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Something something to something danger zone! Ronin (Highguard) Versus Jake Ryder (Arcadia)!


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Something something to something danger zone! Ronin (Highguard) Versus Jake Ryder (Arcadia)!

Post by Valkyrie on 6th April 2017, 02:07

"Negative ghostrider, the pattern is full." - That guy.

Scene....A dusty aerodrome, bit run down. Nothing really that interesting aside from the boneyard of shattered planes and flying zoids.

EXCEPT FOR THE GIANT CANYON!...to be found around the back.
yes. We're fighting a giant canyon, which has had some stuff added to it for the filming of the latest science fiction blockbuster "Star Quester 5: A thinly veiled cashgrab".
What does this mean? Laser cannons! Death towers! and...because someone (Bob...) forgot to mention it, two pilots from Highguard and Arcadia.

Yo dawg I herd u liek dogfights...so I put your dogfight in a dogfight.
The skies are dark with clouds threatening a little more than rain, the rocks are...rocky (seriously? who writes this...), and in order to avoid getting involved in a mid air collision with stunt aircraft, you two need to stay within the canyon, luckily its suuuuuper wide and suited for this kind of thing. So the question is, can you two duke it out mano-y-mano while not getting your tails shot off by trigger happy special effects people?

(TL;DR: Deathstar trench run, at eachother, 'pewpew' lasers, try not to get shot)
As a bonus, I'll be looking for good evasive writing, no 'listing lazily to the left' will do, I want to see ACTION! DRAMA! ROMA..maybe not that...otherwise you might just catch a laser blast! Pewpew! (minor damage ~5dp given both participants armor)

Who knows what those clouds will do.

Oh and as for who starts my schlock mercenary challenge coin has granted until me its wisdom that Ronin starts this round. alternating subsequent rounds.

now in the words of a gray haired gentleman magician..."Fly you fools!"


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Ronin Sanders
Ronin Sanders

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Re: Something something to something danger zone! Ronin (Highguard) Versus Jake Ryder (Arcadia)!

Post by Ronin Sanders on 12th April 2017, 23:00


Type: Phoenix
Name: Brigid

Speed: 23
Agility: 45
Heat Index: N/A

Internal Slots: 2
CPU Slots: 2

External Hardpoints: 4 - Body: 2 (back, chest), Limbs: 2 (each wing)

Base Armor - Head: 20 / Body: 90 / Wings (x2): 30 / Tail: 20


Heat Distribution System
The Zoid uses heat as the basis for most of its attacks and therefore is immune to heat damage.
Zoid Cannot Overheat

Burning Missiles
A pod of 10 homing missiles concealed in the belly of the Zoid pops open to launch the little explosive missiles which contain superheated goo. Not as accurate as other tracker missiles due to the inability to use a heat sensor system (because it would hit the Striker itself).
40DP, 4 heat damage per missile

Liquid Flame Cannon
A cannon concealed in the beak that is good for dousing close range ground targets with superheated lava-like fluid.
30DP to up to 3 areas of armor with a hit (excluding head), 10 heat damage

Dual-Barreled Beam Gun
Located in between the chest and underbelly regions of the Burning Striker, this weapon fires small caliber bullets composed of condensed energy waves.

Superheated Plasma Shield
The Zoid uses its heat systems to cover itself in molten plasma providing it a powerful shield.
Reduces all damage by 25%, deals 2 heat damage to any Zoids passing too close.
Lasts 2 full rounds, can be used once per battle

Dark clouds crept eerily above the canyon before Ronin. Thunder quietly echoed in the distance, the pilot knew a storm was brewing. Ronin arrived at the canyon immediately noticing the grave yard of long since lost Zoids. These graveyards scattered the planet of Zi since the war and always left Ronin with a cold sense of sorrow. The pilot took a deep breath, he had to focus on this match. He wanted to see improvement from his practice battle from just a few weeks before. It would be his first officially sanctioned ZBC battle since the war. He was determined to take home a win.

