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Derelict - an original sci-fi RP


Derelict - an original sci-fi RP Empty Derelict - an original sci-fi RP

Post by StarWoman on 6th April 2017, 15:43

Derelict - an original sci-fi RP KJQXijc
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Your eyes open, for what seems like the first time in many months--perhaps
even years. Blinding white light greets you, and the clean glass of a window just above
your head. Who are you? Why are you here? You don't know the answers to these
questions, you realize.

The glass lifts--it's the lid of a cryobed, you realize. That much you do recall, but you
don't remember going into cryosleep, or why. As you climb out of your bed, you see
that there are many more cryobeds, just like yours, spread throughout the large room.
At the far wall, you see a huge window, planets, stars, and space debris floating by on
the other side.

You don't know where you are, but you have the feeling that something is wrong; and
it's up to you to figure out what that is.

Derelict is a short app, original sci-fi RP. It's set sometime in the distant future,
aboard a huge spaceship, nicknamed Derelict. We are championed for the
freedom of character/race creation, the unique setting, and inclusive style
of board!
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