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    Larayna Beroe


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    Name: Larayna Beroe
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    Larayna Beroe

    Post by Larayna on 27th March 2017, 18:01

    Pilot's Name: Larayna Beroe

    Starting stats
    0 AP
    4 Skill Points

    Apply your skill points to the following Pilot Attributes:  (See the Stats Defined page in the rules for the break down)
    -Mental Ability: 2
    -Reflexes: 2

    Reflex: Counter Attack


    Character Description:

    Age: 26
    Gender: Female

    Physical Description:

    Larayna cuts an elegant silhouette and moves with a grace far beyond her station. The life she chose for herself has led her to be very calm and controlled in her movements. Her lithe five foot and four inch tall frame is nimble and capable. Her platinum hair falls in waves down to her mid back which she wears in a variety of styles to suit the moment, however, it commonly has a white ribbon for embellishment. Her features are soft, almost delicate and her face is slightly rounded. She is rarely seen without make up but it is usually as sparse as she can manage.

    Larayna always dresses for the situation she is about to walk in to as best she can. She tends to prefer more stylish outfits, though she prefers comfort to ridiculous on trend fashion. She prefers dresses, her favourite being a simple orange dress with a few flowers printed across it that flatters and fills out her thin figure. But she can be seen in a variety of clothes from t-shirts and jeans to formal suits to hiking gear. However, there is always a pad and pen on her person always.


    Larayna likes to maintain air of calmness to her. No matter the situation, or her own emotions, she tries to think about things rationally. But in more stressful situations required direct and immediate response, it has led to indecision and on occasion, total failure and panic. To those who know her, her calm presence is soothing and approachable. She is polite and open, if a little bookish at times. She enjoys meeting people and listening to their stories, this has won her a great many friends.

    Larayna’s greatest strength is her boundless curiosity. The insatiable urge for knowledge has driven every decision in her life. It is what led her to become an archaeologist and researcher. It has carried her across vast oceans, pushed her up treacherous mountain slopes and driven her down some very dark roads. Yes, it has landed her in some dangerous situations but luck and skill has won the day so far. Although she tries not to push her luck, she is always willing to test her skills.

    However, she harbours a great distrust of pilots and military personnel due to events in her past, believing them to be arrogant, selfish creatures. The blood sport that is zoid combat is not for her. Zoids are companions and were not originally designed to fight. That is her true belief and one day she may prove that right. But equally, she is cursed with dreams of rage, power and malevolence. Her sleep can be fit full but her memory of these dreams is never clear. She can only remember the feelings she had and they are always the same.

    Backstory: (Optional, +500 monetary credits)

    Born to Sierra Beroe on a cold spring morning, Larayna grew up without a father. Sadly, whether Larayna wanted to know him or not, she never will. Sierra’s lot in life was a meagre one. Although considered pretty, she was never quite intelligent enough to pull herself from her working class roots. Larayna was conceived on unsavoury terms but Sierra was nothing if not tenacious. She brought Larayna into this world and did all she could to support her child.

    Larayna learnt so much off her Mother. Sierra was kind and gentle. She worked hard and did everything she could for her daughter. She worked late nights, early mornings, any job she could to support her. Larayna and her Mother were more than close. Larayna was Sierra’s whole life. She got her daughter into a good school and she got to watch as Larayna began to spread her wings.

    Even as a young child, Larayna’s curiosity burned bright. She was studious, friendly, caring and charming. She worked hard, got good grades and earned her own place a prestigious high school. Her favourite subjects were history and geography, she read constantly but she played with her friends too. It was only a month after the acceptance letter arrived that tragedy struck.

    Sierra didn’t arrive home after a night shift. It was only when Larayna returned from school did she find the police outside her house. With no family to turn to, an elderly couple next door took her in. It soon transpired that Sierra had been attacked on her way home. The three men, two zoid pilots and a soldier, had been spurned after making advances on her during that night. Several hours and much more alcohol later, they ran in to her again. One thing led to another and one push sent her stumbling backwards, she died where she landed. The three men were imprisoned for manslaughter.

    Larayna spent the next few years in far off lands. She danced with elves, battled mighty dragons and was saved from great towers by knights. It took her friends a long time to finally pull her from her books but Larayna emerged from it stronger. Eventually, she returned to the curious, knowledge driven child of her youth and once again soared. She went to college, she travelled and she learned.

    Now, with college finished and having returned from her travels. She sets out on another adventure. But this one into the past of her world, to hidden ruins and earth shaking finds. At least, that was the plan.