Ronin sat with a look of confusion on his face as he noticed the swarm of film crew throughout what was supposed to be a battle field. Ronin looked down at his display puzzled. He pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper from the pocket of his blue jeans. He unfolded the paper revealing a long string of numbers. Ronin gave out a long sigh as he examined the numbers comparing the numbers on the screen with the numbers on his scrap of paper. “The coordinates all match up. Maybe I’ll ask someone about it.”

Ronin flipped a switch and spoke. His voice turned into radio waves directed to anyone in the general area. “This is Ronin Sanders of High Guard. I’m scheduled to partake in an official ZBC sanctioned Zoid battle on this location... Am I at the right place?” Ronin asked with uncertainty. Perhaps there was some sort of mix up, after all this camera crew looked like they had been set up here for hours. A reply came in through his radio.
“Yeah Ronin, you’re in exactly the right place. Well almost, could you move to the right a bit?” The voice sounded middle aged and white, but that was only a guess. Ronin complied with the request confused. Two drones flew around his bird, each with a high definition camera attached to it.
“If you don’t mind me asking then, what is with all the cameras?” Ronin said with a genuine curiosity.
“They must not tell you guys anything do they,” The same man spoke again. “The ZBC put me here as director to film the match for a new film we are producing. You’re gonna be a star Ronin, we’re just getting a few profile shots now.”
Ronin laughed at the ridiculous notion. “Well sir, I’ll have you know I am already a star.” Ronin said joking along in a less then serious manner.

Then Ronin heard it. It came in from above like a shooting star. With a big bang a white judge capsule landed on the battle field. The mechanical panels unfolded revealing a familiar ZBC judge bot. Ronin took a deep breath as he noticed his opponent arrive on the battle field. It was a pilot he had never met before, from a new team he had hardly heard of. It didn’t matter to Ronin, Zoid battles were one of the best ways to get to know someone after all. “This space is now a designated Zoid battle field. For the enjoyment of Zi this match will be filmed. In the spirit of show business, Lights…. Camera…. ACTION!” The bot hollered and the match begun.

Ronin smirked, a real dogfight was now underway. While firmly planted on the ground the pilot flipped a switch. He was too far from his opponent to get a good shot, but that was about to change. From the belly of his bird came a single missile aimed towards his enemy. The missile was unguided and from this distance Ronin really didn’t expect it to hit anything important. He had other plans for it. Ronin pulled on his controls and the bird took off behind the missile. Using the weapon as a shield Ronin followed behind it. Following behind this missile would help him cover the ground he needed too while providing ample cover from, wait what is this?

Bullets flew towards Ronin, but not from his opponent. The ‘props’ from the movie set were hardly props at all. The bullets they fired were completely real and dangerous. “What are you guys doing?” Ronin hollered over the radio systems at the director.
“Its called special effects Ronin, the folks at home are gonna love it.” The director from earlier spoke. Ronin was going to be a much more avid dodger in this match that’s for sure. That was unless he wanted to have his wings shot full of holes by the quote unquote special effects. Then it happened. Ronin’s heart sunk as he heard the roar of thunder echoed in the canyons. His bird gave out a cry and plummeted. No, the lightning did not strike the bird, but it might as well have. Brigid was deathly afraid of thunder storms. This weakness formed years ago before Ronin owned her and Ronin was still struggling to get this fear under control.

Ronin had to make the best of this situation. His bird was going down whether Ronin wanted her to or not, so he might as well make the downward motion into a dodge. After all the movement was so sudden and unexpected anything trying to aim at him would surely be caught just as off guard as Ronin. He spiraled as he went down towards the ground and with a pull up he managed to land her without a crash. In a panic she flapped her wings, kicking up small clouds of dust in the process. The earth had been so poisoned by the oils and chemicals from the fallen Zoids that no plants grew. Without the roots of plants the soil was loose and easily moved by the giant bird’s fearful movements. “Brigid listen to me!” The bird was still panicking ignoring Ronin’s words. “You have to calm down.” The bird gave out a cry in response. Ronin knew what he’d have to do to calm her down.

