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    Organoids and Incubation Tanks


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    Organoids and Incubation Tanks

    Post by Admin on 28th February 2017, 04:21

    Organoid and Incubation Tanks
    For more details about the Organoid System, please review the rules HERE.

    Fused Organoid System
    An internal upgrade that installs an Organic learning AI unit to enhance your zoids systems.
    Must have a growth level of 5 to install
    Does not work with the Organic Psycom System.
    Internal Slots: 2
    20,000 credits

    Organoid Egg
    An Egg that contains the embryo of an Organoid. Purchase an incubation tank to hatch it.
    4,000 credits

    Team Incubation Tank
    Hatches organoid Eggs.
    Up to 10 eggs can be placed in the tank.
    12,000 credits

    Solo Incubation Tank
    Hatches an organoid Egg.
    5,000 credits

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