    Command Wolf

    Speed: 14
    Agility: 35
    Heat Index: 25

    Internal Slots: 0/5
    CPU Slots: 0/3

    External Hardpoints:
    Chest: Refracta-Bric Plating
    Left Side: Empty
    Right Side: Empty
    Front Left Leg: Empty
    Front Right Leg: Hyper Velocity Railgun
    Tail: Empty


    Head: 25
    Body: 200
    Front Left Leg: 40
    Front Right Leg: 40
    Rear Left Leg: 40
    Rear Right Leg: 40
    Tail: 20

    Thin glossy armor that has been treated to reflect lasers. Not as tough as more standard armor types, but growing increasingly useful as the popularity of laser weapons soar. Damage reduction does not stack.
    +100 Armor; reduces damage from energy weapons by 20DP


    Hyper Velocity Railgun
    A high velocity electrically powered electromagnetic projectile rifle used to smash through shield and armor. The railgun comprises a pair of parallel conducting rails, along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects that help propel the massive bullet-like projectile through the air. This projectile travels at such a fast velocity that its unblockable by shields.
    70 DP, unblockable by shields
    Twice per round, three rounds


    Hardened Alloy Claws
    Sharp claws meant to crush armor in melee attacks.

    Electron Bite Fangs
    Similar to Strike Laser Claw, the computer system siphons energy to the teeth for a super heated strike.

    Twin AZ50mm Beam Cannons
    Mounted on the back on a turret, these cannons fire long range and anywhere from centered to 90 degrees to either side.

    Quad Smoke Dischargers
    Quad smokestacks, two on each hind leg, emit a thick cloud of black smoke to provide cover for the Wolf.
    Reduces foe accuracy by 40% for the round
    Usable once per round, every other round


    Sample Role Play:


    Red was the sound. It was the taste and smell. It was the touch upon her skin. No matter where she looked it was all she could see. It was all around her and it was all she could do to stop herself from screaming. Screaming in terror. Screaming in fear. Screaming in anger. Screaming in rage.


    She felt it seeping through the very fabric of everything she knew. She smelt it seething. She heard it growing all around. She could taste it on the tip of her tongue. It charred the back of her throat with every shallow breath she managed. Suffocating. Exhausting. Exhilarating.


    She knew nothing else but the sheer force of wrath that surrounded her. She was encased in shell of disgust and loathing, trapped in a mire of irritation and distrust. Red fury, crimson vehemence. All of it directed at reality, the world, the people, all that frustration all focused on her!

    Larayna burst from her sheets. The ornate dagger she kept with her when she was on the road gripped tightly in her hand. It flashed in the light of the reading lamp as though it was still feeling the echoes of the fury she felt. Her grip was so tight that her knuckles had turned white with the force.

    She became aware of her own body again. It ached from head to toe. It was almost as though every muscle had been shivering with the rage. She felt the sweat sticking her pale chemise to her skin and her platinum hair was darkened with it as it clung to her face clammily. Her brownish grey eyes began to focus slowly on the face that stared back at her.

    Fear, concern and compassion competed for dominance in the vibrant emerald eyes. The tanned skin and beautiful angular features of Anna twitched, frozen in horror. Her long neck held a redline that finished where the blade began. Other faces swam in to view. The handsome, panicked face of Jason and the incredulous face of Ander as he watched from across the room.

    Larayna threw herself backwards. The dagger fell from her now trembling hands. It clattered, harmless once more, as it hit the wooden panels of the floor.

    “I’m sorry,” she muttered repeatedly, like a mantra. She looked down at her hands as shock set to work causing her to shiver uncontrollably. She took in short, sharp, wheezing breathes. Her throat was full of blades that stabbed and cut with each inhale and exhale. More drops of liquid fell on to her nightdress, now a mixture of sweat and tears.

    “Oh, Lara,” Anna’s warm voice floated to her, muffled by the confusion. “It’s ok. You’re safe. We’re here.” Larayna became aware that a blanket had been wrapped around her. Strong arms embraced her shoulders. What little strength she had left faded and she sank into the embrace. There was silence for what felt like centuries, broken only by her quiet sobbing. She closed her eyes, trying to draw on the warmth of her friends as the cold set in as it always did.

    “Anna,” she managed eventually, looking up from Jason’s chest. “Did I-”

    “No,” Anna smiled softly, nothing but concern in her eyes. “It was a close shave though.” Larayna tried to smile at the joke but it was simply forced. Jason and Ander shared worried looks. Anna’s hand fell on Larayna’s face, brushing the hair away. “I’m fine, Lara, honestly. That’s the worst I’ve seen it in a long time.” She looked up at Jason and Ander. Ander, now smiling, held a steaming mug in his hand.

    “We don’t have any marshmallows or cream but this might help,” he passed her the mug of frothy cocoa. If nothing else, Ander made an amazing hot cocoa. She pushed herself to sit up straight, regaining a little of the elegance that came to her so naturally. She gingerly took the cup and brought it up to her nose. The sweet concoction filled her nostrils.

    “Thank you,” she looked up at him. Sincerity and life swam back in to her eyes with each passing moment. She took a sip of the warm liquid and it soothed her weary body. “I don’t know if.” She started and stopped.

    “You don’t need to tell us,” Anna placed a gentle hand on her arm.

    “No,” Larayna breathed in deeply, shakily. “There was something this time. Not just the anger. We need to go back in to those ruins.”
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    Re: Larayna Beroe

    Post by Takeshi Kimari on 28th March 2017, 01:59

    Top stuff, #Approved.

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