He flipped a switch and the motors started running. Light began to glow from the body of his Zoid, his bird was overcome with a bright light. His plasma shields activated. The liquid plasma shields calmed Brigid making her feel more secure. Ronin noticed the dust clouds his bird had been creating in her panic. Like a spark an idea was ignited in Ronin’s mind. Ronin guided the bird to intentionally kick up the loose earth. With the flapping of Brigid’s wings Ronin created a cloud of dust to shield his Zoid. No precision shots could be made through this massive cloud of dust keeping the pilot temporarily cloaked. In the cover of the dust cloud. From here Ronin could plan his next move.

Ronin had been in one place for too long though. While he did his best to make the best of his Zoid’s fear he had to go on the offensive or else he would surely loose. “Ready to attack Brigid?” Ronin said in a comforting way and the bird gave a subtle sign that she was ready. Ronin hopped out of the dust cloud. The bird’s beak opened. From within came a burning light. The heat could be felt within the cockpit. “Hell yeah!” Ronin shouted in excitement.

From the mouth of the bird came a fire of liquid plasma towards his enemy. A surprise attack from the dust cloud fired upwards towards the wings of the enemy aimed to melt a hole right through the all so crucial wings of his enemy. Ronin then maneuvered the bird into the air against the side of the cliff. The special effect turrets were on the wall of the canyon. By staying up close to the wall he made it so that half of the turrets would be unable to hit him. It also made it impossible for any attacks to surprise him from the side.

From this defensive position, Ronin continued his offensive movement. Moving in the general direction of his enemy Ronin prepared his canons, the bird opened its mouth in response. Again, Ronin could feel the heat of the cannons. It didn’t bother his Zoid but Ronin was flesh and blood, his skin felt like it was burning. Ronin kind of liked it though, he had developed an odd attraction to heat related pain. When Ronin felt he was close enough the cannon fired again towards the needed wings of his opponent.

Ronin spotted his next move. A round gun turret was on the side of the canyon’s wall. Just large enough for his bird to land on. He pulled up and directed Brigid to the turret. She landed on top of it digging her talons into the expensive equipment. Ronin heard over his radio the voice of the director, “What are you up to pilot? That equipment isn’t cheap!”
Ronin Laughed, “Well so is my bird you’ve been firing at, don’t worry though. I’m just using your special effects to my advantage.” With the bird’s talons, deep inside of the cannon he forced the weapon  to face towards his enemy. Riding on top of the turret Ronin gave it no choice but to fire at his enemy with surprising accuracy. Ronin flipped a few switches in unison with the fire of the hijacked special effects. With the turret aimed at his opponent Ronin’s bird opened its beak. Ronin screamed passionately “For the Guard!” Ronin then fired two distinct shots from the mouth of Zoid. Both of which at the wings of his enemy.

The heat was almost too much for Ronin to handle. Almost.

The flame cannon combined with the manipulated gun turret to create a cloud of fire that rained down on his enemy. Thunder roared like a round of applause to the fire that consumed the canyon. Brigid cried out her voice blending with the sound of explosions as the attack made contact. The light was blinding and Ronin had no choice but to close his eyes for just a second. The weapons created a thick cloud of smoke. Ronin opened his eyes and took this moment to do a system scan. “Brigid, run a system diagnostics.” As the smoke cleared Ronin assessed the damage done to his Zoid.

Word Count: 1706/1706

Battle Summary:

1A) Attack burning missile, aimed in the general direction of the enemy . (40DP, 4 heat damage per missile) [Explosive]

1B) Dodge- Follow right behind the missile using the missile as a shield. Cover as much ground as possible to get close to opponent.

2A) Dodge- Lightning scares Zoid, She drops to the ground unexpectedly before landing on the ground.
2B) Activate Supper Heated Plasma Shield, calming his Zoid down after the thunder . (Reduces all damage by 25%, deals 2 heat damage to any Zoids passing too close.
Lasts 2 full rounds, can be used once per battle)

3A) Dodge- Stay low and flap wings, create dust cloud from the dry dead earth and hide within it.
3B) Fire liquid flame cannon in a surprise attack from the dust cloud (Aimed at both wings) (30DP to up to 3 areas of armor with a hit (excluding head), 10 heat damage)

