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Jell-O Shots

Poison Ivy

Jell-O Shots Empty Jell-O Shots

Post by Poison Ivy on 11th April 2017, 11:26

[align=center]Jell-O Shots Tumblr_omjwum3UuC1rp74xfo1_500

Plot - Canons - Wanted - Links

Yes, Bats. Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Red Hood, and Catwoman, got this. The four us have cordially invited you to JELL-O SHOTS, a brand spanking new DC Comics Roleplay. What does this mean? You get to be the villain or the hero! You’ll get the girl, - Well maybe. I was informed by the publisher we can’t promise that but there is a 50/50 shot. JELL-O SHOTS is about the world that our DC Universe revolves around. We are an explosion of flavor, allowing the Golden Age, Silver Age, New Earth, Prime Earth, and Rebirth characters to inhabit our world and make it a wonderful display of blood, mayhem, screams, and men running around in spandex. So hop in our Batmobile and hit the gas, because it’s time to write a story that will give you a buzz!

Why Join?
Tons of open canons.
We accept originals
Open plotting, character- member driven
A universe you can mold.
Join superhero teams
Cause chaos
Friendly members and staff
And there is always your favorite treats with cackle of Harley Quinn included.[/align]
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