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    Legend of the Dragon Ball [Original Dragon Ball RP]



    Legend of the Dragon Ball [Original Dragon Ball RP]

    Post by LegendsDB on 5th April 2017, 05:56

    The world is a vast place, ripe for exploration. From the gleaming West City to the mundane and earthy mountains of Paozu in the south. And legend has it that the mystical Dragon Balls reside somewhere around the world, just waiting to be discovered and grant the user any wish they so desire. Will you set out on your own adventure? To becomes the world's greatest martial artist, to taste the world's cuisines, or even to seek the Dragon Balls. The world is a big and scary place ready to be explored by those ready to take the reigns and cast themselves into it. If you deem yourself ready, welcome to the Legends of the Dragon Balls.

    • Free-Flow and open combat system utilizing only a Stamina bar for technique use.
    • A plot driven, no word count site that strives to fit all writing styles.
    • Based before the events of Dragon Ball and removing all canons from the spotlight.

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