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    The Guild

    Kael Nyk

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    The Guild

    Post by Kael Nyk on 3rd April 2017, 08:04

    The Guild
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    This world does not thrive in black and white. In this reality, we live by one purpose, and that is to be alive.

    There is, however, another purpose that The Guild was made, and that is to bring down the Institution and the syndicates in league with the ZBC and the military. However much of a saint they are painted in the eyes of the people, Kael, the founding leader of The Guild knows that there lies a world of deception and shady business that has created an cycle of mistrust and compromise. The Guild is not your self-righteous band of people, for they are also like mercenaries in the way they operate and take missions of all sorts that lead to their goal. Of course, most of this are hidden from public view. To the ZBC League, they are but a team of mysterious pilots who goes about in aliases rather than their real names.

    “Cliffside Chateau:

    The team base is as off-the-grid chateau on a cliffside leading to the ocean. Here, one can almost think of a getaway villa, rather than cold steel fortress. However, deep into the chateau and the cliff is the underground hangar where the zoids are kept, and due to connections, they have their very own mechanics team. The keeper of the chateau is a known mercenary and affiliated with the military in Adelprade District, though it can be trusted that he would not make mention of any activity or presence of The Guild. Consider him as the secret keeper and intelligence operative of the team who has sources all over the world. He goes by the name of Kaiser, and only Kael knows his real name.
    Founding Members:

    Kael Nyk


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    Former Military

    Xia Song
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