired asses.

    Maybe this wasn't such a good day to get out of bed afterall....


    A: Drop from transport using Jet Boosters (Activating Boosters)
    B: Launch 4x Missiles at Terrain around Chesa, Attempt to cause avalanche

    A: Double attack: 80mm beam Rifles : Tail : 40dp x2
    B: Takes cover behind rocks (Dodge)

    A: Attack : 80mm Beam Rifles : Left Arm : 40dp
    B: Duck over behind a ridge as cover, maneuver to gain better position (Dodge)

    A: Attack : 80mm Beam Rifles : Right Arm : 40dp
    B: Activate: Frontal Force Shield, Charge towards Chesa (Frontal shield active!)
    (Boosters expire)
    A: Continue attemping to close with Chesa, skiing downhill (dodge-ish, speed I guess)
    B: Attack: Use Dual Grappler Arms to pull Chesa Close : Body : 20dp + swing/drag damage (up to judge)

    A: Double attack: Hardened Alloy X-Breakers : Body : 75dp x2, deactivates frontal force shield.
    B: Leap off cliff, break fall using boosters. (Dodge)

    Nanotech Armor: Default. (no bonus)
    Reflexes: 6/8
    Missile Pods:  20/20 (Left/Right pods, Fired: 4)
    Supercharged Particle Gun: 0/3 Charges. 0/2 Uses.

    Length of narrative: 1123 words

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    Character sheet
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    Re: Thoria vs Chesha (The Guild)

    Post by Chesha on 17th April 2017, 06:42

    Pilot Attributes
    Growth Level 1
    Skill Points: 4

    Mental Ability: 1
    Reflexes: 2
    Proficiency: 1

    • Rifles: 0
    • Cannons: 0
    • Machine Guns: 0
    • Melee: L1 [+5DP] (1P)

    Known Reflexes:
    -Double Attack

    GUN SNIPERMagazi
    Type: Velociraptor

    Speed: 12
    Agility: 30
    Heat Index: 25

    Internal Slots: 0/6
    CPU Slots: 0/2

    External Hardpoints: 8 – Body: 4 (2 on each shoulder), Limbs: 4 (2 on each leg)

    Right Shoulder [2]:
    Left Shoulder [2]:
    Right Leg [2]:
    Left Leg [2]:

    Base Armor - Head: 30 / Body: 90 / Legs (x2): 40 /Arms (x2): 30 / Tail: 40

    Head: 30
    Body: 90
    Right Leg: 40
    Left Leg: 40
    Right Arm: 30
    Left Arm: 30
    Tail: 40

    Armor Plating:


    Other Components:



    Hardened Alloy Teeth and Talons
    The arms, having guns equipped, are not meant for melee, but the killer claws on the feet are as well as the teeth.
    50DP (45+5)

    50mm Cannon
    Mounted on the chest and forward firing only with a slight degree of motion to hit moving targets.

    Twin 20mm Beam Gatling Guns
    Mounted on the arms, they can be aimed anywhere and fire at an amazingly quick clip.

    Twin 8-Shot Missile Pods
    Mounted on the back boosters, each pod can fire up to 2 missiles at a time.
    40DP per missile

    144mm Sniper Cannon
    To fire, the GS must spin, lock its feet and extend the rifle (taking about a second), and then lock on (another 2 seconds or so). Extremely (and deadly) accurate; can punch through armor.

    After Market Weapons


    Air flowed in and out, the only sound keeping the young woman company as she waited. Only the occasional sound of shifting pounds and layers of snow broke up the monotony, golden eyes lazily staring into the dark abyss of the snowbank she’d buried her Gun Sniper into. She’d arrived an hour or so earlier, not wholly sure on the protocols of these “matches.” TV entertainment hadn’t been a luxury granted to her back in the facility, the box a rare distraction during their travels thereafter and usually under someone else’s control. Since that generally meant sharing and interacting with strangers though the girl often abstained – even more so after enough cheesy snippets trying to convince her to buy this tooth paste, that beer, or these clothes because some person recommended it. Since she didn’t know them the girl felt little reason to trust their recommendations (and most of the time they were overpriced garbage anyways).

    To her credit though Chesha had familiarized herself with at least a few details. This wouldn’t be like the small skirmishes she occasionally dealt with out in the wild or on small jobs Xia managed to snag for them. Headshots were deemed a “no-no” here. Shame too as that might’ve been her best bet, finding one or two mentions of this girl having some “skill.” It was the Zoid that worried her most of all, the beast quite the sight (and perhaps the first time she’d even heard of it let alone seen a picture). From the looks of the claws on its back alone it could likely rend Magazi in twain, a battle she’d more likely flee from than actively deal with if not for one thing: it was a mere match. A sporting event for the masses. Though she didn’t fully trust the person at the other controls, Chesha accepted that it was held as an understanding that the other pilot couldn’t aim for the head as well and try to blast her to oblivion – even if that might’ve made a few circumstances easier. She should expect to survive this. Magazi…well the Gun Sniper at least held better chances at being repaired now as long as enough remained.

    Remaining powered down Chesha checked her watch: just a few more minutes.

    Not until a minute before the match would she start up, hoping to make the best use of her powered down state and a chance at the element of surprise. It’d be the girl’s only ally right now.

    ’Three…two…one…’ with reluctant efficiency she brought the beast online, systems powering up and the judge activating somewhere above. Quickly her opponent showed up on the scanners, though she hoped they might remain confused for a moment longer, trying to spot her visually. Likely a vain hope, but with snow having slid down her otherwise brilliantly painted Zoid the girl held little chance. ’Not yet…yet…….now!’

    Waiting for the right shot she couldn’t take another second, the tail uncurling in order to align the segmented barrel and lock into place. A basic scope flipped over her eye as Chesha sighted her target and pulled the trigger. Once. Twice.