4A) Dodge – Fly upwards hugging the wall of the canyon protecting him from half of the attacks moving towards his opponent.
4B) Fire liquid flame cannon (Aimed at both wings) (30DP to up to 3 areas of armor with a hit (excluding head), 10 heat damage)

5A) Dodge- Land on a gun turret and sink in claws hold onto it and aim it at my opponent.
5B) Double attack- Fire liquid flame cannon combined with the fire from the turrets (Aimed at both wings) (Bonus turret power) (30DP to up to 3 areas of armor with a hit (excluding head), 10 heat damage)  X TWO for a total of 60 DP and 20 Heat Damage


Win: 0 Draw: 0 Lost:0
Jake Ryder

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Re: Something something to something danger zone! Ronin (Highguard) Versus Jake Ryder (Arcadia)!

Post by Jake Ryder on 21st April 2017, 20:21

Type: Pterosaur

Speed: 19
Agility: 45
Heat Index: 25

Internal Slots: 4
CPU Slots: 3

External Hardpoints: 6 – Body: 2 (back), Limbs: 4 (2 per wing, 1 on top and 1 on bottom)

Base Armor - Head: 35 / Body: 100 / Wings (x2): 50 / Tail: 35


Hardened Alloy Iron Claw
The talons on the Sworder are extremely sharp and able to cut through most of today’s available armors.

Twin 40mm Pulse Cannons
Can be used on any target in front, above or below. Concealed in the elbow joints, four barrels provide maximum power, accuracy, and automatic fire.

Hardened Alloy Forehead Blade
[Energy] possible
This blade is capable of extending up or forward, though in practicality should really only be used upwards for going under other air targets (unless the pilot has a death wish). Can be charged for one feat with energy to provide maximum cutting power.
60DP normal damage when uncharged, 85DP energy damage when charged (requires charging feat)

Twin Hardened Alloy Wingtip Laser Swords
The main kill weapons on the SS, these blades extend from the wingtips and charge almost instantly with energy. Perfect for deleting those senseless parts on opponent Zoids often referred to as wings and legs.

Battle Narrative:

Jake leaned back against the leather upholstery of his cockpit seat, his shoulders rolling gently against the back. He took a deep breath in through his nose and released it slowly passed his lips, the moment was finally here, he would fight his first professional Zoid Battle, not only that but it was against a veteran from the old League, the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his prowess. Jake’s eyes flashed and a broad grin lit up his face, he was the best there was and he would show everyone that, his hands tightened on the controls of his Stormsworder, knuckles whitening against the normal pink of his hands.

The claxon blared across the battlefield as the Judge yelled his orders, with the call of fight the Stormsworder launched itself into the air, wind screeching past the wings as his cockpit’s sound system fired up, as the first notes hit the air Jake’s aviator sunglasses covered his eyes. “Alright bud, time to show everyone how beautiful you are.” He spoke to his partner in a conspiratorial whisper, the Pteranodon Zoid screeching past their opponent in a headlong rush, tucking wings straight down by its side and rotating the Stormsworder slashed past underneath the opposing Phoenix Zoid both wing blades extended to slash at the Striker’s own wings, before dropping out of site in a hard barrel roll.

At the flick of a switch the Stormsworder’s head mounted blade began to charge, energy being sucked from the atmosphere and the Zoid’s non-essential systems, the steel beginning to glow with heat and fluorescent power. The pilot glanced out of the cockpit to take in the surrounding cannons that lined the canyon, a malicious grin tugging the corners of his mouth up with glee, without a moment’s hesitation the Zoid spun out to flare its wings in front of a cannon before launching itself in a tight spin to wind up using the opponent as a shield from any incoming fire.

With the forehead blade successfully charged the Stormsworder launched its devastating assault, charging headlong at the foe with unbridled enthusiasm, tearing past in a cacophonous charge. Wings tucking into his sides as the aerial pilot dropped out of the sky, plummeting to earth with no safety net to catch him, Jake’s arms reached up to brush the cockpit ceiling, mad mirth bubbling forth from his lips as he allowed them to fall, his hands only falling to the controls as they descended past the fifty-metre mark, firing up the Zoid’s boosters only just before impact, a swirling cloud of dust exploding around them as they raced across the floor of the canyon.

