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Digimon Horizon: Dawning


Digimon Horizon: Dawning Empty Digimon Horizon: Dawning

Post by DHD Mod on 4th April 2017, 11:16

Digimon Horizon: Dawning F2bc63dd0ab140d68cb754428a4c7777
The Digital World. A world that has been ravaged many times by multiple events of various size. Heroes kept on rising to face the dangers of this world and try to bring peace back to it, but that peace was never everlasting. Since the creation of this world, digimons rose up to try and take over the world or fuse the two worlds, and every time, their plans were thwarted by humans and digimons who joined forces to save the world. We call those groups Digidestined and, to most, they are claimed as heroes.

Now, the year is 2253 and yet another crisis befalls the two world. A company, named L.apetus , has picked up from where another company left off 17 years ago. At that time Atlus Design launched Digimon Horizon and the game became a hit almost instantly, many believed there was some malicious intent behind the developers at the time, but no one found out as the game suddenly crashed one day with memories of the gameplay wiped form many people's minds. L.apetus now wishes to relaunch the game as an Augmented Reality game so that the players can experience their digimon in real time.

With your digivice in hand, and a free boat ride to the test island of File Island. Prepare yourself for the most exciting experience in gaming in Digimon Horizon: Dawning.

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