    The Zoid rocked with the recoil of the large barrel, further shifting the snow to reveal the blood-painted velociraptor. Even the sensor would prove unnecessary at this point if her foe hadn’t gone to it immediately, revealed to anyone but the heavily visually impaired. There’d be only one hope as the locks of her Zoid began releasing.

    Missile time baby.

    As much as Chesha enjoyed the Shadow Fox’s smoke capabilities she’d found that the missiles of her Gun Sniper provided not only a few similar opportunities, but held the benefit of sometimes knocking someone upside the head quite nicely. Both flaps flipped up to release an explosive each, the missiles whistling as they flew wildly into the air. Even if they didn’t hit she hoped they might deter the opponent for a moment. A moment was all she required as the saurian Zoid burst from the snow, forcing it into the air around her in a brilliant cloud.

    Sun glittered on the frozen scape of the mountain, almost blinding in places as the Zoid leapt down the side without. Eyes landed on a flat, long rock jutting from the mountain she’d spied earlier, the very reason she’d opted to dig in right there. Almost she put too much power into the jump, but she managed to land on the thing and as she’d hoped even Magazi proved weighty enough to cause it to snap. Hands constantly readjusted the joystick controls, the world flashing by her at increasing speeds. One of the arms moved out to the side a bit, Chesha’s teeth gritting as she fought to keep her Zoid from tumbling over and firing the gatling gun at the same time. Keep the woman on her toes if a snowboarding Gun Sniper didn’t already.

    The ride wouldn’t remain prolonged, more a distance maker to try and keep those crab claws at a distance as she jumped ship for a thicker cropping of rocks. Almost she could feel Magazi’s large feet slide a bit, the long toes snapping down to further clench them into place. Thumbs pressed on the buttons atop her controls, releasing another set of missiles towards the terror that was her foe.

    What she wouldn’t do to have a lovely set of claws or blades like that…

    For now though it was guns, guns, and more guns as Chesha managed to directly face her opponent this time. A hand moved to a side console, taking hold of a small lever that allowed for minor adjustments of her smaller cannon. It swiveled all of a few degrees before firing, the boom a little impressive, though dwarfed in comparison to the earlier shots that’d rocked her Zoid. Unfortunately she remained a large eyesore against the tundra. Instincts declared that if she could continue moving, then she should, the pilot forcing the raptor to dash with any power it might still hold under some larger ledges, feet kicking up snow in its wake. They likely wouldn’t take a particle cannon to save her life, but they might take missiles or some gunfire in her stead.

    Unbeknownst to her, one of the corners of her mouth ticked upwards: there existed a thrill that the simulations in the past thoroughly lacked and a zing the more troubling encounters couldn’t allow to sprout.

    *~* SUMMARY *~*

    1 a) Dodge: Hiding in the snow, partially buried
    1 b) Reflex/Attack: Double Attack Sniper Tail - 90DP x 2

    2 a) Attack: Missile Pods (can fire 2 at a time)- 40DP x2
    2 b) Dodge: hiding behind the smoke from the missiles and spray of snow

    3 a) Dodge: some sweet Zoid snowboarding
    3 b) Attack: More missiles! - 40DP x2

    4 a) Dodge: jumped to another ledge, may the faithful snowboard take a blow instead
    4 b) Attack: Beam Gatling Gun - 25DP

    5 a) Attack: 50mm Cannon - 50DP
    5 b) Dodge: ducking under innocent ledges

    1/2 reflexes
    Takeshi Kimari

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    Name: Takeshi Kimari
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    Re: Thoria vs Chesha (The Guild)

    Post by Takeshi Kimari on 23rd April 2017, 07:57


    Chesha fires her sniper rifle twice, both connect with the body of the opposing Geno for a grand total of 90 Damage thanks to Thoria’s coating (170 Armour remaining)
    Missiles fly from Thoria and send the mountain tumbling with an avalanche, thanks to the boosters the Geno soars above but the Gunsniper is not so lucky and takes 30DP to the body (60 Armour remaining)

    Somehow the Gunsniper manages to find its feet after the raging tumble the avalanche took it on and dodges one of the incoming attacks, however the second finds its mark causing 40 Damage (20 Armour remaining)
    The Gunsniper returned fire and both hit* for 40 Damage (130 Armour remaining)

    Both fire and manage to miss their targets.

    The Gunsniper’s right arm is torn off in an explosive beam blast. (0 armour remaining on that arm.)
    The Sniper’s return fire misses.

    The Sniper gets ensnared by Grappler arms and thrown down before the more powerful Geno. System Freeze.

    The Winner is Thoria, you both did really well and wrote posts far better than anything I could. I’d like to apologise for this taking so long what with me being away and then being struck down by post-festival plague, thank you for your patience, I’d also like to apologise for the lack of narrative in this judgement and I will understand if you want a re-judge for that, I just really do not have anywhere close to the energy required just now to get it done as evidenced by the few RP posts I’ve done in the last few days which are exceptionally sub-par.


    12RPC for the win + 5 for 1 round and another 10 as bonus for your excellent post.
    Total: 27
    5 RPC for the loss, +5 for the round and 10 for your equally impressive writing.
    Total: 20RPC

    Thanks guys,

    "There's an art, or rather a knack to flying, in learning to hurl oneself at the ground, and miss."

    Battle Record: 2/0/1

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    Character sheet
    Name: Chesha
    Team: The Guild
    Primary Zoid: Gun Sniper

    Re: Thoria vs Chesha (The Guild)

    Post by Chesha on 25th April 2017, 03:13

    Thanks for judging! And no worries, most of us know about that post-con cool down period

    Updated us both

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    Re: Thoria vs Chesha (The Guild)

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