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    Amateur Arenas: Battle 1

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    Amateur Arenas: Battle 1

    Post by Aiyana on 29th March 2017, 03:11

    "Welcome one and all to the Zoid Battle Commission's Amateur Arena battle! Today we have a new contestant! A Command Wolf pilot that goes by the name of Aiyana Shuer! Against her today is a long running contender in the Amateur Arena! He has a record of three wins and three losses, putting him right in the middle of the current bracket! His chosen Zoid is that of an Aquadon Mark Two! Who will win? We shall see once the battle starts!"

    The announcer's introduction grated on Aiyana's nerves as she waited inside the cockpit of 29108 for the beginning of the battle. She understood that it was all theatrics for the crowd and those watching it but it felt pointless to her; like it was all for nothing. The woman did not like what she was about to do, attacking another Zoid with the intent to damage it. It was not what she was about, hurting another living being. Zoids were most definitely living beings, she knew how they worked more than most did after all. "I am sorry for making you do this two nine one zero eight. Once we both get used to this it should, hopefully, get easier. That does not mean I will ever be used to this, though. So please understand I am doing this for our own livelihood. There is so much money involved in just this amateur fighting that it outshines the best of the jobs I have seen, including the science-based ones." Aiyana's words would find an odd sounding noise from the Command Wolf she was inside, followed by a green light on the board that showed a positive sign. It meant that her Zoid partner understood what she was saying and why they were doing it. Her hand would pat on the console before her reassuringly just as a judge would rise up from the floor and begin speaking inside of the closed arena she and her opponent were on opposite sides of.

    "This area is a battleground for the Zoids Battle Commission Amateur Bracket! All unauthorized personnel must leave immediately for their own safety! The battle is Aiyana Shuer versus Micheal McDowell! Ready...FIGHT!"

    With those words, Aiyana would run to her right at an angle so that she could get around the battle judge and get vision on the Aquadon that Micheal was piloting. Aquadons were a slow Zoid, and were lightly armored, so the Command Wolf she was in could easily keep its distance and pepper their opponent with long-range fire until the battle was won. The best part of this fight would be that her opponent had nearly no long range weapons. If she kept her distance this fight was a simply won one. A few moments of movement would show her the back half of the Aquadon, the woman taking quick aim before firing with the Twin Anti-Zoid Fifty Millimeter Beam Cannons. The energy weapon would strike the moving target, though only hitting the tail and causing it to explode off in a loud fashion that brought a cheer from those watching inside of the arena as well as watching from home. Taking advantage of the other Zoid's low maneuverability, Aiyana would push the Command Wolf to the top speed before skidding around to fire a double shot of the same weapon that had blown off the tail of the Aquadon Mark Two mere moments ago. Both of the powerful shots would land dead center into the body of Micheal's Zoid, the systems of it freezing up as the armor around the Zoid Core reached critical and making it shut down.

    A loud buzzer would erupt inside of the arena before the battle judge would yell out the after battle speech. "The battle is over! The winner of this Amateur Level Fight is Aiyana Shuer! Please talk to a Zoids Battle Commission representative to receive your rewards for this fight!" With that said the judgeman would slowly recede back into the ground before a metal plate closed over top of it to seal it away until it was required to judge a battle again.

    The hangar doors would open up for her to leave the battle, which she would do quickly as she felt guilty about damaging the poor Zoid that had been put up against something with more armor and maneuverability. It was too bad the arena did not base combatants based on their choice of Zoid. It simply picked two people at random to fight and in the end the best of the group fought for first place and a grand prize. There were talks of the professional ladders also inviting people, but from what she had heard there were not really any active teams recruiting just yet. Team names never got brought up so the ancient Zoidian never new what to look for anyway. Not that the professional teams mattered to her. So long as she could find a way for them to survive and be more comfortable while trying to get the information that she needed the woman was okay. Once her Zoid was parked inside the hangar, the crew there promising to touch up any paint and fix anything up for free, the woman would exit and begin the long walk to find a representative.

    "Thank you for coming to the Zoid Battle Commission's Amateur Arena. How can I help you?"

    "Hi. My name is Aiyana Shuer. I just won the battle that ended recently and was told to find this area to collect my prize."

    "Oh! Congratulations on your first victory in the bracket! Your prize is six hundred credits! All damage and ammunition spent is fixed and replaced for free, win or lose, as a thank you for participating in the battles under the Commission's authority." The woman would speak excitedly as she typed at the console before her and then handed a paper to Aiyana to sign. After signing it the Command Wolf pilot would be handed a chip that held the six hundred credits she had won just now. "I hope you continue to do well in the future, and have a good day!"

    Thanks, and you as well." Aiyana would say it half-heartedly as she pocketed the credit chip before beginning to head to her old opponent's Zoid hangar. The woman wished to speak to him briefly before she headed back to the apartment she had acquired for herself. There was a place to stop Zoids near it, which meant the 29108 would be as close as possible without breaking city laws, as well as most everything she would need within walking distance. Upon reaching the hangar, Aiyana would see Micheal sitting at a bench while he waited for the repairs to be done on the Aquadon. He would not notice her until she was nearly to him, and would turn to face her as he remained sitting.

    "Here to gloat about your win? That's what other amateurs here like to do when they trash my Zoid." The man's ego was obviously deflated and he seemed to think that she was just here to taunt him, which was the opposite of why the young woman had come by.

    "No, I'm here to apologize. I do not like damaging Zoids, but battling is the best way for me to make money right now. I am truly sorry for hurting your Zoid like I did. If I see you in battle again, know I am not here for glory and honor. I'm here to survive. Win or Lose, I hold no grudges on anyone here." The man seemed confused that someone would speak that way about this whole thing. He said a simple "thanks" before turning back to watch his Zoid silently as it got worked on. Figuring it was time to head home, Aiyana would head back to the hangar that her Command Wolf was in. 'Well, if it keeps up like this I might not have to battle too often.' The wishful thinking would keep her in high spirits as she went about the rest of the day, and that night she would dream of eventually being able to get back to science and research; rather than fighting and hurting others. When that future would come about was something she could not know. It might be a few weeks from now, from a lucky win streak that went on for plenty of battles, or it could be well into the future when she began to grow frail and old. It was her hope that it would not take that long, that something would come her way so that she could take it easy or work with others rather than go at it solo.

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    Re: Amateur Arenas: Battle 1

    Post by Chesha on 30th March 2017, 03:11

    off the tail of the Aquadon Mark Two

    Lol, "tail" eh? Overall a nice little read.

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