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    Cheering on the Captain ( A High Guard Circus Party)

    Ronin Sanders
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    Cheering on the Captain ( A High Guard Circus Party) Empty Cheering on the Captain ( A High Guard Circus Party)

    Post by Ronin Sanders on 3rd April 2017, 22:35

    The world gathered in anticipation. People all over the entire planet sat before their televisions that night waiting for the legendary battle that was about to unfold. The match was between the Fury of the Stars, and the Captain of The High Guard. Two of the strongest pilots in all of Zi, now faced off in one of the first battles since the end of the war. A truly historic event this was. It was a time of celebration, that the era of pain and poverty was over and that the world could once again rejoice in the tactical display of strength that was a Zoid battle. Millions of people watched and awaited the results of this match from the comfort of their living room. Few were lucky enough to observe the face off in person.

    Tickets for this event were beyond expensive, and only those of wealthy families could even hope to afford a seat in the circus themed mega arena. Despite all the fame and fortune you may possess, the best most luxurious seats were saved for pilots. If you were to be so lucky as to belong to either of the two participating teams a free pass to one of the arena’s two beautiful observation decks would be given to you. In this story, we watch the members of High Guard cheer on their fellow teammate in style as they watch from above. The pilots invited received a letter along with a ticket as seen bellow.

    Hello member of High Guard.
    We are pleased to announce that a member of your team
    Is scheduled to participate in a Zoid battle in our arena.
    We welcome you and the rest of your team
    to witness this display of power in person from the comfort of our
    West Ceiling Observation Deck.
    Present this ticket and gain entry to the
    luxurious seating and full array of refreshments
    as we celebrate the beginning of a new era of Zoid Battles.

    Ronin’s jaw dropped as the bouncer pulled back the red curtains. The room that was before him was beyond anything Ronin could have expected. Circus themed music played but with an electronic twist. The beats were very rhythmic and distinct, and almost creepy as though begging you to do something naughty you’d regret. Lights flashed throughout the space alternating from different shades of purple, yellow, and green. The system would respond to the beat of the music creating a fantastic strobe effect throughout the entire space of whatever colors best fit the current music. To help set the mood were balloons and streamers everywhere as well as an occasional rain of glitter.

    The room itself was circular. Across from the entrance way was a full service bar where a variety of circus themed food and drinks were distributed. All around the walls were Black leather couches, enough for the entire team. Positioned all around the walls of the circular room were large flat screen televisions. Displayed on them was a timer counting down the seconds until the start of the match. 34 minutes and 23 seconds was displayed on the screens when Ronin walked in. Stats and data about the participating pilots flashed behind these numbers, teaching you all sorts of trivial information about both Valk and Takeshi and the Zoids they piloted.

    Between all of the couches were small end tables with hookahs containing all sorts of flavored smokes inside, all of which would give a mild buzz after smoking. While Ronin didn’t partake in smoking he was quite impressed by the staff’s attention to keeping the coals fresh despite the fact the pilots were only starting to arrive. He also couldn’t help but notice the even distribution of male to female staff, all of which had minimal clothing that sparkled in the light. Every staff, male or female, had colorful hair and most also sported a cute clown nose. These models were very punctual and ready to serve however they were needed.

    The most notable feature of this club like observation deck was the glass floor. The entire observation deck was in the ceiling of the circus themed mega arena. The floor itself was transparent allowing for a complete and entire view of the battle field underneath of them. No matter where you were in the deck you would have a perfect view of everything that happened between Takeshi and Valk. The pilots obviously weren’t there yet, all you could see was the field with a Ferris wheel, colorful tents, and gigantic trampolines. Ronin couldn’t believe that Zoids were meant to battle in such a crazy arena.  “I am not drunk enough for all of this.” Ronin said almost in a daze from all of the circus themed stimuli around him.

