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    Post by Admin on 27th February 2017, 17:04

    Ideal for long ranged combat
    +30% accuracy when targeting air based Zoids.

    Anti-Zoid Rifle
    No limit on usage.
    External Hardpoints: 1
    200 credits

    Sniper Rifle
    Can fire twice in one action, at a single target. Increased hit percentage against long range targets.
    Usable 4 times per round, up to 3 rounds
    Please note: The double shot option on the Sniper Rifle still counts as one use. However, if the double shot is taken twice by way of employing the Double Attack Reflex, that would count as two uses.
    External Hardpoints: 1
    1000 credits

    Pulse Rifle [Energy]
    Looks like a 40 Cal. rifle but fires energy pulses rather than solid matter.
    Usable 2 times per round
    External Hardpoints: 1
    500 Credits

    Double 80 cal. Rifle
    Usable twice per round, up to 3 rounds
    External Hardpoints: 1
    600 credits

    Mega Rifle
    Uses magnetic technology to speed up the velocity of the ammo.
    Usable 3 times per round, up to 3 rounds
    External Hardpoints: 2
    1000 credits

    Hyper Velocity Railgun
    A high velocity electrically powered electromagnetic projectile rifle used to smash through shield and armor. The railgun comprises a pair of parallel conducting rails, along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects that help propel the massive bullet-like projectile through the air. This projectile travels at such a fast velocity that its unblockable by shields.
    70 DP, unblockable by shields
    Twice per round, three rounds
    External Hardpoints: 1
    1100 credits

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