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    Kieran Michaelis & La Fleur Brûlante


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    Kieran Michaelis & La Fleur Brûlante Empty Kieran Michaelis & La Fleur Brûlante

    Post by Plumbum on 29th March 2017, 17:17

    Pilot's Name: Kieran Michaelis

    Team: Arcadian! I decideded.

    Starting stats
    0 AP
    4 Skill Points

    Apply your skill points to the following Pilot Attributes:  (See the Stats Defined page in the rules for the break down)
    -Mental Ability: 1
    -Reflexes: 3
    -Proficiency: None

    Reflex: Sprint


    Character Description:

    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Physical Description:
    Kieran is rather tall and well-built, having a small crop of middle-length red hair which is never even a hair out of place so much as he can manage - overall he keeps himself exceptionally well-groomed insofar as his situation allows.

    He has an affinity for clothes that befit his social status, often wearing dark, heavy coats, with a complimentary cloak that at least one arm and his firearm (a silver-plated revolver) are hidden beneath and an invariably expensive scarf at all times.

    Kieran Michaelis & La Fleur Brûlante Michalis_zpslpnronyr

    (Frankly I find describing my characters’ appearance utterly uninteresting. Sorry.)

    Kieran makes for what one may expect of the social elite. He is haughty, detached and snobby, looking down on most anyone who is not himself. He takes every opportunity he can to make his case that he can do literally anything he sets his mind towards, even if he can’t. If he can’t, he usually has an excuse to hand to explain why, despite his clearly superior skills, he failed. He calls himself a strong believer in honor and sportsmanship, at least in reference to sport, although the level to which he actually demonstrates this belief is debatable at best. Ultimately though, Kieran seems largely uninterested in the ZBC - or at least his place in it. For all he cares, the ZBC is his cover story, his alibi in the public eye… even if his competitive streak will still aggravate him after a loss.

    The Michaelis family is wealthy. Actually, it is beyond wealthy. They are not “how the other half lives”, they are the absolute social elite, among the wealthiest dynasties in the known world. Kieran is the youngest son of Claude Michealis, who is himself the youngest of his own generation and thus, Kieran is the last in line to the family fortune. Although he is certainly able to share in the wealth of his family, he is by no means ever likely to have any control of it. To some, this might be recipe for a happy life and there is no doubt that Kieran has led a more-than-comfortable life, with almost anything he could dare ask for laid down at his feet…

    ..including his Zoid, which he was given for his twelfth birthday, to have once he was able to pilot it. To say he was unappreciative of this gift was quite the understatement. Even though he was much a fan of the ZBC when he was young, he knew that piloting it would be difficult and he wasn’t interested in putting in the effort to learn it. As he grew old enough to build the determination though, he was far more enveloped in his family’s machinations, more interested in keeping his back knife-free than in learning to fly around a pretty bird robot. As such, for the most part, his crimson and black Burning Striker did little but waste away in a hangar for the longest time.

    To this date, seven heirs of the extended Michaelis family have met grisly fates and the prime suspects have always been their siblings and cousins - however it has been impossible to find out exactly which one in each case, which one may argue is the most important part of murdering your way to the top. Kieran himself may even be responsible for one or two of the murders, but as always, any proof against him is inconclusive.

    However, only five heirs remain in Kieran’s generation, himself included. The pool of suspects is narrowing and he can feel the knives drawing in closer to his own back. Rather than stay in the secluded manors he grew up in, where he would be an easy target, he decided to take a radical new move - he drew his Zoid out from storage and flew away to join the ZBC, to place himself into the public eye. This served two purposes to him. Firstly, being in the public eye made it harder to approach him without somebody seeing or someone else being present, which made him a harder target to his family. Second it took suspicion away from him - after all, poor innocent and decadent Kieran? Surely in the ZBC he was more interested in becoming famous than murdering his siblings for their inheritance, right?


    Zoid: La Fleur Brûlante (The Burning Flower)
    Type: Phoenix

    Speed: 23
    Agility: 45
    Heat Index: N/A

    Internal Slots: 2
    CPU Slots: 2

    External Hardpoints: 4 - Body: 2 (back, chest), Limbs: 2 (each wing)

    Base Armor - Head: 20 / Body: 90 / Wings (x2): 30 / Tail: 20


    Heat Distribution System
    The Zoid uses heat as the basis for most of its attacks and therefore is immune to heat damage.
    Zoid Cannot Overheat

    Burning Missiles
    A pod of 10 homing missiles concealed in the belly of the Zoid pops open to launch the little explosive missiles which contain superheated goo. Not as accurate as other tracker missiles due to the inability to use a heat sensor system (because it would hit the Striker itself).
    40DP, 4 heat damage per missile. Fires one missile per attack feat.

    Liquid Flame Cannon
    A cannon concealed in the beak that is good for dousing close range ground targets with superheated lava-like fluid.
    30DP to up to 3 areas of armor with a hit (excluding head), 10 heat damage

    Dual-Barreled Beam Gun
    Located in between the chest and underbelly regions of the Burning Striker, this weapon fires small caliber bullets composed of condensed energy waves.

    Superheated Plasma Shield
    The Zoid uses its heat systems to cover itself in molten plasma providing it a powerful shield.
    Reduces all damage by 25%, deals 2 heat damage to any Zoids passing too close.
    Lasts 2 full rounds, can be used once per battle


    Sample Role Play: (Optional, allows Team Captains to see how you will play and may help you get on a team you're wanting to get on.)
    An in-character RP to display your skills.
    Many moderators prefer that you include a bit of battle RP in your sample.

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