    Ronin made his way over to the bar. He looked up and noticed a large banner with the High Guard symbol displayed. He then looked down and noticed the attractive man that stood before him. Blond with blue eyes on a flawless young face. “What can I get for you?” His voice was slightly feminine yet also entrancing. “Everything’s free of charge to you of course pilot.” The guy said in front of him. Ronin blinked for just a moment. The man had no shirt, instead just an open vest with shorts, both of which sparkled as the strobe lights kissed the glitter. A small top hat with a giant red flower rested atop his head.

    Ronin shook his head caught off guard by this flamboyant individual.  “I don’t care, make it sweet and strong.” The bar tender smiled in response to Ronin’s request.
    “I know just the drink.” The blonde snapped his fingers and to Ronin’s surprise a small monkey hopped onto the counter. “Olivio, go fetch me some limes!” The monkey obeyed and went to the other side of the bar where a bowl of limes sat.
    “You have a monkey!” Ronin said in surprise. The monkey had a small hat of his own as well as a purple vest that sparkled.
    The blonde laughed, “Yeah, I do. Don’t worry his hands have been washed.” A monkey bar tender? Ronin had to be dreaming. But clearly, he wasn’t as the monkey aided the man in crafting a colorful drink. The blonde added a final touch as he tied a small helium filled balloon to the glass.

    Ronin left the man a tip as he took the drink. He trained a monkey to make drinks, Ronin felt he deserved it. He made his way over to one of the couches taking a sip of his drink. He made a face taken off by just how much alcohol was in it. He couldn’t be mad though he did ask for strong. The clocks ticked down to 30 minutes as Ronin took a seat. Ronin hurried trying to drink the alcohol quickly. He knew he wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of these accommodations until he was a bit buzzed. He looked up as the white light of the hallway poured in, unwelcomed by the colorful atmosphere. Another pilot arrived but Ronin couldn’t quite make out who yet. Despite not knowing who it was Ronin waved excitedly happy to no longer be the only pilot in the room.

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    Cheering on the Captain ( A High Guard Circus Party) RoninSigAFDSHAGanimated-1_zpsfwyycpoc

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    Alana Taylor
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    Cheering on the Captain ( A High Guard Circus Party) Empty Re: Cheering on the Captain ( A High Guard Circus Party)

    Post by Alana Taylor on 4th April 2017, 12:11

    It was a little while after Ronin entered the area, when a young looking lady arrived who seemed to have an issue with her sight. An eyepatch covering one of her eyes while her other one shown off it’s green hue as it glared around the property. It was clear that the room was very thought out, and it was sure going to cater the needs of the female known as Alana, as well as her team. There was a few reasons why she entered the well taken care of area. One of the really big ones though was because Takeshi, her leader, was fighting a member of team fury. Alana wasn’t sure of what to make of this, but she did know one thing… maybe watching this zoid battle will help her improve?? Well, she well and truly hoped so, as one person can only do so much to help you get better at what you want, the rest is up to them and how they use it to their devices. Not that Alana minded, she was sure this was going to be an entertaining battle, another reason why she was there.

    “Fucking hell…” The female gawked and turned with every step, it was clear that the female has never been in this section of any type of arena. So, it was all new to her, only time will tell if Alana will truly enjoy being in such a domain before, because it clearly wasn’t one she was used to. “This… this is badass, I can roll with this.” Alana was clearly impressed with the situation, and now she couldn’t wait to be a part of the audience.

    Soon, Alana spotted a wave from the fellow highguardian called Ronin, and this only caused the girl to put a hand up to her face as she began to wave with her other free hand, laughing and cackling all the way until she made it towards him with a couple of strides. Alana felt happy, in fact, she didn’t know what was causing her to be the way she was. She felt positive and motivated to do everything all at once if she had the octopus arms to be able to perform such a task in the first place. “Heeey!” She greeted as she walked towards her companion. That was another weird word to speak in an adjective manner, but it really suited the current situation. “What’s up man?? It seems we’re the only ones in right now, but that's pretty cool, I guess.” Alana mumbled on as if she wanted Ronin’s attention. Unfortunately she cannot help it, he was the only team member in the room right now, and fuck knows if anyone else will enter any time soon.

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