Rounding on his opponent once more Jake opened fire with the Stormsworder’s ranged artillery, the 50mm cannons roaring loudly as their deadly projectiles raced towards the foe in a deadly hail of fury. The young Arcadian banked right steeply, angling for what little cover the canyon wall offered. The bird’s vents opened and steam poured out in a constant stream, Jake’s whole body felt drenched in sweat from the heat his opponent exerted, his breathing now coming in ragged gasps as the hot air scorched his throat and lungs, “Time to finish this.” He hissed past his clenched teeth, and in a move reminiscent of the start of the battle the Aerial Arcadian flew past his opponent, tucking his wings down to strike at both of his opponent’s wings.

Battle Summary:

A: Reflex: Double Attack: Stormsworder’s Wing Laser Swords, one aimed at each wing 95DP each
B. Dodge: Barrel Roll.

A. Charge: Forehead blade begins charging
B: Dodge: Attempted to get the cannons to focus on him and direct them to fire at the Striker

A. Attack: Charged Forehead Blade at Burning Striker’s body 90DP
B: Dodge: Fell out of the sky like a rock.

A. Attack: 50mm Beam Cannons at Striker’s body 50DP
B. Dodge: Bank it like it’s hot.

A. Vent: -5 HI
B. Reflex: Double Attack: Laser swords aimed at both wings 95DP each.

Reflexes Remaining: 0/2

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Name: Valkyrie
Team: Fury
Primary Zoid: Konig Wolf EX type

Re: Something something to something danger zone! Ronin (Highguard) Versus Jake Ryder (Arcadia)!

Post by Valkyrie on 18th May 2017, 22:00

Thats a wrap folks! Get this to post production stat!

The outcome will need a little 'cutting' to make it work, but we'll overlook the extra time needed to do that, especially since Jake won...which wasn't quite in the script.

The action was frenetic, lasers and bullets flashing and zipping all over the show, explosions and stand-in props zooming around adding to the chaos. And yet two pilots managed to succeed in going head to head in the midsts of this madness, starting with a clutch missile shot from Ronin, who rode in on the tail of the missile (any closer and he could have blown up with it!), while Jake was thrown for a loop by the explosion, knocking his own response well off course.

As shrapnel rained down the pair circled one another, each preparing for the next move, Ronin's shield coming up to protect his zoid from the full force of his opponents much more damage attacks.

When the pair rejoined the fight, Jake was struck across both wings by burning plasma, while his own strike hit home on Ronin's body, dealing a nearly fatal blow had it not been for his shield. Jakes stormsworder was nearly toasted by the heat buildup however he manages to keep it flying just that little bit longer.

As the fighters turn back in for another engagement the stream of plasma vomited forth by the Burning Striker failed to connect, leaving the Stormsworder's beam cannons to finish up, hitting true and sending Ronin's zoid careening towards the ground.

Uuuuunfortunately, the director had other plans.
"YAHOOOOOOO!" came a cry over the radio as something dove from above, splashing blaster fire across the circling Stormsworder and sending it to join his opponent on the ground.
"Never mess with the rubidium eagle!".

And the lights come up...
Ronin: Head 20 / Body: 0 - UNABLE TO CONTINUE! / Wings (x2): 30 / Tail: 20
Jake: Head: 35 / Body: 60 / Wings (x2): 20 / Tail: 35, HI: 14/25

Results are...
Winnings + 5 for the round, +3 RPC because I had a giggle for Jake (12+5+3=20rpc)
The usual "Fair dinkum mate" +5 for the round and 3 because I enjoyed reading the match to Ronin (5+5+3 = 13rpc)

unfortunately neither pilot was responsible for the terrible performance of the movie at the box office. Critics citing the 'overpowered nature' of the Rubidium Eagle and the thinly disguised fanservice and pandering of certain members of the female cast, along with an incredibly annoying CGI character....


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Re: Something something to something danger zone! Ronin (Highguard) Versus Jake Ryder (Arcadia)!

Post by Sponsored content

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